Monday, May 18, 2015

Day three... journals, decoupage, and a selfie.

Sooner or later I'll have the whole weekend documented!!!  This end of the year schedule is N.U.T.S!

Ok... remember Riley?  Yeah.  She was the one who made unbelievable food for the group all weekend.  
 Like homemade quiches... a couple of different kinds to choose from.  And always had fresh fruit and dips at the ready... oh...
 and did I mention HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls?!  Divine!  
 I always love the mornings before things get cranking.  There were two different tiers of payment this go round. One for those who stayed in the house, and one for those who didn't.  In the mornings, though, is one of those times that it pays to stay!  There is such a fun little feeling of camaraderie with the group at breakfast.  Everyone is up and fresh and excited.
 As I was strolling around checking things out, I happened upon this!  Suzy and my friend, Angie, who came over simply to serve, had this painting station ready to rock!!  I have recently learned this from Suzy.... painting outdoors is called Plein Art.  We'll be offering a kids' class this summer where they'll be painting outdoors on easels, and likely doing mostly architectural renditions.  So... now you know.
 Anyhoo.  Those girls had us ready to rock and roll!
 Meanwhile, back in the circle of love, we passed our journals around for everyone to have the opportunity to write little notes in each participants' handmade journal.  A little something about what they'd learned or discovered about the other over the weekend.  Something appreciated.
 Here is Maria from Houston.
 And Pat for Ohio.  And Megan from Houston.  And Lisa and Jenn from Alexandria.
 This is one of my favorite parts.  It's all quiet and focused, and we are just honoring one another with out words.
 Finally, the last painting of the weekend.  I asked Suzy to teach this one.
 Sarah, the photographer I hired for the weekend, was gathering the journals for one last photo of the finished products.
 Gabbi Girl was inside having her OWN paint party!
 She was so quiet, but I knew she had come and asked me to tie her apron.  When I went looking for her, I saw her quietly on the floor of the art room doing her own art.  I sorta love that!
 Gabbi doesn't need big crowds.  (like her sister and I do).  She is content to just sort of do her own thing, without a big crew.
 The ladies were doing a decoupaged sunshine painting.  And speaking of the sister who needs a crowd.... there she is participating like she was one of the ladies!!  Right alongside Fancy Nancy from Kansas.
 Crytal from California, ended up taking her sweet rental car (she lucked into a black camaro!!), and went down to explore Louisiana a bit more.  She went to Baton Rouge, and I totally enjoyed her photo documentation of being in New Orleans for the few days following the event.  She is even now saying she liked Louisiana so much that she is moving here!
 Miss Faye kept her sunshine simple, as she wanted to use it in her cottage at the beach in Ocean Springs, MS.  which just happens to be the site of the next art retreat.  I'm going there this week to check out a beach house.  Anyone interested?  Speak up.  I can only take about 8, I think.
 So, MoJoy Color Splash 2015 came to a close.

 I felt like a good time was had by all.
 Ellie did a little maintenance on someone's necklace that needed repair.  (LOL!!  She kills me)
 And Miss Pat, in the background, ended up staying an extra three days with me, as she and I have a project to work on together, and needed some one-on-one time.  We are considering writing a book together.
 This was Jennifer's SEVENTH MoJoy Retreat.  I am so grateful she continues to come back and bring her good energy and enthusiasm!
 And after that many, she has literally watched my girls grow up!  She even took them to school for me last year on the day of the event!!
 We closed the event with a selfie.  Lots learned.  Lots of growth.  A little bit of confidence gained in the area of art.  yep... it was a success!!
Looking forward to the next one.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day two: Color Splash art experience

On Day two while several of our girls were out at Monroe's first ever Color Dash 5k, the rest of us were at the studio.  We decided to do a little dreaming and planning and imagining our best lives...
We had piles and piles of magazines from which to grab words, images, and plain ol' inspiration.
Some of the girls divided their books into 8 sections, like the section of the wheel of life.  This included a section dedicated to their dreams and plans in the area of personal growth, family and friends, fun and recreation...
Finances, health, love/ romance, and physical environment.
Throughout the weekend, each section of the wheel had a color assigned to it.  For instance, pink was health.  We stated gratitude for those things in the area of, let's say, health, that we are most thankful for, and then gave thanks for those things that we are EXPECTING to receive.  It was a pretty powerful exercise.
I was able to read to them my OPUS which I wrote two years ago, and it was as if I was holding my face up to a mirror at that time and it showed EXACTLY what I am living now! I had imagined my life then as I am living it now!!!
THese ladies were being taken through a similar exercise.

And they were busy little bees.  I was so proud of their self assessment, self awareness, and growth.

The welcome kits were prepared by Riley, and these puppies were JAM PACKED!!!  I loved having an extra person to help carry out all the "extras" that I always dream up and rarely have time to carry out.

She even hung back at the house to be able to make melted deliciousness on a bun in the form of a panini-style sandwich.  Also homemade chicken salad and a red velvet cake ball that was sinful.

We were never hurting for snacks!!  Riley kept us totally at the ready on food!!

Later that day, we used the colors of the wheel as guides for the colors chosen for our tassels and cording on our handmade jewelry.
See all those fun colors?
We also discussed the meaning of "talismans" and each lady got to go through the buffet line and pick out anything and everything that represented whatever it was that they wanted represented... kids, love, home, money, the beach, the mountains, a family member alive or who's passed.  Even colors could represent people they wanted to honor on their talisman.

Jewelry digging took a while!
Oh, and Amy brought cheese curds down to Louisiana from Wisconsin.  It is one of Todd's favorites!
Miss Faye and I had a mutual friend who was sent to the hospital with possible news of delivery of her twins.  We snapped and sent this pic of us wishing her luck.
The girlies went to dinner at one of my favorite joints, The Warehouse.  It is an old cotton port on our historic Ouachita River!  And their food is GOOOOOOD!!

This is always a fun time for me, as I enjoy the fellowship.
(Riley just thought these mini fish tacos were the cutest thing she'd ever seen, so we snapped a pic to commemorate!  We celebrate EVERYTHING!!)
After all....
More on the Color Splash Retreat, Day three, very soon.  Stay tuned!!