Sunday, October 2, 2016

The John Maxwell Team Event... International Maxwell Certification.

I don't think I was blogging still when I went to the John Maxwell event in Orlando this past spring.  Sooo... let me just pause a bit to catch you up on what it is like to do one of these humongous events. First you get your JMT hat all splatter-painted up so they can recognize you as the artist at the event! 
Jessi is still hanging in there with me and traveling along to keep me organized and on task. This is my friend, Deb, from Colorado who I first met in Atlanta at Paul Martinelli's Turning Point event.  She and I have kept in touch from afar and hang out when we are in the same town.
I WISH I knew how to let you watch these videos.  These are CRAZY high energy events!!
This was the biggest one we've had since the inception of the JMT.  There were 3300 participants signed up.
Trying to capture this in photos is basically impossible.
Here I am after I'd made my way to the stage at the front with some pals, helping get the energy going with loud music and lots of dancing.
I cruised my way all the way to the back of the room and found my friend, Summer, there in the white dress.  She is also one of the leaders at MMPT, which makes THREE of us at the therapy clinic who are now John Maxwell certified coaches, speakers, and trainers.
I nestled my little ol self back at the Creation Station, where I made custom paintings all day long for people who had favorite John Maxwell quotes, Bible verses, or mission statements.
I had about 150 pre-painted backgrounds this go round, and had them in ROYGBIV order.  The people would come to the booth, look through the available backgrounds and choose a quote.  I would attach their order to the background color and they'd come back later to be surprised about what all embellishments I'd added.
It was awesome to see the COMPLETED orders stack up and see the faces of the people when they'd come back and try to find theirs when what they'd left was a solid colored background.
These were my helpers!  Summer, Jessi, and Barbara from Fort Walton Beach, FL!
I had new stencils this year, and if I do say so myself, I got a little more brave with my color choices this go round.
These are the journals that we sell at the event.
And because I tend to get bored, I started painting the blank black journals with other favorite quotes of the weekend, and people responded by buying, which was after all, the goal.
These sweet ladies threw me a birthday party!!  These are my usuals, as well as Miss Pat, and Dorothy on the right.
This sweet guy  was from China, I do believe.  He spend so much time and money at my booth!!  Every time I turned around, he was back ordering something else.  I painted this Bible verse on a blank book for him.  I will say, however, he is the ONLY one who painted something for ME!  He created a rainbow colored bookmark at our booth and wrote me the sweetest note on it.
Sometimes, I'd get all industrious and spend WAY too much time on a painting.  And Jessi would remind me how  many more I had left to do and make me turn away from the crowd so I could focus better. See why I take her?!
These paintings went to countries far and wide!!
This guy was very pleased with his painting.  It was exactly like his business card!
I wish I could tell where all these people are from.  I took pics so I could read their name tags, but now as I am typing, (without my readers on!  yES!  THAT has happened!!) I can't make out their name tags. Sooooo... just believe me... they're from all over the world!
This is what the left side of our booth looked like!  This was the free make and take area, where people could make their own bookmarks with John Maxwell quotes in pre-made stamps.
This was one of my favorites in terms of colors and texture.
And then I got an idea to splatter the blank books with the pre-made vinyl stickers. They were a hit!
So, this is only the first of a three part series on the John Maxwell Event this August.  More to come.
I have been a member for four years, and any of you who have followed my blog for any time can tell that I have had some really big changes in this time.  If you are interested in what I do or more about becoming a member in general, please just ask!!  You can email me at  I'd be glad to answer any questions and point you the way.

Peace out, boy scout.


Zhohn said...

"Don't wonder what the day will bring. Decide what you will bring to the day." Wow, love that one! You're awesome at what you do :)

Susantwilhelm said...

Love the canvases! My "memory" today on FB was of the retreat you did in Houston! Oh how much fun that was!

Pazzta Tali said...

I happened to be lucky that my friend couldn't find a date for an event so he generously took me with him, which happened to be one of the best experience for me in recent times. I was lucky enough to see these New York venues. If you get a chance to check this out please do so.