Monday, September 1, 2014

Take a chance. IT'S RETREAT TIME!

With that said, I am diligently working on my program for my upcoming retreat in October.  It'll be the first weekend of October, so I'll be skipping the family Canton trip this year,.  (Sorry, Cherry!).
Because I have spent the past few months organizing the material I have learned from John Maxwell, as well as really put my mind on how to better understand and use my personal strengths, I think there will be a focus of these things at this retreat.

 I have a staff of about 50 at MMPT.  I love to hear people there explaining why they are going to need to delegate something to someone else, because it is not in their strength zone.  And believe me, it is not "excusey".  It is seriously because when one is working in their are a of giftedness, they are energized.  Brian, at my office, is a "learner"/ "Input".  He LOVES to find information and categorize it, then disseminate it to the appropriate people.  I am "Communication/ "maximizer".  So, I like to take all those mounds of information, make them even better, with pictures or art projects, or put it all in a cute binder with a custom sticker on the front, then teach it to people.  So, he and I pair up for our leadership meetings on Thursday mornings.  Because we have learned to use our gifts, neither of us feels fatigued by our input to the process.  I would be DRAINED if I had to look all the information up.  And he would present it just as he found it on the internet, vs "cutifying" it or adding a ton of real-life examples to the material.  I am also the one who can very naturally stand in front of the group and present the material.

I have the opportunity to work with two businesses in September who I'll be presenting this strengths information to!  I have also worked with one of my blog readers, who was in the midst of a  career change, to find and work her strengths to put her in a position for a totally new venture and a potentially big, big payoff.

So, two things...
One:  I am having my next art retreat October 3-5.  I am going to do it a little differently this year.  I can house about 10 people.  I am opening up my home to the first 10 who are interested.  The cost to stay with me and likely have breakfast made for us be Todd the Bod will be $250.  This is the cost for room and board.  I have some great friends who will make sure we are heavy in the snack department, and I'm sure the art room in my home will be booming every night after the event at my studio.  I'll have a few surprises set up for those who choose to stay at my hacienda. Little projects for those who do choose to stay with me.  I tried to be fair, since, clearly if someone is coming from out of town, they have to have a place to stay anyway!  This way, there's a little perk!  (Plus you get to meet Lizzie and Twilight Sparkles!  ha)  I will have projects planned which we will do primarily at the MoJoy Studio, but we might come back to the homestead for a project or two over the weekend.  We WILL be infusing the weekend with some personal growth activities, as self-awareness is a beautiful thing.  DOn't think you will be put on the spot to share!  I do most of the talking/ teaching/ sharing, but if you are a "Communication/ woo", feel free to dive on in!  (JENNIFER P!)   We'll be going out to eat together at a local restaurant for both Friday and Saturday nights, ( unless we choose to order in!) and we'll order lunch as a group for lunch on Saturday.  Check in will be later afternoon Friday and we'll dismiss the crew on Sunday noonish.

The cost of the actual retreat is $200.  This will be to cover the cost of the materials.  If you are LOCAL and want to join in on the fun but prefer to stay at your own house, the cost of the retreat will be $200 total.  If needing a place to stay, add the $250 to the total.  We'll be painting, journaling, making jewelry, inspiring each other, and laughing our heads off!  So, contact your bestie, and plan to join us for the weekend retreat.  I KNOW it will be something you won't forget for a long, long time.

So, if you've ever thought you'd really like to do a MoJoy Art Retreat and haven't pulled the trigger... this is it!  I really want to have a big group.  It's funner that way.  We might even partner up and have some team projects!  Contact me at to get on the list.

As for Number Two:  Well... that is a project I am working on to do some life coaching over the phone.  I want to give people the opportunity to experience growth, and having a "facilitator" can really amplify that process.  I would like for you to also take your strengths test prior to the call, as I think that is very telling and very helpful when coaching a client.  If you are interested, contact me at  for more details.  If you are finding yourself stuck in relationships, financially, in health, not reaching out to friends and family, spiritually, whatever.... I think I can help you.  Dottie, if you are reading this, I'd love for you to reply with a testimonial.

So that's it.  I have two things brewing.  And I am fired up about both of them!!

I want to have a full retreat roster this year!  COME ON!!  I know you want to!!  What are you waiting for?!  This is the year you do something for yourself!  And you have four weeks to get it planned and in action!

I'm fired up.  Hope you are too.  Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small changes make big results.

I have slacked a little this week.  Dangit!!  I meant to do a quote a day.  I'll make it up to you, I promise!  And as you can see, I just screen shot these suckers when I happen to be perusing Pinterest.

I like this one.  I like it a lot.  So many people think that change has to be totally radical.  (I know I sort of think that way about diet and health, admittedly!)  But, really, if you want to see a shift in your life, just start small.  I am doing some personal coaching now, and I have tried to show people that if you will spend more time looking at the good things and a little less time even giving energy toward the "other" things, your life will begin an upward climb.  I remember years ago, I decided to really look at who I was hanging out with.  John Maxwell's Law of Environment says I am the average of the five people with whom I spend most of my time.  Who was that and what was it saying about me?!  I needed to make sure that the quality of folks I was hanging with was in alignment with the quality of life I wanted to have.  I started adding some good people to my pile!

I also absolutely love in his book, Today Matters, that John teaches that THINKING is one of 12 things that he feels can be added daily to totally change your life.  I was not setting aside quality thinking time.  I dedicated a chair in my cottage to just that.  I also now have one in my MoJoy studio.  I am toting around a little notebook almost all the time now to capture my thoughts, as I have found that I don't give myself quite the credit I deserve when it comes to good ideas and thoughts.  I also keep a file on my phone for capturing ideas and not letting them just slip through my fingers.  I am also becoming a better thinker by using my time in the car more wisely.  I have some podcasts and CDs by some of my favorite thinkers that have become my go-to audio in my car.  So becoming a conscious and more consistent thinker is another thing that is good that I am adding to my pile.

What good things are you adding to your pile right now?!  Please share.  I'd love to know.  How is your pile of good things growing?!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Outside my comfort zone!

 Tonight's saying....

 And I LOVE it!!  I have really been stepping out of mine lately!!  I was listening to my "thinking hero", Paul Martinelli, talk about the way you can tell if you are outside your comfort zone... and know what that is?  It is that you will be failing.  You WILL be experiencing failure!  As long as you are not only ASPIRING to be, do and have more, but are actually GOING FOR IT, you will find there are situations in which you will not succeed.  But that failure can actually become a success if you take the lesson learned and use it for growth.

A few areas in which I am taking a big ol step out of my comfort zone.... I will start a mastermind group on September 9 which will meet every Tuesday morning at 9:00, last for one and a half hours, and will go one for about 6 weeks.  I was originally going to hold it for 10 weeks, but I think I am going to try my first one over a shorter period of time.  If you are local, get in touch with me if you think you'd like to be a part of a mastermind group.  

I have accepted two new speaking engagements.  One will be a 1/2 day workshop for an energy company.  And one will be a two hour inspirational gig to fire up some employees to maximize an upcoming busy season! In both cases, I'll be discussing company culture, helping establish values, look at employees' strengths, and help establish a positive mindset for all involved.

I am also doing some personal life coaching, which I didn't know how I'd like, but I am LOVING IT! It is so rewarding to help someone figure out their own answers, which are always found within, by asking good questions.  As it turns out, I just really, really LOVE people.  I doubt that's any new news to any of you Mojoy regulars, though.

Last thing... I am getting geared up for my upcoming fall retreat.  I am definitely planning to have some personal retreat info included with the art projects.  I am also thinking of opening it up for a much larger crew.  If you are out of towners, my home will be available for you to stay in.  If you are local, there will be a cheaper option if you choose to just partake in the activities of the days!  It will be the first weekend of October.  (Yes, Cherry, that means I am out on the Canton trip... but I do not have another available weekend!!)  If you are interested in being a part of the retreat, send me an email.  I'll keep your contact, so I can send you more details as they arise to help you make up your mind.

That all being said.... let's remember, I am a physical therapist!  So, any of this coaching, speaking, training... well that is ALL new to me.  And very exciting!  But outside of my comfort zone, nonetheless.  Are you doing anything to expand YOUR horizons?!  If not, get on it!!  If so, drop me a line and tell me about it!!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thoughts vs Contemplation. (Mo is shifting into a higher gear tonight!)

So, one of my favorite "thinkers" is Paul Marinelli.  I just love the way he thinks!  And I find that the more I listen to him, his teachings, his live calls, the more I start to think like him.  It's amazing how growth occurs when we just attune our minds and hearts to let it occur.  

I just loaded some of the gazillion quotes that were on my phone for this blog.  This one, well, this one reminds me of something Paul has taught me.  We all have ideas.  And they come to us from God.  Where else would an idea come from?!  He is the ultimate creator, after all. 
So we get this inspired idea.  In the above quote that idea is a person.  Someone you feel an inclination to be particularly compassionate toward.  Hasn't it happened to you?  I've even picked someone up to give them a ride.  That's not common, but when I have the "idea" it is ok, I do it. The word Inspired comes from the words, "In spirit".  And so when the spirit of God moves through us,  we can ignore the idea and let it move right on past us and onto someone else, who will also have the option of acting on it or letting it continue on to the next person, and so on.  OR... we can act on it.  We can make it physical by manifesting it into writing on paper, expressing it aloud in our speech or actually beginning the process of making it a reality.

If you get the inkling tomorrow or this week that someone has been placed on your heart or in your mind and you should do something to make a difference in that person's life, you should act on it!  And just feel how your energy increases.  You are living the life you are called to lead.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another quote.  I think we'll just make it a quote week.  Whatcha think?  And please tell me how you interpret the quotes.  We are all inspired differently.

During one of Paul's recent teachings, he talked about the difference between a thought and contemplation.  A thought is finite.  It has a beginning and an end. You let it whip through your mind, and it is gone, and you are onto the next thought.  For instance, you read the quote below and say, "ooh, I like that."  and you're done with it.

Contemplation means you dissect it.  You take each line and let it resonate in your mind.  And you let one thought lead to the next.  You stay with it for awhile. For instance, when I reread the quote, I realized I had totally missed the last line.  "Somebody needs what you have."  There's quite a bit of depth in just THAT!  What is it that makes you unique?  What can you give that noone else is uniquely gifted to provide?  And who comes to mind who needs you in their life?  Love is the most powerful emotion there is.  Let it flow through you this week.

Give me some of your examples as they present themselves!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last night at the beach

So, I knew I'd be going to the John Maxwell event, and I had told my kiddos that I'd take them with me to Orlando.  As the time got closer, I realized that the undertaking of kids on this trip, where I was supposed to really be networking, thinking and expanding my mind, would be pretty arduous!  And so...
The second to last weekend of the summer, we packed up and hit the road.  I made it up to them by taking them to the beach for a last hurrah!
And of course, I let them take their bestie, Madi, for 24 hour entertainment!
I also asked my friend, Suzy, to go with me, as well as a fairly new friend, Stephanie.
We hit all the fave hangouts, like here, at Tacky Jacks.  It' a dive.  And it is awesome!
I picked out shirts for my nephews, of course, having to take pics and send them to them for their approval.

And for whatever reason, these also reminded me of a college dude.  Did y'all know that Hunter is in college?  Yep!  He is getting some sort of degree in chemical something or another.  It's an associates degree, but he can get a really good job at a local plant, and this still allows him time to hunt and fish, which is what he really, really loves to do!
For the record, both he and Hayden are working at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy these days.
The above, if you can play it, is some sort of story telling situation, with Gabbi holding a stick.
And the above?!  Well... that is me with some seriously cray cray hair!!  And Stephanie had never seen my party trick.  I had to show her.
Suzy had two boys, so I am not sure she knew how to act with all these girlies all over the place.
Especially, when they are all hyped up on smoothies!!
This is quite a different scene than earlier in the summer.  I LOVE when the season starts to slow down and the pools are sparse, and things are just sort of chill.
Somehow or another I am going to have to get Todd the Bod to take me back there in the fall.  When we can just sip coffee on the balcony, swing on the boardwalk swing in the evening, and go out for a little walk on the beach in the evening.  (Am I 85?!)  My how things change as we get older!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

John Maxwell event. Yep. MORE!

Remember my telling you that there were people from all over the world at this event?!  Well, this is Tosin.  I think she was from Lagos, or Logos?!   Or maybe I have her mixed up with where someone else was from.  I'm just being honest here.
And this is Scott Fay.  He is a member of the teaching team.  His family and John's families have been friends for a long time.
This is when John had us watch the movie, Braveheart.  It was so explicitly leadership at its finest.  I LOVE when we do this as a group.  Makes you really think deeply about something that perhaps you wouldn't have contemplated as deeply without the group in the room.

Would you believe there was a popcorn popper and there was all sorts of boxes of movie candy on the tables?  I thought the touch was priceless!!  In fact, I intend to watch this same movie Friday night with my team.  Any of my crew who wants to come over, I am inviting to watch on the big screen, and then discuss as we did in Orlando.
We've kinda gotten nerdy!  When we get together on the weekends, our conversations sort of migrate toward leadership and personal growth.  Nothing like getting together for a few beers and some self awareness!  I LOVE it!

This is the book table, at which I spent a fortune!
John signed as many books as you could carry to him, and even personalized each one.  So, I had a lot of folks I wanted to have a book from him!

I'll be starting my first Mastermind Group on September 9th in West Monroe.  I intend to have about 10 people in the group, and I want it to be growth oriented people.  We will be doing a study of the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  And I will lead and facilitate the discussion.

I invite anyone who is reading this, and is local to call and inquire about the class.  I almost want to offer a money back guarantee to anyone who does not feel they get their money's worth!!  It will be 10 weeks, and we will meet each Tuesday morning for an hour and a half.
I'm looking for folks who are entrepreneurial at heart, desiring to learn more about servant leadership and how to build influence, and how to generally improve the culture of the business they currently lead or are a part of.

This is one of the day's agendas while I was at the live event.  Now THAT is a full day!!
This is John signing books.  He did this for over an hour
And he did this back to back days.
He is also signing 15,000 of his newest book coming out in October, called, "Good Leaders ask Great Questions". The first opportunity to own this book will be at our L2 Simulcast being hosted in West Monroe.  If you are interested, go check out our FB page, L2 Simulcast Northeast Louisiana.  On there, there will be eventually, details of the event, and if you order your ticket before September 15, you can save $20.
The first time I ever heard John Maxwell speak was at a church, on a jumbotron, while he was leading and speaking at a Live Simulcast.  And the rest is history.  I was a F.A.N.!
See all those books up there? !  Yeah, those are mine!  Well, technically, they belong to my leadership team at MMPT, and they are all signed by JM!
When I got to day two of the event, I realized I was supposed to have a five minute speech prepared to share with my table.  WEllllll, I didn't have one!!  AND.. you were pretty much supposed to have it memorized and all that jazz.  I didn't even have one written!  I decided to start my speech, "I LIVE IN HIGH FAVOR!"  I told the story of Jake and getting my girls, and all things working together for the good.... and I ended it with, "see?  I LIVE IN HIGH FAVOR!"

And to further prove i believe that.... there were about 800 people at this event.  We had assigned seating.  And would you just look up there at where my seat was!!  I was front row JOE!  As the speakers spoke, they scanned the room and made direct eye contact with me.  What can I say?  "And he will direct your path"!  He directed mine right up to that front row, yo!
There it was.  Confirmation.
See how cool.... this one is for Suzy's son, Kirk, who was recently engaged.  This is a wedding gift for him.  Becoming a Person of Influence can be in a career or in a marriage!!  I hope he likes it.
This is "uncle Ralph".  He was my neighbor at my table, and is from Maryland. He preached for a long, long time, but is now called to speak and coach.
I'll never get all these names right, but I know that none of them are from America, originally.  They all still live abroad, other then the third one from the left.  She is now in North Carolina.
And wouldn't you know that God put me at the table with this guy!  His name is Orange.  He was just in the Phillipines where he fell head over heels in love with a little baby at an orphanage.  He signed the paperwork and will soon be dad to Jacob!  He was admitting to us that he would have NEVER believed that adoption was the course for him.  BUT, when he saw Jacob, he just knew.
I was able to tell him all about some hurdles and mainly ALLLLLLL the blessings that come with being an adoptive parent.  It was a good match for sure.
Ya know, nothing happens as a coincidence, so I knew I was meant to be at the table with these very people!  Lola on the left was just a big ol ball of positive energy!!  We had a great group.  I already can't wait for next year!!  Thanks for indulging me with yet another post on the JMT live event!!  I think I am officially out of pictures now, so... well... we'll just have to see what comes next!!


Friday, August 15, 2014

More of my John Maxwell weekend!

I am going to let you all in on a little more of the JMT action!  It is very important to Paul Martinelli, the JMT pres that the ENERGY of the room is high and inviting.  Soooo... this is how the alumni of the team welcome the newbies. 
 Everyone is assigned a table when they arrive, with the number stuck on their nametag.  There are eight people at each table, and the alumni are the ones responsible for finding those who are trying to find their tables.  Thus, the waving of the numbers in the air.
 I am not sure why I took so many selfies, but here's another one.  Ha.
 Another privilege of mentorship was to walk out between sessions and to be TOTALLY shocked to see these banners in the foyer of the convention area.
 Seriously.  I was shocked!

 There were several hundred returning JMT members, and each one of us were asked to submit a photo and a quote, however we were not told why we needed to send it.
 I took some pics of a few of the quotes submitted by other members.

 I didn't meet Brian, but thought it was cool that he was a Massey.  Even cooler was that this was his quote, "Where there is no vision, the people will perish.  Prov. 29:18" .  I like that one a lot.
 ANd this guy was one of my favorite dudes at the event.  I actually endeavored to meet him, remembering his very inspiring speech from last year, and would you believe he was the very first person I ran into when I went down to registration.  I  am quite certain that was not a coincidence.  His quote says, "Greatness cannot be locked up!".  True dat!
 To try and give you an idea of the magnitude of the foyer area, here is a long view.
 And then, we all gathered again to listen to the wisdom of 60 years or so of ministry and learning.
 If you follow me on Facebook, you know that these were my two table numbers that day.  I LOVE that they were both 11's.  I was so affirmed of my need to be there that weekend.
 Need a little more inspiration?!

 SO think about it... you are asked to submit one quote... what would it be?!  REALLY... I want to know.  Leave me a message in comments so I can know what resonates with you.  I like, "I live in HIGH FAVOR" too!
 Every time Todd would send me a photo of himself in Wisconsin, I'd reciprocate with one of me in Orlando.  Maybe it's our love language?!  Selfie talk!

 The mentors were invited to come in bright and early Saturday morning to get a behind the scenes view of the set up and strategy behind the event.  Those flags were ironed at 2:30 am when the event coordinator saw that they were wrinkly when she went down at 1:30 am to check the room. They epitomize attention to detail at this event.  One of John Maxwell's five strengths is "maximizer" (as is mine, just sayin!), which basically means he likes things to be excellent.  Par is GREAT!  He likes to take things that are good and make them GREAT!  So. At his event, details are everything!  And I can so appreciate that way of thinking!
Below is our mentorship team, circling the area we would be in for the next three days to pray over and around it.  This was inspired by the book The Circle Maker.

 And then Paul took the stage, and things got HOPPIN'!  He is a barrel of energy.  I hope people think that about me!  It is so inspiring and contagious.
 And this is my buddy, Amy, who was my fellow alumnus at Table 65.  She runs a PBS station in Charlotte, North Carolina and has won SIX Emmys.  So, how bout them apples?!  It was really fun getting to know people who were strangers, but who are now friends, from all over the world.  And particularly because these were like-minded people, there to learn and grow and go out excited and fired up and ready to change the world.
You might think I exaggerate.  But, trust me... there wasn't a person in that room who is now not thinking that transformation is necessary and can only occur one person/ relationship at a time, and it is our/ MY responsibility to get it started!  Can you tell I LOVED the weekend?!

So... what would your one quote be?!  Get in the game!