Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hmmmm... just hmmm....

I think I have made it clear that my cellphone is totally crammed packed with the most RANDOM things I find online, on instagram, on Pinterest, Facebook, wherever!  I seriously cannot believe that my phone is now full of almost 13,000 pics.  I mean, HOW?!  

So, I am very inspired by big players in the world!  SOMe of them I think are hard core, cut throat,.. and just NOT what I want to be emulating.  Mark Cuban, though, I think he is pretty cool.  And I only know what I see on Shark Tank really!  ha.  Or what I see when he is in tee shirts and sweats on the sidelines of a Mavericks game.  But I really admire that he is not in some stuffy three piece suit, as the team's owner.  Nor sitting up in the fancy schmancy box, but down on the court with his players.  So... I saw this and had to add it to my collection!
Of course, you know that I listen to just about anything that John C Maxwell says or writes.  So... naturally his made the cut.  Do you have a favorite of the following 7 steps to success?  I think I live in number 5 often.  It's my DNA.  But I am really learning to value number 2 a whole lot more.  Must be part of maturing/ aging, etc.
What about on this one?  I love the second one!  It has been a long time coming.  But I have learned that usually anything anyone is doing "to you" is really just something that is occurring in their own life and has very little to do with me. How freeing!!

Which one resonates with you?
I have been doing an I AM journal which I am quite positive will be a part of a program I am gearing up to share online in the new year.  When I tell you that this process of journaling has honestly opened doors that I would've NEVER dreamed would have come my way, I  mean it!!
and then... this...
I am fascinated with the brain.  And I am  particularly enamored with the differences between right and left brain dominance in people.  I have read information that suggests there is no such thing as that as well.  I choose to believe that our brains are more dominant in their development.
 If that were the truth... which one do you think you are?  FOR SURE... I am righty!!
 I can see how I was more left brained in my school days.  I was more organized than I am today.  But, as I have gotten older, I am BIG TIME right-brained!!

I love this schematic.
 See?  The left brain in me thinks why don't you just do an entire blog post on right brain/ left brain?  Have the readers take a test (cause there IS such a thing!), and then have them comment on a singular thing and have an actual focused discussion on that one thing!  Makes sense doesn't it?  But.... well... I'm right -brained!  Soooo... you get this modpodge of random information I find and save to my phone.  I need a left-brained counterpart to help me stay more organized!!

 The schematic below says to find your dominant hand do these four things...
1.  Which ear you use to listen through a door.
2.  which eye is stronger?  (Put your hands together to form a circle in front of you a few inches.  Find something in the distance and look at it through your hands with BOTH eyes.  Then, close the left one and see if you can still see the object.  Come the right one and see if it moves.  The eye which keeps the object in the center of your hands with the opposite eye closed is your dominant eye)
3.  Which hand do you use to write?
4.  Mostly L's= right brained.
     Mostly R's= left brained.

At least that is what Pinterest said.  That would indicate I am left brained.  Which I am NOT.  Just sayin.

Look at this pretty baby girl.
Annnnnd... as usual, I went to Books a Million and refused to buy an entire book for this one cute project.  So. I took a screenshot.  I think I need to make these in an art class.  I doubt if Books a Million is hurting because of this.  I have seriously done my part to keep the doors open here in Monroe, LA!  haha
Ok.  Random post complete.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Healed. And just in time to start first grade!

Well, day one of first grade is upon us.  She got a sweet teacher, Miss Bunn.  I had to explain to her that thankfully Gabbi is right-handed, so we shouldn't have much interruption in her daily routine due to the brace.  (She still has all three fractures!  BOO!) She cannot manage buttons and zippers, so you'll notice we've been in almost exclusively dresses when she is in public.  
You'll also notice we did NOT let this injury stop us from going and doing.  We just kept on keeping on.  Here we are at one of our favorite haunts, Waffle House!
And onto the studio.
Where Gabbi was at work with me for the day.  She made her own Barbie (that's the logo below) birthday invitations and took them around to all of my employees.

Aren't these just awesome?
And here she is... This is the scar in late August.  Today, it looks even better.  Can you believe how far that little injury came?  we loved that little hand to total healing.
But because she still has some pain and we aren't totally clear on the fractures, she has to wear the splint a protection.  Here we have a first and third grader.
And we took pics of our first day as we always do.
Lunch boxes chosen.  New backpacks.
And crashing early from the new routine!
We are still very occasionally dealing with some discoloration of the left hand. See that redness?  But her vessels (Nerves, arteries, and veins) also took a licking through all of this, so we have to give them a chance to reboot, per se.
I tried to find activities for her to play which would encourage her using both hands.
This is the range of motion of her right hand.  Note how widely she can spread her fingers.
And this is her left hand.  Not nearly as "strong"... can you tell?  And the palmar arches.. think of them like mini trampolines in the palm of her hands.... there's a big difference there.  Much better tone in her right hand than her left.  This is where much of her function will come from.  We have WORK to do!
Thanks for putting up with this long saga!  We are still struggling a touch with this situation, but overall, we are very pleased with the results.  It certainly could've gone a totally different way!  We are blessed!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gabbi Girl's hand. And an almost campout.

So.  We were looking at one of our last visits to Little Rock.  I made sure I had the book ready to accompany Gabs.  It had a steady progression of the wound as documented by photo and my own drawings with dimensions, as I'd been measuring almost daily. 
I knew that because the doctor in Little Rock wasn't taking photos each week, that there was no way she could really recall what it had looked like the previous visit.  We were moving down to every other week at this point, as far as frequency was concerned. So, the doc must have thought we were doing pretty well managing the wound at home.
Because I added photos just about daily, this puppy was getting thick!

Gabbi was just about was upbeat and pleasant as she always is.
In fact, because she was such a good sport, I made her some of her own bragging ribbons to wear!
She thought these were the BOMB!
Can you see the pride on her face?

And can you see the shrinking right before your very eyes?
Gabbi Girl decided she would be sleeping outside on this particular summer night.
I thought she was just ACTING like she would do this, but nope... as that sun set, she just stayed put!
If you look closely, you can see her walking up the hill from down near the pond, where she went to collect sticks for her campfire.
Right about here, I am begging her to come inside.  And I am realizing she is very serious about this lodging situation.

Finally, I coerced her inside by building her a fire.  And it was late July!  NOT the time for a fire in Louisiana.
That worked!  She came in, we moved all of her bedding inside, and we enjoyed the fire, beneath the beautiful summer floral arrangements!  haha.
Okie dokie.  You have seen the last wound from Gabs!  Thanks for hanging in there.  She still has three broken bones in her hand, so there's still  that to consider.


Moving right along. More cokes. More healing. More dancing on the table!

Little Rock, here we come.  Again.
And look how this more ulnar (pinky) side of the wound is improving.
But when I say that wound covering is tough, I mean, like inpenetrable!!
and bless her little heart... she still have three fractures which still cannot be addressed at all.
and there are hardly ever complaints.
Just sweet smiles.  She is a one-of-a-kind kid, for sure.
Look closely.  Look at that last one, where the pink is running up into more of a peak into the wound bed, meaning the margins are getting closer in the middle of the wound.  Also, far right, more slough (softer tissue), and more thickening of the edges as scarring is continuing to progress.
Three more names of my MMPT people.  Random, I know.  But these pics are naturally in my phone in order, so I share them for your enjoyment!

Whoa!  Look at that left side!  I see space for healing!  Do you?!
And FINALLY.  We are having some breakdown of the hard, tough, eggshell-like covering to the wound.  I knew we were well on our way now!

And apparently Gabbi Girl agreed.
If you think, Melanie, you are ASKING for it, sister.  Just flip on through to the end!  Cause we are gonna LIVE until we DIE at this house.
Gabbi Girl was FEELIN' the music.  And she was putting on a good show.
Complete with hair whips.

And finally, down to her knees in an emotionally charged finale!

Wound decreasing. (Note top to bottom size)

Swelling down!

And as the far right starts to heal and come together, it is becoming pretty apparent that we are going to have a pretty significant scar when this is all said and done.
One more blog post on wound... then all celebratory posts!