Sunday, January 11, 2015

This blog changed course fast.

Have I mentioned loving what I do?  Have I mentioned that I also teach others to recognize and love what they do?  We spend so many hours of our week at our "jobs" that we really need to do all in our power to stop looking at work as work and just see it as life!!  
And if your "life" isn't bringing you joy, then it is time for you to reevaluate!

It's been cold in Louisiana.  Like super cold for us.  Under 32 and we feel like school needs to close!  haha
One of our patients at MMPT brings her own blanket to PT every week.  I told her she looked like Miss Queenie, but there was one thing missing.  Without even blinking, Keif was walking back holding a cup of hot chocolate for her.  Dontcha know that in giving is when we receive the most?  I am so, so blessed to have a staff who knows and lives that!!  She was thrilled to have the cocoa, but he was the one who got the biggest blessing!!
And to take people who are in serious pain, and have them doing things they never dreamed they could do.  And to leave smiling about it.  That's a good feeling!

I also hope you are fortunate enough to "work" somewhere where you welcome your family members, not shun them for the sake of "work".  Life is only today.  Tomorrow may or may not come!  Time is the only thing we can never get back! I encourage you to use yours wisely!
Look at these angels.  One is 6.  The other is 16.  (in her own mind!)

This year, taking my own advice, I am working in more of the things that I LOVE to do.  I am going to do more art.  I am going to teach people more about art.
I am going to take more selfies.  (Just kidding.  This is a daily situation on my phone!!  Like 20 or so at a time!)
I also love this.  WHO are you surrounding yourself with who makes you a better you?  Who cheers for you?  Who inspires you?  Read these!  Print them off.  Decide to change your environment and watch your life change.
I've even found a way to work my art into my physical therapy!!  These are the exercises I gave a patient last week...All fancy-like, too, on a sticky note.
I know, firsthand, that life is short.  Jake, (and by "Jake", I am also referring to Heaven and all who is in it!) always sends me a sign when I am right on course for my best life.  Last night I was just heavily mentoring someone and encouraging them, and in the m idle of our conversation, I said, "hang on", and I looked at my phone.  Sure enough... added up to an 11.  I KNEW in my gut that I needed to look and to be reassured that inspiring, encouraging, lifting, teaching, .... THAT is what I am called to do.
I never know what I'm gonna blog about before I start blogging.  I just open up, look at the pics I uploaded, and start telling a story, weaving the pics together.  I'm not sure how I went from my former title on this one of "A day at MMPT" to what it ended up being.  But I felt inspired to go this direction and have really been wanting to do some teaching through this venue anyway.  Are you ready for that!?
Get ready bloggers....
I am about to BRANG IT!!

2015, I'll be MAXIMIZing my gifts, talents, time, resources, etc.  Hope you're ready.


Friday, January 9, 2015

MoJoy Studio... two parties. One day.

The studio has been HOPPING lately.  I mean, like, having two parties in one day kind of hopping!!  

This is a group of women all from one family who I believe were in celebrating the holidays together.  
They called on fairly short notice and wanted to come play!

Of course, Suzy, Chief Creative Officer of MoJoy Studio, said COME ON!
We let them each bring anything they wanted to work on.  They chose ideas from Pinterest, and anyone who wasn't sure of their direction was helped along by Suzy.

The below is Lana with her project which included some ephemera from a trip she and her husband had taken.
I am pretty sure she said it was on an anniversary trip.  The back of this canvas is covered in decoupaged materials too.
This sweet project is by her daughter, who is currently finishing up Law School in New Orleans, I believe.
This was also a decopoupaged project, which I believe was done by a lady who is a counselor.  Won't this be a good reminder in her office?
Later that same day... a happy little red head was turing 21 and decided to bring her friends to MoJOy Studio for her party.
She decided to do big ol' mermaids.  They had a stencil for the big portion/ outline/ major shape of the subject.
There were some really, really cute results.  Unfortunatley I didn't hang around for this one.  I'll have to post an end product later.  Suzy has one of the samples hanging in the studio.  The mermaid's tail has glitter glue scales.  LOVE!
Thanks, Maggie, for sharing your 21st birthday with us.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

Hey, hey.  Let's start out this New Year's Eve with a big ol' Hello from Heaven!!  I see it at least 5 days a week!  And I am NOT a psycho clock stalker.  I am intuitive and I listen to my instincts, and I am aware is all.  And then, BOOM.  I look at a clock and get a sign that I am on the right path. 
Enough of that.  Y'all might think I am about to start reading palms.  ha.
So, we had a very, very low key New Year's Eve shindig.  Below, we have Dakin (Tashia's husband, Angie, and a really good pic of Suzy... get used to it Suzy.  you're in my world now!  ha)
Brian and Keif, from MMPT, hung out with us in a very low key manner as well.
Todd played host, as he was in the man cave and captain of his ship.

Look at Abby back there.  See how CrayCray we were that night?!
Actually, we were playing a dice game called 6,5,4.  Anybody familiar?  It's pretty fun.  And very simple.
These two (Tashia and Paula) laid up like they were freezing.

I think I wore the single solitary New Year's decoration.  I'm slipping in the hostess department.
Sellllfiiiie.  We are getting LOTS of these nowadays!!
We DID; however, remember to go buy fireworks!
Oh yeah, Jessi and Jeff came over too, and their daughter, Kaitlyn, ended up staying with us that night.
What is it with boys and fireworks?  They LOVE them.  It's like they become kids again!
If I'd have known we were going to have this much man interest, I'd have gotten some big dog fireworks.  As it was, I got some of those little pyramid spray kinds, smoke bombs, and sparklers.  A little underwhelming for the guys, I'm sure.
That is Josh Vines and Ryan Pilcher.  They were all about the firework action.  (Ellie talked them into it really!)
Ooooohh.  AAAAAhhhh.
Paula, still cold, sporting the bear-style Snuggie I bought Johnnye for Christmas.
These are our frands, Angie and Mickey Lofton.
And here's my hottie date, Todd the Bod.

We were on a countdown right about here, and I had everyone pair up!!
10, 9, 8, 7, ...
assume to position.
Happppy New Year!!!
Looks like Ellie scored here too!  ha.  Man killer.
Ana and Ellie, above, celebrating the big moment.
and Meredith, below, also getting her 2015 cheer on.

We tried writing words with sparklers like we see in all those cool pictures.  Well, we got a "U" anyway.  It was supposed to say "2015".  Close!
Gabs was not a fan of the loud fireworks, but a sparkler she could handle.

I love this picture of these newlyweds.

And my cautious little Gabbi Girl.  She'll be cautious like her dad.  Ellie will be a wild buck like her mom.
All in all, a great night with great friends.
I am so excited about the new year.  I have my word.  I have my planner filled out about 75%.  I am ready to intentionally MAXIMIZE my time, my resources, and my gifts/talents.  You have your word?
Let's do this.