Friday, August 15, 2014

More of my John Maxwell weekend!

I am going to let you all in on a little more of the JMT action!  It is very important to Paul Martinelli, the JMT pres that the ENERGY of the room is high and inviting.  Soooo... this is how the alumni of the team welcome the newbies. 
 Everyone is assigned a table when they arrive, with the number stuck on their nametag.  There are eight people at each table, and the alumni are the ones responsible for finding those who are trying to find their tables.  Thus, the waving of the numbers in the air.
 I am not sure why I took so many selfies, but here's another one.  Ha.
 Another privilege of mentorship was to walk out between sessions and to be TOTALLY shocked to see these banners in the foyer of the convention area.
 Seriously.  I was shocked!

 There were several hundred returning JMT members, and each one of us were asked to submit a photo and a quote, however we were not told why we needed to send it.
 I took some pics of a few of the quotes submitted by other members.

 I didn't meet Brian, but thought it was cool that he was a Massey.  Even cooler was that this was his quote, "Where there is no vision, the people will perish.  Prov. 29:18" .  I like that one a lot.
 ANd this guy was one of my favorite dudes at the event.  I actually endeavored to meet him, remembering his very inspiring speech from last year, and would you believe he was the very first person I ran into when I went down to registration.  I  am quite certain that was not a coincidence.  His quote says, "Greatness cannot be locked up!".  True dat!
 To try and give you an idea of the magnitude of the foyer area, here is a long view.
 And then, we all gathered again to listen to the wisdom of 60 years or so of ministry and learning.
 If you follow me on Facebook, you know that these were my two table numbers that day.  I LOVE that they were both 11's.  I was so affirmed of my need to be there that weekend.
 Need a little more inspiration?!

 SO think about it... you are asked to submit one quote... what would it be?!  REALLY... I want to know.  Leave me a message in comments so I can know what resonates with you.  I like, "I live in HIGH FAVOR" too!
 Every time Todd would send me a photo of himself in Wisconsin, I'd reciprocate with one of me in Orlando.  Maybe it's our love language?!  Selfie talk!

 The mentors were invited to come in bright and early Saturday morning to get a behind the scenes view of the set up and strategy behind the event.  Those flags were ironed at 2:30 am when the event coordinator saw that they were wrinkly when she went down at 1:30 am to check the room. They epitomize attention to detail at this event.  One of John Maxwell's five strengths is "maximizer" (as is mine, just sayin!), which basically means he likes things to be excellent.  Par is GREAT!  He likes to take things that are good and make them GREAT!  So. At his event, details are everything!  And I can so appreciate that way of thinking!
Below is our mentorship team, circling the area we would be in for the next three days to pray over and around it.  This was inspired by the book The Circle Maker.

 And then Paul took the stage, and things got HOPPIN'!  He is a barrel of energy.  I hope people think that about me!  It is so inspiring and contagious.
 And this is my buddy, Amy, who was my fellow alumnus at Table 65.  She runs a PBS station in Charlotte, North Carolina and has won SIX Emmys.  So, how bout them apples?!  It was really fun getting to know people who were strangers, but who are now friends, from all over the world.  And particularly because these were like-minded people, there to learn and grow and go out excited and fired up and ready to change the world.
You might think I exaggerate.  But, trust me... there wasn't a person in that room who is now not thinking that transformation is necessary and can only occur one person/ relationship at a time, and it is our/ MY responsibility to get it started!  Can you tell I LOVED the weekend?!

So... what would your one quote be?!  Get in the game!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

The John Maxwell Event. Year three

 The first decision... what to wear!  Don't YOU pack like this?  I have to lay out the outfit, find the right jewelry, match up the shoes, and then fold it all up nicely into a humongous suitcase.

I kissed my babies, and hit the road, heading for the airport.
 My girl, Mary Allison, had my travel materials all tucked away and organized in this envelope.  She got extra points for using Washi tape!
 Oh... this was our last big event we did together.  We got our nails did!
 Ellie has been wanting me to get a mani for a while now.  I just don't really do the fingernail thing!!  I mean, I rarely have them long enough to do anything with them anyway.  But on this day, I actually DID have sort of decent length nails.  And Ellie was INSISTING that I have a french manicure done.
 That kid is a trip!  That she even knows or better yet, CARES that I get my nails done in french style, cracks me up.
 Little Gabbi Girl just likes sitting beside me.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing.  Or what color I paint them.  Or if I paint them at all!
 Back to the story though... this is what I downloaded for my in the air listening material.  It was pretty great.  Well, the first 8 chapters anyway.  I didn't finish it, and who knows if I ever will.  I am HORRIBLE about finishing things!!  I mean, like BAD!
 And I knew I had a sweet angel looking over me and letting me know that I was on the RIGHT track!
 Once at the hotel, I ordered this cheese tray.  It was delivered via room service.  I seriously LOVE little snacky trays like this! This one had great cheese, olives, sugary cashews, and some sort of crispy toast. My favorite is to put little thingies together.  Like, at home, I LOVE a cheese and meat tray.
 When I went downstairs to get my badge and table number, I was not so surprised to see that I was at table 65.  (6+5=11!!)  Yep.  once again, I was affirmed.  (And check out those french nails... just sayin!)
 This day was called Think Tank.  And it was FULL of good thinking!!  Like, really, really full!!  I got to choose three speakers from whom I'd like to learn.  I first chose Melissa West.  She talked about the 6 needs all humans have and how they drive our behavior.

I've been coaching some people, individually, and have really enjoyed helping them find the answers within themselves!  Learning more about the 6 needs is going to be helpful in working with people when I'm coaching them.  Very glad I went to this class.

 Next, we got to spend several hours with John Maxwell himself!
 I meet so many friends while I am at this training!!  This is Demi.  She was really struggling with what to call her next phase of growth and speeches, and what not.  Would you believe, it "came" to me while I was talking to her, and she is now exiting her "mommy season" and entering her "modeling season".  Cause isnt' that really what all of us moms to young children want to do is MODEL what we'd like to see them become.  And MODEL the values and high character we hope they'll strive for in their teen years and adulthood.
 Speaking of coaching... I was paired with this young gent, through the John Maxwell Team.  I had been talking to him on the phone, as he is from Indiana.  He and I were randomly chosen to work together.  It was cool to meet him in person.
 I sent this selfie to Todd when he sent me his own selfie while on the golf course in Wisconsin.  I haven't been on that Wisconsin golf trip in several years, and I miss it bad!
 Oh.  One of my most favorite JMTeam memnbers is Paul Martinelli.  Each of the teachers has his or her own "lane".  Paul's is about mindset.  About not letting old paradigms from thing that happened in your past affect what is happening now or what you are expecting to happen in the future.  To me, it is so much about the Law of Attraction.  He really talks a lot about energy, be it positive or negative, and how it is never destroyed but only transmuted or changed.  So... with that being said, I don't need to leak or waste energy on things, situations, people, events that would drain my energy.  I need to only focus my attention and time on those things that increase the amplitude of vibration, thus improve my focus toward said event, person, condition.  (Ok.  I sort of did that on purpose.  But this is REALLY how Paul talks ALL the time, and quite frankly, I LOVE IT!)

 I think it has to do with my neuro background in the PT clinic and working with so many pain patients for so many years and knowing that there is definitely a difference in people's level of awareness in general from the moment I meet them.  I have always LOVED the challenge of helping them get to the next level, for healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I found out that Paul used to live in Pittsburgh at this address.  And so, I made this for him.
 Note I used a Pennsylvania map in the background and put the heart around his hometown, Pittsburgh.  He had humble beginnings to say the least.  But now.... he lives on Jupiter Island, in Florida, right on the Atlantic Ocean in a very exclusive setting.  I painted this on the back of the canvas.  Sort of one of those, "You've come a long way baby" kind of things.  I am proud of him.  And I know he is proud of himself.  He rose against HUGE odds and is now the PRESIDENT of the John Maxwell Team.
 Well, would you lookie there.... it's back!!  My spirtual mojo.
 And later in the evening, John reemerged to sign books and to speak a little to us about the next day's agenda.
 How cute is John in that little over the shoulder purple sweater?!

 I wish my Poppa was alive to go to this with me.  He was the first one to teach me about leadership and how to lead with love.  That people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.  And isn't that just SO true?!
 So, thus begins a new phase in my life.   I am now coaching people individually (and I can coach through a phonecall also... I have helped one of my bloggers get a new business model going).   I can do business training.  My favorite subject areas are defining a culture, improving customer service, building better teams/ teamwork, how to get the best out of your employees, and my favorite maybe, using your strengths!!  I am planning a half day workshop for October, and if any of you guys are interested in a Mastermind Group, I'll be starting one up the first Friday of September.  You DO have to be local for this one.  And I can only take about 12 folks.  It will be a great personal growth journey with like-minded people who will help you make hard decisions, better lead your peers and teams (even families), and make commitments to start living intentionally toward your highest self and your life's calling.  If you are interested in being in that group, email me for more information.

 Here's the whole teaching team... John, Paul Martinelli (mindset), Scott Fay (the Maxwell culture), Melissa West (masterminding), Christian Simpson (coaching), Roddy Galbreath (Speaking), and Ed Decosta (Sales and marketing).
 This was the end of night number one.  There was so much content over the 4 days I was there that I literally felt like I was there over a week!
 But wait til you see how long Sunday was!!  It was a MARATHON day.  But when you are in such a rich learning environment, you don't want to go back to the room, like, EVER!
 Here I am with Paul, one of my mentors with his new painting.
I'll be attending his conference in Atlanta in September, called Turning Point.  I am so looking forward to it.  His thoughts are so deep, though, that I seriously have to hang on every word to "get it".
I like it like that!

So, hopefully, I will inspire you as I sort of take a little divergence into a new and exciting time in my life and career. If I can help you or your business, I'd love to.  I can give your more details should you be interested.  Just email me at

Oh, no way!!  I  am not even sort of finished with all of these JM pics!!  Sit back and grab some popcorn!  More coming soon!!