Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I am BACK with my Random loveliness.

So it has been a little while since I blogged.  Like THREE MONTHS!!  I think that is the longest I have gone since I started a blog, nearly 11 years ago!  And I am hoping that it A) is like riding a bike, and B) people will pick up on it right where they left off.  So, with that, friends, here we go!

I have been doing some really different stuff in the past few years.  I have really kicked into high gear this year though!!  I have started a division of MoJoy called MOCO.  It is a company that seeks to help both businesses and individuals reach their highest potential.  We are currently running Mastermind groups 4 days a week.  These are groups which consist of business leaders, MMPT staff members, stay at home moms, beauticians, and chairmen of boards!  We have all walks included.  And I LOVE it!  

 We are also working with businesses to help them learn to place their employees in their "sweet spots" so they are using their strengths to contribute tot he team in the way that most energizes them and adds value to the group. This has been so rewarding!  I have done this with small businesses of only 5-6 employees, entire school boards, a principal and all the staff in her school, and right now, I am on year two with a multi-billion dollar company!  Everyone can benefit from learning what they and their teammates do well, then doing it!

 Ok.  Enough about me.  Let me show a few pics of the past month or so.
My phone died today, and instead of mully grubbing about it, and focusing on the (probably thousands) of pictures I lost, as well as all my contacts, emails, notes (which had every idea I've had in the past two years in it).... I will just look at the pictures I DID have a chance to download and be happy I have them!

First up... a life celebration service for a sweet boy I treated for several years in PT.  Josh was a great kid.  He came from an awesome family,who has three other children, and who has a a strong belief in Jesus.  With that, we all know we will see that awesome kid again... and he will be fully healed physically, able to run and play!
 A picture from a "special day" with my big girl!  Can you believe how "big" she is getting?  She's so pretty.

 I am thoroughly enjoying the daffodils peeking up this spring.  In fact, we have almost seen our azaleas come and go, as well.  I love the spring flowers, but it's like you blink and they are gone!
 I am getting ready for my annual spring art retreat.  I have a BIG crew coming in from all over the country!  And many of these ladies will have so much to offer, that I just KNOW that this will be my best one yet.  Soooo.... I decided to start some heavy duty cleaning out of my art room.
 Ohhh... these Groves Girls are back in softball this year.
 I said, "Softball"!  Not tee ball!  Yep.  My girls are sho nuff growing up!

 For you who are on the struggle bus with me...
 For you, I offer you this token of my affection...
You're welcome.

And like that... I am BACK!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Being aware.

Well, it is 4:20 am.  I just awoke to a horrible dream.  Someone died.  Isn't that the worst kind of dream of all.  I awoke because of the emotion I was feeling when I was told in my dream.  I collapsed to my knees. 
It is very unusual for me to actually recall a dream.  I have to be extremely intentional if I am going to remember one.  This one.  Well, this one just happened!

 I am aware that this is normally a very upbeat blog.  And I am naturally a very upbeat person.  Still am, in fact.
 For some reason, I just felt compelled to come to my blog, which I have neglected for some time now to just write it down.  And I found these pictures in my photo log.  I took these while riding down the interstate.  I know. I know.  Not safe.  But, I had to capture this.  Some may see this is nothing more than a naturally occurring sun coming through the clouds, blah blah blah.

But when I see streaks through the sky, just like when I see the 11's.  I know that there is someone on the other side sending me a message.  It is usually a message of encouragement that I am on the right path.  Sometimes I just sense it as a "hello" and "I am still here" message.

We, after all, are spiritual beings, gifted with an intellect, and simply living in a physical body.  Our highest being is through spirit  So, when the physical falls away, we return to spirit.  If spirit is infinitely more present, aware, gifted, able, etc... surely, it can send me a message from time to time.

In the words of C.S.Eliot.
You don't have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.

Interesting for us to remember that.
 I hope you get a message today.  Move slowly enough and pay close enough attention so that you don't miss it.  Our intuition is an intellectual faculty, so it can be honed.  I have been working on mine.  You should too.  Don't hesitate on a hunch.  ACT!  Be aware of who is in your presence and what all had to occur to have you both in the same place in this huge universe at the same time.
Be grateful.  Even after that awful dream... I am infinitely grateful for all that has been and all that is yet to be.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 Questions for 2016

This is the week to dream big, and this is the week to ask yourself the hard questions. As John Maxwell says, "you only get answers to the questions you ask". Questions give us deeper answers, more focus, better decision making, and a greater perspective. In addition to the personal mission statement email from last week, use these questions below to help with setting your goals for 2016! 

1. What matters now? This helps you make the best use of your time at each moment.
2. What totally makes you come alive? This helps keep your passion ignited. 
3. What opportunities could you do something about this week? This helps you keep your eyes open for turning ideas into results. 
4. How might you use your strengths in new ways? This helps you engage the creative parts of your self-awareness.
5. What areas of your life do you need to declutter? Getting organized in one aspect of life helps you build momentum for other areas. 
6. Whose negativity is rubbing off on you and damaging your health? Secondhand stress kills just as much as secondhand smoking so avoid negative people whenever possible. 
7. What do you want to learn next? There is always more to learn if we stay humble. 
8. Who needs your kindness today? Carve out time to serve others because the best goals involve people. 
9. How can you take better care of your finances this year? One year from now, you'll be glad you did.
10. What are you planning to do that's fun in 2016? Planning some recreational activities, especially if they're outside, is good for your soul.

Which question resonates with you the most? Post your comments on the MoJoy Facebook page and let's chat! 

Use your gifts!

Aka Mo

Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving lunch with my girlies.

As you well know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, my girls have a great network of grands!  And when something is going on in their lives, we have a bevy of supporters at the ready to come and "celebrate"!  This is Thanksgiving lunch at their school!  First up... Gabbi Girl.  

Gabbi's lunch was on a Wednesday this year which really helped as it was one day earlier and further away from a busy weekend!  In the photo below, we have from back left to Gabs... My dad, Pops, his wife, Nana, Gabbi's dad, Todd the Bod, the girls' surrogate grandmother, Kimie, My mom, JinJin, me, and the star of the show, Gabbi Lou. 
 Can you tell this child was a weeeeee bit proud to have all of us there?  Look at that smile!
 She, quite possibly, had the biggest gathering in that school cafeteria that day! And rightfully so.  She is a gem of a kid!
 Fast forward to Thursday.  Poor ol' Ellie!!  Pops forgot I think.  Nana had to work out of town, and Kimie was getting married the next day, so she was back at home doing preparation work. Sooooo... that left mom, dad and JinJin.  Grandad and DeeDee had to work both days this year, so they couldn't make either.  But... nevertheless, look at Miss Prissy's smile.  She was happy to have support.

I'll admit, it kills my soul to see some kids with none there to sit with them.  I'd say 90% or so of the kids have a parent or grandparent there.  So, those who don't sort of stick out like a sore thumb.  The "includer" in my wants every one of them to come and sit with us!  I did ask a few, but they'd already buddied up with another kid and family member, so all was right with the world.
 I am LOVING that TimeHop app.  Anybody else?  Here I whipped up a little assemblage of my girls from now through about 5 years ago.  All of these were taken on the same day in sequential years.  Look how my babies have grown!
 This is where the fun had to come to an end.  Gabbi was headed back to class.  A year ago, we would've just stayed and waited for Ellie to show up.  But now, we have an "upper grader" and a "lower grader", so that means TWO days of Thanksgiving school lunches for the Groves clan!

 She was so grateful for those who were able to make it.  Look at that cane in my mama's hand.  She is still struggling to get around a bit since her 2 month stint in ICU, but she parked and made the journey into the school for this right here...
 Here we are.  Turkey and dressing and all the trimmings.

 And here is my happy girl with her good buddies.
I am thankful for my girls and our family who celebrates the "little things"... which we all know are really the BIG things!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mojoy projects. Commissioned work.

Today is the day that I upload more pics to the computer from my phone.  I have mucho Christmas to share.  But, in the meanwhile, I'll post a little project I did in the fall.  When I got back from the JMT event in Orlando, I had more people asking me to make items for them for their offices and such, with some of the John Maxwell quotes on them. 
This particular commission was for Jack, whose daughter was soon to be married.  He wanted to give her something special on her big day.
The lyrics of this song are special to these two, and she was having a bright, colorful wedding.  (Sounds like a girl after my own heart!!)
I know this one shipped west, but can't really remember where.  So, hey Jack, if you are reading, I hope she loved it.
As is the usual case, here are a little random pics inserted here for reflection.  After Gabs was freed from her splint, she started having very odd discoloring of her left hand.  See?
It is much less significant these days.  One would think I would have had her in OT!  And YES, we STILL need to find the time to get her in OT!  See the strength in her right hand here?  Note how nice and strong her fingers open wide.
And here's lefty.  I am still seeing some remnants of scarring on the tendons of her hand.  Ok. Ok. I've gone and convinced myself.  We'll start therapy this week!!
I, personally, LOVE knowing about and trusting the law of attraction!!  This is something that only came into my awareness about 2-3 years ago.  And now, I see it playing a big role in my success and happiness, regularly.  Teaching other people about this law in 2016 is part of my purpose!  My Word of the Year is tied to this.   Be on the lookout for my word!  AND... I intend to have a two part seminar on how to find your word, if you are interested!!  Please comment below or on my Facebook inbox if you would like to be a part of this experience.  It will be my first teleconference, and you will be given a phone number to cal in and listen, and then to ask questions.  Whose game?!
Back in the fall when I had zinnias blooming.  Wanna hear something NUTS?  My girls are STILL wearing shorts, and I STILL have zinnias blooming!  YES.  For realz!

Back to the original story...
I had a guy up north ask me to make him a collection of quotes, painted in blues and greens to put in his office.
All of these are John Maxwell q

Do you have a favorite? !
I LOVE this one.  So many people in leadership positions THINK they are leaders.  BUT... if they look around, no one is following them!  And then, there's that person in the office who can suggest a place to eat for lunch, tell you how they plan to vote on an upcoming issue, or even suggest you do Secret Pals in the company, and EVERYONE gladly jumps onboard!  THAT is the leader.  Title or not.  They have influence with the group.  Ever thought of it?!  And yes, it CAN be learned!
I've had the great privilege of teaching leaders in companies in the last year about effective leadership and how to encourage stronger teams.  It was a good 2015!!
If this is something that you think your company might benefit from, email me at admin@mymojoy.com
I can't wait to see what all 2016 has in store.
Christmas pics coming soon.  I promise!!  (And my mama's story!  )


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Randomness. In a post. Art ideas. MMPT addition. I AM journal. Christmas ideas.

Sometimes I think these are my favorite kind of posts.  You see, I just sit down when I have time and load pics from my photos to the blog.  I load them in groups of 15 or so and then start a new one.  I put a title on it, so I can remember the general idea of the grouping.  When I have additional time to go back in and add words, I find a title that jazzes me and start typing.  Today, I was excited to see what I'd loaded in regards to ""randomness"!  

Let's take a journey together, shall we? 
So, this is an instagram screenshot of someone's design that I loved.  I have mentioned many times that I am a student of Gallup strengths and run my entire business by this model.  With that said, one of my top five strengths is Ideation.  That means that one thing can make me think of many more things!  That's where my "there's a bird" comes from. It is also why I think I enjoy a good random post as much as the next person! 
So. Again.  This  design, I thought was simple and cute and would be easy to turn into a fall canvas project for some classes at MoJOy. 
And I just really liked the entire meaning/ lesson behind this one.
And well... I suppose this one speaks for itself.
I never really order prints from persnickety prints.  Does anyone else out there?  I like to use Social Print Studio.  Riley told me about them, and I LOVE the quality of the prints I get from them.  I can order smaller prints too, so they work perfectly for my mini journals!
Loved this person's handwriting and wanted to see what pens someone else prefers when teaching lettering.  I think we need another lettering class soon, anyone else?!
This is the same person.  Look at all that swag that the participants get.  Hmmm... that's what I need.... a sponsor!!
I am always paying attention to something that I think would make a good art class for either my adults or kids.  I LOVE this wet on wet water color technique and then using a sharpie over that.  I think this might be in our next retreat.  Which, by the way, I am leaning toward being in either late March or April.  Have a preference?
I took a picture of these necklaces that were in the studio cause I thought they'd make cute Christmas gifts.
I never actually posted them, but now that I am seeing them, I DO think I need to post them to FB and get these puppies to loving homes!
See?  Cute, right?
Oh... I love both of these...I like the color blocks in analogous colors (if you've been to my art classes, you KNOW that term), and I also love the idea of doing a wire sculpture.  Hmmm... mental note.  Art retreat!
And THIS!!  Love the water color splotches.  I think they even look like they might've been made by popped bubbles.  Hmmm... Now THAT's a thought.  And then use a Sharpie over the background fun to create goals, etc.  Yep.  I like it.  Jennifer... or Lisa... y'all remind me of this when I am ready to get the itinerary together for MoJOy spring retreat 2016!
Cute logo.  Don't ya think?  And apparently I am in a multi-color swash background phase.
And lo and behold... I wrote this as an I AM statement back in that journal experience I was having from June-ish to late August.  Recall me talking about that in a previous post?!  Well... check this out.  I have been aligned with the John Maxwell team to create products for the big event in March of next year.  Yep.. You'll see some MoJoy script paired with some John Maxwell quotes, and you can say you were  the first to know!  First time I've let the cat out of the bag right here!  And I will have it available for purchase on my Mojoystudio.com website as well.  Whoop!!
Do you STILL think that we are not capable of manifesting the futures we desire?T  If not... maybe you need some one-on-one coaching!  Lots of high achievers got that way by asking a coach to work with them.  If you are interested, you can contact me via my personal email, mojoy@att.net

This article shows that successful companies need coaches too!
Ok.  back to art.  Remember, I am just going with the flow here.  Like one of those rappers who enter those free rap contests.  I just follow the lead of my pictures.  And I LOVE it!!

This would be an awesome kids' class.  But, if I am just being honest, I'd love to do it as an adult class too.  Anyone else out there agree?
And doodling!  yesssssss!!!
Whaaaaaaat?  Doodling in thin sharpie, with watercolor on top!?!  yesssireee!!
And a driftwood key holder.  I've added this to my beach retreat ideas!!  Maybe THIS will be the year we do that!!  I can only take five!  But we could add a little beach combing to our list of things to do!
I once bought, oh, like, 1000 buttons from a salvage center in the south called Hudson's.  It was one of my many impromptu purchases, but one that Todd and my family thought really took the cake.  They were covered in soot, as they'd been rescued from a business which had burned.  I had to clean every one of them.  And mom, if you are reading.... NOW you see.... only 20 years later, I have a need for them!!  THIS!!  This would be fun.  Either in an anchor, or a heart with wings, or a cross, or whatevs.
Glad these splint days are over.
Ok... yet another I AM journal entry.  I am praying that this is true for some of you who have attended.  And I am claiming it for those of you who are yet to come to your first one! I know there will be two this year.  Possibly three.
Lastly, we are FINALLY adding onto the MMPT adult practice in West Monroe.  It is FABULOUS!
I deserved this.  Anyone else have difficulty passing a Dairy Queen without getting a dipped cone?
A full parking lot is always a good sign.  I am grateful for these parents who those to bring their children to MMPT pediatrics in West Monroe.  I know they have a choice, and I am thankful that they chose us.  We pray for them, and always commit to giving them our very best!
There we have it... complete and total randomness.  Loved every minute of it.

Have a great weekend.