Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Bunny at the beach. That's a first.

This was a first!!  I am very big on tradition!  And tradition says the Easter Bunny comes to our HOUSE!  But... it's not every year that the Easter break and spring break coincide... soooo... we had to deal with it and head to the beach.  Would you believe it?!  The EB knew we were here, and he left the girls a basket full of goodies!!  
If you recall, last year, the EB left a big ol' Bunny piƱata!  And that was pretty cool.
The year before, there was a tape maze all over the den and kitchen, and each girl had to follow their respective colored tape to find the things that were meant for each of them.
This year, the EB wasn't quite as creative.  But, he apparently did the best he could with what he had!
Each girl had a trajectory coming from her basket showing her the direction to go to find her Easter eggs and other goodies.
The girlies seemed to enjoy the hunt.  And we had lots to get to later that morning anyway!

I bought a single little chick to use as our Easter decoration at the condo.  Anyone who has followed this blog for any time knows that I am a DECORATING fool for holidays!
This is the initial reaction when they realized the EB had found us!
And this is capturing the egg hunt in progress.

They seemed to enjoy it, and that's what was important to me.  Well, that.. and that we got to go to church to remember why we really celebrate Easter.

I'll be posting pics of our very unique church service next.  As you can see, Ellie was already dressed.  I got up, and let them just go through their normal getting ready for church routine.  (which by the way, includes Gabbi NOT getting dressed in any kind of hurry whatsoever!!).
I think it was Ellie who first meandered into the den and saw the bounty!!  I wondered how long it'd take them!
I actually think they sort of doubted that the EB would make it to a place different than their house!
Ha!  Surpriiiiiiissse!  The Easter Bunny knows everything!!  He can find you anywhere.
More on Easter church service tomorrow.  (I hope.)


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the Groves Girls... hitting the road!

I'm not sure when, exactly, we decided to take this road trip.  It was definitely a last minute deal.  I had several obligations this week, but when I thought it through, I felt as though I could get them all handled with my team.  I have an unreal team!!  With MMPT, leaders are in place, and have been well-trained to take over daily operations and run the company exactly how I'd have them do it.  As always in leadership, the buck stops with me.  So, if I don't feel they are capable, I don't leave!  With this group, it is quite the opposite.  They have my back, and I have theirs!

With MoJoy, Suzy is now at the helm, and she runs the show like it is her own!  I like that.  She and Brian have attended every speaking engagement I have been to this year, so they know my style, my process, and are capable of carrying out duties when I am out of town.  We are a fabulous team of three! So... that was covered too.  (This week I had three!)

I try to teach other businesses how to operate without a "one" person in charge.  Leadership is a multi-tiered thing.  It is very cool to know that I have several levels in place at MMPT, and so there is always someone ready and willing to step up and accept the challenge of leading. 
I realize from watching all of my friends suffering from a very impending empty nests syndrome, that that day is coming for me too!  And so, while I have my kids, I want to make lots and lots of memories.  I want them to remember a childhood of all kinds of adventures.

And of course, I want Ellie Sue to remember taking these adventures comfortably!  haha.  (DIVA!)
First stop... IHOP... in West Monroe.  We had someone we needed to see!
Mary Allison was in town from LSU.  It seems like lately every time she comes to town, we are leaving.  And we just about can't stand that!!  My girls miss their big sissy!
On the trip down, there are some critical stops.  The DQ is one of them!!  And this one had a big screen tv with cartoons on it!  I am talking BONUS!  WE needed that right about hour 6 or so.
And when we see the tunnel, we know we are almmmooooost there!!  This is in Mobile, AL.
When we got to the condo, JinJin had left an Easter surprise!!
She and her sisters had been down here the week before, so she left the condo all clean and nice, and best of all, she left prizes!!
Her Easter baskets are big time!!  The girls got new clothes, pampering goodies, sketch pads, Ulta gift cards!!, and of course, candy.
Photo bomb!
This was the view when we arrived.  And there was a live band at the middle pool, so it was even more perfect.
The moon has been like this just about every night that we have been here.
Of course, we weren't going to drive 7-8 hours and NOT get in the pool when we got here!!  After all, this would constitute the first outdoor swim of the year!
I was happy to indulge them.  After all, the poolside bar was still kicking!
So... here we start another new adventure.  I am working on my art retreat details.  If you want more info, and a video shot by me, go to and scroll to the bottom.  You can add your email address there to get what is going to soon be biweekly newsletters. You can also hit the top photo and register for the retreat.  We'll be talking about gratitude, joy, a balanced life, and making all kinds of great projects... a custom journal, a canvas, learning lettering, and multiple pieces of jewelry.

If you've been thinking of coming, that urge is something you shouldn't resist.  Just like this trip!!  Recently I read, I NEVER REGRET IT WHEN I DO IT, BUT I ALWAYS REGRET IT WHEN I DON'T!  Come on to Louisiana on May 1-3!!  It's gonna be a great weekend.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Impromptu beach trip.

SO here we are... on another little fly by the seat of our pants, let's hit the road, trip.  This time, Staci and Madi joined us.  
 The girls and I hit the road on Good Friday.  We tried our best to get Todd the Bod to go, but he felt like he had too much to handle at the office.  He was on a golf trip in Atlanta last week, and has another one coming up, so he didn't feel this trip would be prudent.  (who ever really liked that word anyway?!)
I'm sort of skipping ahead in the "blog story", but I had these pics last in my phone, so they won.
My Gabbi Girl is so capable of just playing alone.  I think it is a blessing.  But sometimes, it makes me sort of sad.  I think it's because I am such a social gal, and very drawn to "connection", that I assume it is a sad thing.  I know, I know... it isn't.... just different strokes for different folks!  She has a healthy imagination, and likely processes in her little brain very differently than I do.  Ellie is more like me, in the social/ connection/ PEOPLE area!

She and her bestie cousin could absolutely spend every waking minute together!!
We went to our old stomping ground, Tacky Jack's, for dinner.
And when I asked for a picture, this is what I got.
Oh.  And this.  I am so blowing this up.
And then we decided to see who could cross their eyes the best.  Well... the right eye anyway.
I usually only cross one too. But today, NAILED IT!
This is our friend, Angie.  Not sure WHAT she has going on right here!
Gabs is doing pretty well.
Madi just learned to do this on this trip.  See?  Travel and adventure has its advantages!
Ellie can only cross hers if she looks up.
I invite you and your family to do this experiment!!  It's interesting.  Staci apparently needs to posture her mouth to really get her eyes crossed.
The collection!

Oh... and a friend posted this today, and I thought it was awesome!  It'll be on my Facebook page at some point!!
My view right now!!

She sort of loved her Easter bunny!
More on this trip later!!