Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ok.... last call for the MoZart Retreat!! Who will it be?!

Hey y'all.  I'm in Atlanta at another unreal experience at a seminar put on by my mentor, Paul Martinelli.  It's called Turning Point.  And duuuude... it is crazy good!

I am getting so many great ideas of things I plan to include in our upcoming MoZart retreat!!  it is October 3rd.  I have a good crew coming, but I am about to call a few out.  So hang tight!!  Riley, are you going to be able to get off to come?!  I'd love to have you.  Kim C, from WM, I am hoping you get a couple of your buds together to join in on the fun!  It will be packed with personal growth activities, but this will be different than the other things you've done with me because it'll be paired with making yo little mind streeeetch by making art projects, (jewelry, ceramics, paintings, mixed media, journaling) which support our discussions.  There's some cool soul searching involved in this retreat as well. Becky and Penny, you both suggested you might come, and I hope that you can make it.  Lindsay, you always say you are going to make the trip from Atlanta, but I've yet to see yo butt. Brang it!!  Christy G, haven't heard from you either, my friend... you in?!  I hope so.

And now I direct my attention to all of you who have never been to one.  I have 8 girlies staying at my house and 3 locals who are not staying with me.  (although I might be able to change their minds!!  There will be some additional projects at my house for those who stay!).  I would like to have 4 more chicks in the retreat, for a total of 15.  If you are local and would like to experience a retreat where we spend time really evaluating ourselves and our dreams and what we'd like to see more of in our lives while creating cool tangible reminders through art to take home with you, this is for you.   If you are interested, just email me, and I'll get you hooked up!!  It's $200 for the local peeps.  If you are interested in staying at my house, I can hook you up there too.  Just email me, and I'll let you know the cost.  So, $200 is the cost to you WITH art supplies/projects/ snacks and breakfast for two days.  We'll be working together Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning.  I share information which I have spent over $20,000 to learn,  (and I didn't even get to make art!  haha).  But I'll tell you this.... it has changed my life!  And I look forward to helping you get on a path to change yours... to become all you were meant to be!

Ok.  So, think it over.  And email me at if you think this is the one you want to attend.  I promise you you'll be glad you came.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Ice bucket challenge.

 At MMPT, we were challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by another therapy clinic in town. We answered the call!  But, because we had a lot of folks in the West Monroe clinic that day, we knew we'd need BUCKETS and BUCKETS of ice water!   The boys got to work!

ANd the kids at the clinic, who were doing therapy, were more than happy to oblige in the dumping!
 Oh.  And yes... that "MAN" on the top left would be Hunter Bunter.  Hard to believe, huh?
 I'm never sure if the videos play on my blog or not.  But, I tried!
 Renee and Crystal got pretty soaked.
 As did John Wesley, Amber, Abby, and several of our student interns.
 This little punk LOVED making sure his therapists got good and drenched!
 Especially me.  I look like I'm wearing a leotard.  Do NOT print this pic out for any reason!  At all!!
 I love loving what I get to do every day.



Sunday, September 14, 2014

What a week! Gabbi is back in kindergarten.

It has been quite a week!!  As you all may very well know, we started this 2014-15 school year as 1st and 2nd graders!  And I thought all was well.  

Wait.  Let me preface this by saying, I wasn't sure I made the best decision last year by letting Gabbi start kindergarten as a 4 year old.  I knew she was young, but well... I had several reasons I made that particular decision.  First, kindergarten is free, so I'd save a little money.  Second, I could drop the kids both off at one place in the morning vs two.  Neither of those things were THAT big a deal, but they were cumulatively adding up to the reason I made my decision for kindergarten for Gabs.  And... I figured we could just repeat kindergarten and have a "meatier" start than to do pre-K and then Kindergarten.  I prepped Gabbi constantly last year that we'd probably want to do kindergarten a second time. 
 And then her kindergarten graduation came.  I wondered if I should skip it and not make a big deal out of it, since I figured we'd do it again the next year and let the graduation be a really big thing.  Summer trudged along, and I was constantly dropping hints to her that she'd be back in kindergarten, and I wondered which teacher she'd get this time, and I wonder what new friends she'd make, etc etc.
 All along, Todd thought the best thing to do might be to go on to first and repeat first.  We KNEW that with an August 26th bday, she'd likely be repeating something, and first would probably be the one.  My mama taught first grade for 20 years or something like that, and Staci is a kindergarten teacher, and they both thought that first would be the best thing too, since she did well in kindergarten, and a year of practice in first would only be helpful in the long run.  And so....
 There we were... heading off to 1st and 2nd grade!
 Week one.  No big thang.  Week two.  No complaints.  Except homework.  Week three... a big spider bite on her leg over the weekend, and Monday morning came around and she was nauseated and had a headache.  The school nurse calls me and says she might need to go home.  I suggest she see if it gets any better.  By the time the nurse was able to go back to her classroom to check on her bite, Gabbi is complaining again of nausea.  DeeDee goes to school to pick her up.
 Next day, Gabbi is having nausea and headache again, and I am thinking it is that dad gum bug bite!! I schedule an appointment with her pediatrician and check her out.  The bite looked pretty horrible, by the way.  Not just your typical bite!
 Next day, bite looks better, but Gabs is in hysterics about going to school!  DOES NOT LIKE FIRST GRADE.  DOES NOT LIKE SCHOOL.  WANT TO BE IN KINDERGARTEN.  IT'S TOO HARD IN FIRST GRADE.  What the what?!  Who knew?!  She'd not even let on to me until this point.  Luckily, my mom and Gabbi's teacher are great friends, and I've known her forever, so we have a good relationship.  She let Gabbi sit with a kindergarten class that day and try it out.  Gabbi seemed to love it.
 She was up and at em on the next morning, singing a song she wrote about "I love school.  I love being in kindergarten... " and so forth.  Looked like we'd hit a home run!
 And so it is.  Gabbi is back in kindergarten.  Tonight, she is again complaining that she doesn't like school.  She says she doesn't know anybody in her class.  So if you will, say a little prayer for Gabbi tonight.  Pray that she makes friends, loves her teacher, and that we are making the right decision over all.  I think Gabbi's maturity level dictates that this is the right place for her right now.  Many of you have supported my decision on Facebook and Instagram, and I so appreciate that.  Really!!  I know for SURE that she would've repeated first had we gone on with the year, so eventually, she would've ended up with the group she is with this year anyway... which might in fact, make it even better that she'll have an extra year to get to know them.
But what she is not wanting to go to school again is beyond me.  Here in Louisiana, the kids are tested for DBELS (or something like that) to see what level they are at prior to the school year beginning.  Gabbi did fairly well per her first grade teacher.  It seems to be more of a maturity thing, whereas the pace is a bit too fast, and the responsibility required to change their books and work on their own in their journals and such was just too much for my baby right now.  Ellie is rocking second grade, and I think the TWO years between them in school might actually be a good thing in the long run.  Ellie is a CHARGER.  Gabbi is a LINGERER.  As a student of people and their strengths, I can almost pick what I think my kids' strengths will be as teens and adults, and believe me, they are polar opposites!  And both are fearfully and wonderfully made!  How blessed I am to get to parent them, each in their own uniqueness.

WOW.  Being a mama can be pretty hard!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good vibes add up.

WOW!  I sorta love this!  It is all cumulative, ya know.  

I had such a great day!  I worked with some area business owners, chief executive officers, HR directors, and managers in local businesses.  I started teaching them about The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  I had a ball.  I am in my element when I am talking about leadership!!  We are going to be going through three more laws, once a week, for the rest of the month. I look forward to sharing, and I really, really look forward to my participants having some "aha moments" and realizing they are in such an important position to really change people's lives.  

I'm trying to start really paring down to what I want to share at the MoZart Retreat in October.  I have 11 confirmed people coming. ( I saw you, Mama J, today, and wanted to put a poster in the window saying, "COME TO THE RETREAT!")  If you are local, you can get in on the opportunity for the cheapest I've ever offered it.  $200!  I've also been trying to really pare down to what I think will make the best projects!!  As it says above... I'm hoping that the retreat is a stepping off point for many of you to have a "great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life!".  

I have watched that play out in my own life.  Positivity breeds positivity!!   Have a great Wednesday!!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

My baby girls.

 If you follow me on Instagram (Melaniemomom), then you are fully aware that I post a pic of my girls every morning before school.  I can honestly say that this has become such a part of their morning routine, that they go out to the car, drop their book bags off in the front seat, and head straight to "the spot".
 This year I have tried to be more cognizant of Gabbi always to Ellie's right, so that when I get ready to do a Flipagram (have you seen THAT app?!), the girls will be on the same side in all the pics, and I will be able to see how they've grown.  Pretty "Futuristic" of me, huh?  (That's one of my five top strengths... have I talked about strengths?!  Well, anyway, I am always thinking ahead.  Even in the case of the daily photo!)
Then it hits my photos and instagram feed and I add a filter to it and , VOILA!"

 Of course, the girls were happy to see the crosswalk cop, Mr. Todd, and he seemed pretty happy to see them too!
 Have I mentioned that Todd and I went to school together, from 6th grade to 12th grade if I am not mistaken.  And now he protects my kiddos!
 Flashforward to after school.... this year, DeeDee is picking them up for us, and because Gabs does therapy, she often ends up at my office with them.
 Ellie thinks she has run of the whole places! Here, she is in her daddy's office.
 Trying hard to be resolute and aloof!
 BUT... it didn't work, and she finally caved into his being silly!

 Next day... ALLERGIES!!  This is new to this house.  And this might just be the most pitiful picture I have ever seen!
 She had chronically watering eyes, and they were red underneath, as you can see.  It had to be allergies, but I had no earthly idea what it was.  Ironically, hers is now totally cleared up and mine is fired up with a vengeance!  And we have no idea what it is.  Anyone in north Louisiana who could give me a clue... it'd be very well received!
 Looks like this is turning into a random post.  Oh well.
When I was a kid I did pageants.  (Thanks, Mom).  And this was the final line to my runway walk when I gave up my crown as Louisiana's Miss LaPetite.
 True fact.
And this is the chair I think I need in my office.  But seriously, these can run 200-300 bucks!  WHAT? !  No, I think I'm gonna pass, Office Depot!

Next door... at Hobby Lobby...oooooh laaaa laaaa!!!  I think I might need some more turquoise and lime green for my upstairs bedroom!!  Whatcha think?!
 and if I only had more room in my art room!!  These are the colors I like to use in there.  But there is literally not one more ounce of space!!  Maybe I could use these colors at the studio!! We'll be decorating there this year, cause we are going to have a big open house and lots of traffic, I hope, to buy all the cool little handmade gifts that will be ready for purchase!
 I have one of my clinics who decorates in candy.  I think we might need to consider these for the doors.
 And gingerbread was a consideration for my kitchen, and I am kind of in the mood to change at least one small area, so maybe this will be it this year.
 Yep.  Done deal!
 I just snapped this cause I think Gabbi Girl's sweet little pink and aqua room needs her at Christmas!!
 ANd voila... later that day, eyes cleared up.  Princess hat and wand... and feeling so much better.
 This actually WAS later that same day.  It was just that we found a cute little consignment joint and the girls got all kinds of cute new things.  Gabbi saw this ballerina shirt and skirt and LOVED it, so it came home with us.
 As bad as she was feeling that day, I think she could've gotten me to let a GIRAFFE come home with us.  I was on a mission to make my baby feel better!
And that concludes a random day with the Groves!
Can I say our retreat is filling up and is gonna be great?!  If you are signed up and have a special request for an activity or project you've seen on the blog or at retreats in the past, shoot it to me.  I have Jennifer and Lisa's suggestions.  And I think Anna Lea sent me a request as well.  Anyone else?!  Email me at or just drop a note here in the replies.  Hope you have a great week.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  I think I am kind of "enthusiastic".  I am told all the time to "slow down" and asked, "How do you do all that you do?".  I just seem to really in truly love so many things!!  Like right now... I am preparing for a Mastermind group of executives of businesses around town.  That starts next week!  And then... I have a retreat coming up in three weeks or so.
I spoke to a group of teachers today about my planner, its concept, how to use it efficiently, and how to let it help them start living intentionally.  I will be talking to another group of teachers at another school next week.  I have my leadership meeting in the morning for my MMPT crew, so I am just finishing up studying and preparing for that.  I have two children I adore, so I definitely have to make time for them.  And I like my husband too, so we try to eek in some time together as well.  OH!  And I am a physical therapist, and run 5 clinics.  The Chamber of Commerce is having me come this month to do a lunch and learn about personal strengths and I plan to tell them all about the upcoming L2 Leadercast I am hosting with two other JM members in October.  I will be speaking at the Kiwanis meeting to promote that too.  I am working with a local boutique this Sunday to inspire and motivate their team prior to a really busy season.  MoJoy starts its classes next week, two days a week for kids art, and I have a 1/2 day seminar coming up in October as well with a group of 100, so I have to have that solidified!  And just for good measure, I am taking two new series of classes with the John Maxwell team... one on sales and marketing and I'm participating with a guy from Illinois, I believe, in a one-on-one coaching program.  My marketing partner is from Africa, and we'll have to coordinate our calls one to two times a week to work on both of our schedules.  Oh.  And in the middle of this month, I'll be going to Atlanta for my mentor, Paul Martinelli's teaching of "The Turning Point" seminar.  I'll be there 4-5 days.  Yes.  I'd say September will be B.U.S.Y!!

But, I'll tell you one thing.... to anyone watching, I am going to just be looking ENTHUSIASTIC!  As the quote above says, "I love the crap out of everything".  WHY NOT?!  I am so happy to be alive.  So happy to have so many interests, so many people who love me, so many people to love, and have the ability to do it all, physically and mentally.  I am for SHO taking my "explore" to a whole new level this year.  Hope you are having an enthusiastic 2014 as well.  You still have 4 months!  Make the most of them!


We are filling right on up! Wooooooo Hoooooo!!!

Alrighty... quick recap.

Here is who I have down for the retreat so far...

Tensie McGrew
Niki Graham
Nancy Schaefer
Amber Bridges
Dottie Phillips
Amy Mixen
Jamie GIsburne
Jennifer Perkins
Lisa Lewis

And I am still waiting for confirmation from Riley H, Pam M, Kim C, Kourtney S, Becky S, Penny B, Christy G, Lindsay Y.

I have a feeling this is going to be a good one!  I am having Emery work hard and long to get my planner ready, and we will be using that for the backbone of our projects!  So, aside from your art, you will also get to go home with a planner if all goes as planned!

I have 6 people staying in my house right now, with one from Kansas City, MO, and three from St. Louis!  (Gosh... isn't that right, Dottie?!)  Anyhoo.... I have 2 returning vets from whom I have already gotten requests on particular projects to include in the event ("Membership" has its privileges!) and 3 from right here in West Monroe.  That should be a fun break for them too!  I am counting on a few more from the "maybe" list above!  I am in a  cool place in my life right now (a little cray cray, but that seems to be where I thrive), so I am expecting really good things out of this retreat!!  If you are still wanting to join, just email me, and I'll get you hooked up!