Monday, October 3, 2016

John Maxwell event. Day 2.

Yep.  Melanie's 47th birthday fell smack in the middle of my work week in Orlando this year. But never fear... I had fun friends there prepared to celebrate with me!
And I'm telling ya... when I am there, it is different than it was a  couple of years ago for me.  IN a good way.  I pretty much am meeting people, painting, shaking hands, and painting some more.  And that is just how I like it!
See that chick in the middle above?  She is a West Monroe native!  How bout that?!  And she joined the John Maxwell Team this year.  I didn't even know she was going to be there.  She is also coming to my 11/11 event, The Seed!
I get a little bored from time to time.
This is just before we started painting for John himself!
and if I'm being perfectly honest, I have no earthly idea what I am holding here.
These are a couple of my faves!  John and Wendy Taylor of Birmingham.  Brian and I had the honor of going to work with their company on strengths-based teamwork, in July.  And Wendy is also coming to the Seed in a few weeks!
More completed projects.
Did I happen to mention that John Maxwell was approached by a third party to run in the presidential campaign this year?  He took two weeks to really contemplate his answer.  He decided it just wasn't the year for him.  However, he just may consider it in 2020~!  We can hope anyway!  I painted this while he was telling us the story of his nomination. In fact, I have them for sale on my website.  ( I think they'll make good collectors' items someday!
Looks like we are getting ready to start back up again!
I LOVE my little work station.
Much later that evening, a group of ladies gathered to discuss forming a faith-based group of female leaders/ speakers to tour together.  I was honored to have been invited to these preliminary talks.
Paul Martinelli was getting the energy UP!  See me up there in that apron?!

(I've lost my cute orange glasses!  And I need to find them!!)
This girl right here is the reason I can keep my sanity while I'm there in the midst of very quick pace and lots of demands from lots of people.  She is about as chill a person as I know.  And she gets my brand of crazy!  She just tells me straight up when it is time for me to "stop", "shut up", or "give it a break".  Only Jessi can talk to me the way she does and get away with it.  I know she loves me and it is always for my own good!
More completed paintings.

And would you BELIEVE that one of my interpreters from Paraguay in February was actually in Orlando getting his certification to be a JMT coach?!  That is Cray Cray.  He came right up and recognized me right off.

A couple more commissions.  I love doing these for people.  Her son was about to go through a life-changing, somewhat experimental surgery on his eyes, and she got that "Everything worthwhile is Uphill" for him.  I loved doing it for him.
Until tomorrow.



NC Becky said...

although we can't play the video I can feel the excitement just looking at the pictures. you are certainly held in favor. have a blessed day

Becky said...

WOW!! You have a busy life! I have missed your blogs! I had to take some time to go back to Sept and catch up on all the ones I missed. Since you took time off from blogging, I guess I missed some days of checking for new updates. You definitely have an exciting life! I'm kinda jealous! You have the best group of friends to travel with! And I can't believe how big the girls are!!
So, I think I need to email you about a canvas. My little girl is a SENIOR in high school this year, and its been a tearful year already, to say the least! I saw a quote on one of your canvases that I think I need to have you make. She has plans to join the ARMY... which makes me VERY PROUD, but also very sad and scared (as a mother!) So, check for an email.....
Glad to have you back!

from Minnesota