Wednesday, April 23, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Another little blast from the past... St. Patrick's Day!
It is always awesome on holidays to be able to blame your complete immaturity and general disregard for normal rules of society on being a pediatric therapist!  It's a very nice cop out!
Ava, Abby, and I were three who did just that!
And after work, much to my elder daughter's dismay, I kept my green wig on and went right on out to the ballpark for ball practice!!
I mean, it WAS St. Patrick's Day.  Anyone who saw a strange sighting of a chick in a green wig and didn't put THAT together was seriously missing the boat!
After a series of selfies, we hunkered down under a blanket together, cause the weather in Louisiana just can't seem to figure out what it wants to do!
And while our Gabs practiced, we sat in the stands and took selfies!  Gabbi is my only baby girl playing this year.  Ellie has decided to skip it.  (And then, the little girls got their uniforms.... super cute muscle shirts with sports bras to go under them.  WHAT THE WHAT?!!  Everything changed on that day!!  Suddenly, Ellie was ALLLLL about playing tee ball!  ha.  Too late, little one.)
This one knew all along that she wanted to play.
And so until next year, when it is once again legit for adults to go out to lunch at restaurants or the stands of the ballpark with green hair....
Over and out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet Lizzie Girl

Candy, our housekeeper, hates our cat.  To hear her say it, she doesn't "hate" her, she just prefers she stay in her cage as long as she is here!  And so, before I get any hate messages, don't blame me!  Blame, Candy!!
I think Lizzie kinda likes it.  She sort of gloats! Lizzie also tries to use intimidation tactics from time to time, because for whatever reason, she likes cat food better than dog food.  So, just to be perfectly honest, we shut Twilight Sparkles up in her cage every time we feed her.  Otherwise, Lizzie Girl would eat her food.  And totally neglect her own, mind you.

I have been taking this sweet girl to work with me a little.  She would make the absolute best therapy dog.  She is so docile!
On this particular day, I let her just hang out in the MoJoy Studio with me all day long.

And I think she was trying to tell me thank you.

And I was trying to get her to pose for a picture with me.
THERE!!  Capture.  Sorta.

She's a good ol' dog.  Where adoptions are concerned, I'd say we are some pretty fortunate parents!!
Lizzie is the perfect dog for the Groves family!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Guess who! Hint: Frozen (for the hundredth time)

Hey.  I'm back.  Was a hectic weekend.  But, now it's over, and I am back in the land of the somewhat normal, so I am back to doing what I do.  Ok.  So this is Gabbi.  But... can you tell who Gabbi is trying to be?!

The title of this post should give you some indication.  And then there is the brown tights and "hooves" on her hands.  And she made her own mask.  Can you tell?!

She's     , the reindeer in Frozen.   Duh.

And for more proof... Here are Elsa and Anna too!
They had only watched it twice before.  And then, Todd (ha... look at his hand on his forehead!), had to welcome them as they watched it yet again.
He was a trooper.  He even stayed in and watched it with them.
That's called the price you pay when you raise girls!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ellie Sue. This girl is a trip!

I couldn't hardly do a post all about Gabs and not follow it with one all about Ellie Sue, now could I?
Well, this one is for this crazy kid!
I can't tell you how many people we meet say she is just like me.  I think it is a hoot that she chose the above book by Norman Vincent Peale on positive living to pose for this pic.  She went and put on some reading glasses, her visor, and said, "Hey mom, take a picture of me."  And so I did.
This is a moment just before bedtime where she is just cracking herself up.  She totally and completely feels that her place at night is smack in the middle of her daddy and me.   Period.  It, she feels, is not up for negotiation!
In fact, I only get a little sliver of a piece of bed, but this is going to have to change soon.  I have not been sleeping well lately at all. Don't tell her.  She might kick me out of my own house.
But all in all, this is a very independent, funny, mature and occasionally even kind kid!
She can do just about anything she puts her mind to.
Even those things that some might would consider impossible.
She has her very own sense of style.  And insists on picking her own clothes out daily.
And if I am just being honest, many teenagers could take a hint from her.  She really DOES have it "going on" when it comes to fashion.
She brings me great pride.  This little diva of mine.  I am so, so proud to be Ellie's mama.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My beautiful Gabbi Girl

We're almost finished with dancing pics, I swear.  But seriously, LOOK at my baby's hair!
We are dangerously close to my needing to hold her hair when she is in a public restroom so it doesnt' get in the commode.
Too graphic?  Sorry.  But hair in a commode is just nasty.
Gabbi is finally finding her independence and quite frankly I am loving it.
She sort of lives in her big sister's (by a whole 13 months mind you) shadow. And she's been happy to be there.  I am glad that she is sort of wanting to spread her own little wings as of late.

Here's Miss Linda.  She is owner/ operator of our dance studio and director of our ballet company.  Also my dance teacher since I was three years old.  Can you fathom that?!  She is also Johnnye's (of Johnnye and Paula next door fame) mom.
Oh.  And Linda Lou's mom.
SO precious.
I'm so blessed to be her mama.