Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Headed home. Meeting Tim, the publisher guy.

Well, by now, if you follow any of my social media sites, you know that Todd thinks he is hilarious by posing the girls in their morning pics in strange ways when I am out of town.  Here was the pose the final day of my trip!
And I am a happy mama getting to head home to see my baby girls!!  I text them pics of me and they text me pics of them throughout the day when I am out of town... oh... and then there's Facetime too!  Gabbi LOVES Facetime!
So, I am on the plane, and the dude sitting next to me is clearly working on some sort of presentation.  Welllll... for one... I am WOO!  That means I never miss an opportunity to meet someone and form a connection.  And for two... I, too, have been making and presenting speeches lately, and if he is seasoned, then I need to learn from him!

I was also intrigued by what he had in his little portfolio-thingy.
And so.  I leaned in.  Hello there... meet Tim!!  And meet his extraordinary system for keeping up with the vast amount of information he has coming into him regularly.  Tim reads books like I do.  Personal growth, customer service, strengths, self awareness, etc.  But, like me, he is on information overload.  This is how he manages that!  He uses 3 1/2x5" index cards to keep only the biggies from the books on.  He then categorizes them by his own preferred areas...i.e. customer service.  employee retention.  time management.  whatever.
Each one of these little stacks has only information behind it from a book he has read and that pertains to that subject matter.  Clear as mud?!  well... I have several people on my team who feed me information from blogs, podcasts, emails, books, TED talks, etc daily!!  I have asked them, that if they don't mind to please start giving me the high points in this fashion.  It'll help them retain it, cause writing it will solidify the biggies in their minds, and for SURE it will help me, who has Focus as number 25 of 34 of my strengths!  That's not real high!!  I need things broken down into bite sized bits for me to be able to absorb them!
He even let me into some examples so I could get a feel for his system.
Very cooL!  I intend to implement this immediately.  OH... and just for the record, if you are reading similar material and feel like contributing, I am ALWAYS open to adding your info to my stack.  Just email me, and I'll give you my address, and you can send those suckers right on.  I LOVE info.  I prefer a 4x6 card though, cause I am a tad bit more verbose than these single liner things like he used.  I need a little more detail to jog my memory.  For instance, below, would never be enough to remind me of what I'd actually read.
Oh, and one more thing.... Tim works for a publishing company and is very interested in my planner!!  He suggested I look into having it licensed, and then he wants me to send him a copy.  He works for --,---, Harcourt, and was especially interested in the school planner for teachers.  Hey, it pays to reach out to those around you!!
here's another kid/mom I reached out to when I saw she and her mom walking in the Dallas Airport.

I happened to notice her mom's tee shirt, and knew I needed to connect.
"Hi, I'm Melanie.  My nephew was at St. Jude for two years, so I couldn't help but notice your shirt.  I appreciate your support of that institution."
The more we talked, the more I realized I was SUPPOSED to stop and talk to her for sure.  She was actually at St. Jude WITH Jake.  Thankfully, her daughter's brain tumor was removed, and she has no evidence of cancer.  She has some residual effects from all the treatment, however, so if you see fit, stop and say a quick prayer for her brain to continue to heal to its prior healthy state!
She actually said, "I feel like I am meeting a celebrity family member!"  hahaha.  She told me that she followed Jake's caring bridge site the whole time they were there, and she can remember hearing his name called over the intercom at the hospital, as well as remembering the huge entourage that seemed to follow him everywhere he went.  When I told her that I was commonly the author of that blog, and I was his Aunt MO, she acted like she knew me!  How bout that?!  Talk about a VERY, VERY good reason to stop and talk to someone!!  Having someone remember my sweet nephew bolstered me for the whole day!
And then there was this.... this is a young adult with Down Syndrome.  I was touched to hear him, very loudly, asking for instructions as to where he should go next.  I absolutely LOVED that he seemed to be traveling alone, and when I got back home, I shared this picture with several of the parents in my clinic who have kids with Down's. I thought this would be such an encouragement to their realizing the potential independence their own kids might have someday!  I know it inspired me!
Oh.  Did I mention this?!  ha
And as is typical every single day, when I got home, I had one little brunette angel running to greet me with a "maaaaa maaaaa"!!!!
So glad to be back home with my little birdies.  This is what it's all about.
I am a blessed mama!


Monday, March 2, 2015

And that's a wrap, folks. No mo beads!

Thanks, Holly!  That was pretty good insight as to why my energy does actually sometimes wain when considering how/ where to spend my energy.  As for tonight, I'll keep on trucking on the blog!  But yes... COMMENT and let's connect! 
Last day.  I had one more opportunity to find my mama a fake CZ ring like she requests every year.
Haha.  I wish it was untrue.  But that is always her sole request!
So once inside the tent, I got a little distracted by this totally awesome corner of nothing but jewelry tools.  AAhhhh... The fields are alive....
And sorry, JinJin... I got a little more distracted by all these wonderful scarves.
Somewhere right about here, I had to text her and admit that I couldn't find her the big bling she was wanting.  I mean, just one little thing... and there's not one to be found in this HUGE tent!
So, I went out back.  There were about three more big humongous tents, so I though maybe they'd have one.
Wait.  What's that?  Wood bowls?!
And furs?
ANd buffalo knuckles?!  Mom, I mean, seriously.  How could I possibly not be distracted by these?
And elk ribs and buffalo ribs.
And Elk and buffalo legs and elk knuckles and toes.
WHY would someone want these things?  Please advise if you understand this.
Maybe just to say, "Hey, you know what I have?  An elk knuckle!  You got one?"
I actually COULD imagine some fun things that might could be done with these skulls and horns, i.e. displays for jewelry and such... but I COULD NOT imagine how in the world I'd get them home.
Anytime there is colorful fabric, I am all over it!
Jessi and I have been coming to this show for a couple of years now, but we never went out back to see that the tents actually go on and on and on.  I was shocked.
Complete with food court.

The time was running out on my last day, and I STILL haven't gotten JinJin's prize.
Wait!  Is that more colorful fabric?!
And what the what?  A frappucino!?
Yep.  Things are just going from good to great.
No CZs, but these totem poles rocked!
I bought these for Jessi and Staci as souvies.
And that, my friends, is the end of Tucson 2015!
I opened up that sunroof that I didn't even realize I had and hit the road to get a little dinner.
This is a lobster something?  I can't remember.  What was it, Crystal?!  Help a sister out.  I know that it is usually a sweet dish, and is one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life!

This was a foodie's paradise.  I wish Todd was here to appreciate it with me.  He loves really good food.
That's it.  Tucson is history.  I only had one more little adventure on the plane ride home.  You up for one last story?!  See ya tomorrow.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day four. And this is it, girls.

I have a severe lack of discipline when it comes to blogging lately!!  And I used to be pretty good at it. Anyone have a reason to offer?!  I'm pretty busy, and I'll admit, I don't sit down every night with the computer and get after it, mainly because that is when my girls seem to most want my attention!  And so... you know, they always win!  

With that, yes, I am STILL blogging about Tucson, even though I have been to Dallas and am now in Colorado, and steadily uploading pics to my computer, but feel like I'm living in big time slow motion on the blog.  Just hang with me!!  I'll get better.  

And so... it is now day four in Tucson.  My final shopping day. 
I am completely in love with using fibers with metals.  If you saw any of the work I did while in Tucson, you know that I went straight to my hotel room and started wrapping ribbon and linen and fibers of all types.
How funky are these?!  I say, YES!
I also find myself drawn to buckets of "Stuff" that I have to dig through to find the treasures.  Anybody feel me?  I know that if you aren't on that team, then you you are totally on the other team.   Those who totally HATE to dig through things.  
BIns and bins of all kinds of little treasures!
These are all strands of vintage brass beads.  The booth owner mentioned which designer used to use these, and I recognized the name, but now i can't remember.  Either way, I didn't really need any of these.  I'm happy to announce, I didn't buy a single strand!  Yay me.
But, I DID buy lots of these religious medallions.  Apparently these are all the rage to dangle from bangle bracelets.  My friend, Tonia, asked me to pick some up, and so I got a bunch.  I figure this might be a cool project at the May retreat.  Look at the funk that cakes on your fingers from digging in this old brass/ metal.
Ta daaaaah... my perfect findings.

And this is something that you just see everywhere!!  It IS a bit overwhelming the first year, I bought way too much, simply because it was ALL new to me.  Now, I have a little more of an idea of what I want/ need before going.

And I try to stay focused on things.
That doesn't mean I don't get a wee bit off course.
We use a lot of silk cords at MoJoy when people make bracelets with stamped metal.  I usually don't use the wider kind, but I loved these colors.  I only bought a few.
This is what I usually use.  Suzy had just bought 150 or so new ones, so I refrained from buying here in Tucson.  For those who are coming to the retreat, be thinking of something new we could do with these.  We have GORGEOUS colors!!
OhhhhMMmm Geeee.... and then there was THIS!!  I have wrapped bangles with it, wrapped earrings with it, and I think I'd put it on just about ANYTHING!!  I LOVE these colors!
These are little bags made specifically for jewelry peeps.  I bought one, but mine doesn't have one of these seriously cute covers.  The owner of the booth said they had a class to learn to do this felt technique. The LAST thing I need is a NEW hobby!!

I decided to go a different route.  I bought some of this ribbon.  I have previously blogged that I am going to use some on mine and the girls' jeans.  I am also going to bedazzle my jewelry tote.  What else could I do with it?!  Let me know in the comments!!
This is the one I am using on my bag.

Isn't it just totally decadent?!
This might be my fave.  And I have no earthly idea what I will do with it.
Spools and spools of rhinestones!
Yes, I DID buy some of these, cause the way Crystal showed me how to use them, well... now I have a purpose for all this greatness.

They had these little birthstone earring kits that I bought for Ellie, Madi, and Kaitlyn (Jessi's girl).  I didn't buy Gabs one, cause she still REFUSES to let me change her earrings ever since the day she had them pierced.

Just more stuff.
Suzy, I LOVED how these guys put their wares in these boxes, then could just fold them up and stack them when leaving and going to the next show.  YEP!  We gotta find us someone to build these for us.
As I said, I got right to work!!  I am LOVING using the ribbons and linen thread and all that fun stuff.
Since I've been in Colorado, I have made lots more!!  I think Suzy has loaded some of these on our website (mojoystudio.com), and they can be ordered directly there.  I KNOW that we'll have a lot more when I get home with this new crop!

Have I ever mentioned why I prefer earrings to every other kind of jewelry?  It's because I can whip them out pretty quickly, and then I get to get a fresh idea moving toward a new pair.  I've mentioned my strengths, but one of my top five is IDEATION.  That means I have ideas popping in my head all the time, and also explains my lack of focus.  Earrings fits nicely into that category!
I'm pretty sure I have one more Tucson post, and then.... LOUISIANA HAD SNOW!! I'll definitely be posting about that!  As well as the fun surprise Todd the Bod gave our girls for Valentine's this year.  American Girl Doll store!!  So, hang in there... lots of pics and stories coming!!