Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa canvas class

Mojoy Studio had its third and final Christmas canvas class.  It turned out to be a big hit, as well. 
Some of these girls were repeaters.  Some were first timers.
I was pretty much single-handedly in charge of about 20 women.  So, they had to have some degree of independence.  And boy did they ever.  And they rocked it!!
I love how every person is given the same instructions, but because each has her own style, they turn out so differently.
Some use strokes in the same direction.  Some like more texture and create strokes in all directions.  Some like it all smooth and flat and not much shadow.  Some loved to combine lots of colors/ shadows.

Some like to stand.  Some like to sit.
Some brought new friends to this week's class.
And one brought her sister and daughter.
Would you look at the finished products?!

Seriously, I was so proud of this group!

They are all just alike, and yet all so very different.

See?  Look at these up close.  One has thinner outlines and one thicker.  One has darker borders, one lighter.  One has lots of lines in her swirls on the edges.
Even differences in the instructors' samples.  Emery's is on the left.  Mine is on the right.  We used the same exact set of directions to teach the class.
I think we'll be repeating the snowman canvas in January, but instead of holly and berries on his neck, we will be doing a wintery-colored scarf.  That way it can stay up for winter.

Other than that.. there was a birthday party this  Friday and another one next Friday.  One kid requested a ballet picture and the other wants...ummm... a horse maybe?  Dang.  I can't remember.  We also have two teacher parties at the studio this week.  One is for about 30 plus members of a faculty, and we are doing stamped jewelry as our project.  The other is for about 20 or so teachers, and we're painting canvases.  I think we'll do the ornament.  So... the studio is hopping!!  Lots to do and get ready for the upcoming classes in January.  If you think your kid might be interested in an art class, ongoing, after school, check the website for dates and times.
I actually am thinking of doing a Creative Leadership class for women one evening too.  It is basically art journaling.  Really great food for our minds, hearts, spirits, AND creativity and art mixed in.  Now THAT is right up my alley!!  Sign up through the website if interested.  You can also purchase a gift certificate at MoJoy Studio to use toward many classes that will be offered in 2015.  I'm excited.  Big things coming for this little studio this year!!


Friday, December 12, 2014

How I keep up with my Christmas memories...

My art room looks like a bomb went off in it.  Well, actually, this pile is looking better now. It was packed in my suitcase so I could take all of this to the beach with me where we are having a little weekend celebration of Mary Allison finishing her finals. 
But... before I left town, I snapped a collective group of my Christmas mini albums to demonstrate WHY I take the time to do one every Christmas.  Well, ok, not Everrry Christmas, but in recent years, since I've had my girls, I've worked a little more diligently at it, despite having very little free time to do it.
The way I look at it, there are choices to be made in how we use our time.  I just choose to use mine doing this.  Because it is important to me.
Would anyone like to take  a little trip down memory lane this morning? !  Well, if so, hang on!  Cause I uploaded 90+ photos to this blog post.  So sit back and enjoy.

This is our first Christmas with thte Gabster.

Apparently it was also the Christmas when I laid on the couch and watched everyone open their gifts.  I would've never remembered that if I hadn't documented it.
Anybody remember me catching Ellie sitting there staring at this pencil drawing of Jake? !  He'd been gone just barely a year when this happened.

The first trip to visit Santa occurred in Memphis while we were there to cheer on the runners for TEAMJAKE.

Oh wow.  Remember that little sling I wore across my chest?  Gabbi LOVED to be swaddled.  She rode in that puppy for about a year.

Proof we've been decorating trees for the Festival of the Trees for years.
Ellie made this picture of her daddy entirely out of makeup!  Haha

And remember when she went through her Snooki-loving phase?!  Well, this is a package she decorated to send to Madi.

And then, I try to always make sure the Christmas card photo shoots are in the books.  I need to go back and put the cards, themselves, in there too!!
(Seems I did in this book.  I think this was 2012.  I had it on the cover, but didn't take a pic of it.

These two girls were mesmerized by Santa's feeding his reindeer live online!  Reminds me we need to find that website again this year.

Now that they're older, I like to put in a few of their own drawings and I like to include their wish lists.

Sometimes I include my own wish list too.

I have memories of December of our MMPT Christmas parties.

And paintings I work on in the month.  Some of you might recognize some of these as ones I've mailed to you!
There are reminders to myself of my blessings.
And pictures that totally warm my heart.

I LOVE pics of Christmas morning, when the girls are in their sweet Christmas pjs and have sleepy eyes.

And then, this one goes Waaaaay back.  2005... the last Christmas we got to spend with Jake.
It's a fat one.

We knew we were very blessed to have this time with him... at home, feeling good, not cancer-free, but taking a break from the toll the chemo was taking on him.  It was a good Christmas!

And to see the "big boys" then and now... wow!

I have memories of Christmas with my mom's family in Olla, and with aunts and family members who are no longer with us.

Including my sweet Poppa, who used to get out his Bible and read the Christmas story to us every Christmas eve.

Those buddies.  Oh those buddies.  I can never forget.

And I think Jake loved Todd as much as Todd loved Jake.  They were pretty much inseparable when they were together.
I love that picture bottom right.  Jake was walking right behind Todd and trying to mimic how he was walking.  This was right after church one Sunday.  If I didn't have these documented like this through pics in these books, I would never have that recall!

I still have this sweet ornament that Jake made.
Needless to say it is treasured.
And then there is this tiny book.  It was Ellie's first Christmas.

This kid was so jolly!!
And she had mischief in her eyes even then.  I should've seen it coming.


I love that they all capture the time my girls have spent with their grandparents.

And to see my niece and nephews and how much they've changed over the years.  I really sort of stand in awe.

And so.... I am now working on my 2014 Christmas journal.
I'll post it on here when it is finished, but I want you to know it is the easiest one I've ever put together.  I hired a lady to sew the cutest books specifically for MoJoy, and now all I have to do is put the pics in.  I am basically doing the whole thing with an ink stamp pad, tape runner, scissors of course, and wash tape.  Oh... and letter stickers.  I love letter stickers.

I plan to upload a few videos on Facebook, on the Mojoy page.  If you haven't liked it yet, go check it out.  I hope you'll try to do your own book this year.  Just do it when you have the opportunity, and don't let the times that you don't have time stress you out!!  It's supposed to be fun.  If I am telling the truth, I still have Christmas 2013 in a shoebox, incomplete.  And that is ok.  It is on my to-do list for the holidays when I have a little time off.

Give it a whirl!