Friday, March 27, 2015

A lazy Sunday morning.

Part one of yesterday's blog post really should have started here!  It was Sunday morning, and we'd had a big, big Saturday.  It was the day of the company retreat, and old Mel just needed a little down time on Sunday.  Soooooo... we chilled around the house.  
Jessi's daughter, Kaitlyn, spent the night with us, and she and Gabs got up, grabbed some Tupperware, and made themselves some cereal.  (We're fancy like that!)
Oh.  I have a new set of cabinets at my office, and I think I want them this color.  But I am trying to decide if I want the stained over the paint look which gives it a touch of distress or....
just the solid green done in an oil base as to minimize scratches and paint chipping, etc.
I am going through a book study on the book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  It is being facilitated by my mentor, Paul Martinelli.  I find that I kill many birds with one stone when I paint my notes.  First, I am using a multi sensory approach to really learn the material.
(Sidenote:  when I clean my palettes in the art room, I save the old paint I pull out of the reservoirs, and then make things out of it!)
See?  One man's trash... you know... TREASURE!
Ok.  Back to the story.  I also love that I am slowly but surely developing a KILLER slide show of key phrases for when I teach this same material.
And I WILL be teaching this book someday.  It is life changing when applied.
(Hello.  Ellie and her friends DID go to church.  She stayed with Baylee, second from left. )
By 10ish on Sunday morning, I had this many "slides" painted.  They can also be turned into cards to use in journals that I almost always give to my class participants.  And not just any ol journals, mind you...
Naaaay.  I have fabric journals custom made for my class participants.  It's called OVER delivery, and I make it a goal every class!!
This first chapter that we studied was on Persistence.  We were instructed to read it 14 days straight.  If we miss a day, it is advised to go back and start over.  After all, THAT is persistence.  Can you see the dates on the right hand side of my book in the pic above?!  Well, that was on my 9th day of reading.  I missed my 10th.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!  So guess what!
I am motoring along with the group for studying the rest of the chapters, but I am going to need to linger here in persistence.  After all, it seems to be a tad bit difficult for me.  But, as the book explains, PERSISTENCE is a key to success.  And so, I persist!!
I'll be offering a class on this book this summer.  Has anyone ever read it?!  If so, leave me a comment with your thoughts.  I'd love to hear them.
Until tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Books a Million... and getting psyched for the retreat!!

So exciting!!  I had time to load up all kinds of pics today.  So, here we gooooo...

I was in Books a Million this past Sunday evening, and I walked past this display of top recommended personal growth books.!!  on the top row, I have 5 of the 7.  ON the second row, I have two.  ON the third row, I have 3 of 6.  You get the idea... I have a kickin' library.  I knew I did, but now I KNOW for SHO I do.  I have people who gift me books often, and I totally dig that, and then, I will buy a book if I hear something about it, or for some reason even get an urge that it is something that I need to invest my time in.  
Another thing I do in the bookstore that is sorta obsessive is take pics of ideas.  This is the cover of a magazine.  I NEED my house to look like this!!  Riley... you coming down early for the retreat?!  Can you work magic like THIS!?!?

Actually, I already have Hayden helping me get the beds ready with spring flowers.  I LOVE this time of year.
Hey... who can build this for me?  Anyone in West Monroe read my blog and think they can build this?  Give me a holla!!  I need this!!
This book looked like  a cover of a book I am going to write someday.  I am not sure what the book is going to be about, but i have a feeling it might have a whimsical cover like this.
And then I sent this book cover to a couple of guys in my office who I think will also write books someday, and this looked like one either of them could write.
I liked the look of this too.  And since I paint and doodle, maybe this is what mine will look like.

Just for kicks... anybody have an idea of what I'd need to write about?  Do you have a feeling of what I SHOULD write about.  I have tons of ideas.  Narrowing them down will be the hard part!
I don't have this one, but it has just made it to my "next to buy" list!
I went in with THIS!!  I had a huge basket full of things to work on and read.
But I STILL went and found magazines that inspired me and spent time dreaming.  I need some crates painted this color too... for whoever reads my blog and wants to build that wall bookshelf!!  AND these please.
Riley, I've been collecting these for ya.  We're gonna do the fresh flower thing the whole weekend!!  I'm figuring on your being the decorator at the retreat!!
I NEED these too!!  1121 to be exact.  These need to be in my front yard!
DUDE.  How gorgeous?  I just got my clothes arranged by color in my closet.  I can't imagine how great my world would be if I could organize my magazines in an ombre like this!!!
VOILA.  a better view.  TWO bags full!
I've never used this product that I saw in a magazine, but I think I need to buy some.  these would be GREAT in our journals!!  And I LOVE the flower petals cut out of old books!
Yeah.  This will also be a display at the retreat or in my art room.  I LOVE these twine-wrapped branches.

And what an EASY project.  I think I'm gonna do a class in the studio to make these.  I just NEED them!! I might do a pastel-y color for my girls' rooms, but I love the arrow motif.
And then, I settled in, with a caramel frappe, might I add, and looked at the "dreams" of my MMPT employees.  We'd had our annual company retreat the day before, and I asked them all to dream big.  Let me know what they'd LOVE to see in their work lives.  After all, how can I help them if I don't know what they really want?!  I got this many dream slips back.
I went through them one by one.  I really wanted to marinate with each one.  I love my staff.  I truly want to see them succeed.  I'm excited for their and our futures.
I had my girls with me the whole time.  They hung out in the kids' section, and would periodically, sit and read with me in the coffee area.

I just love an afternoon at the bookstore.  Don't you?!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sam's 50th birthday party!

DUDE!  When I look back at all the pics I have posted in preparation for blog posts, I cannot believe how BEHIND I am.  This post was when we all gathered to celebrate our friend, Sam's, 50th birthday!!  And that was in February!  WHOA!  I've got some blogging to do!

So, I had to be at an event earlier in the day, so I thought, no biggie, I'll just head right to the party and freshen up at my friend, Cindy's house.  Surely she'll have some basics.  She got a baggie of her make up out for me to use.  And THIS is the blush brush she actually uses.  Let me tell you... this thing felt like it was made of horse hair!!  Hard, and permanently in this shape!! 
These were my options for blush.  CINDY!  Come on now.
So, then I think I'll just put on a little lip gloss.  THIS is what I had for that!  And I have it totally wound up to the top.  CINDY!!
I mean, I am feeling for the girl!!  I KNOW what I am going to be getting her for her birthday!!
Meanwhile, downstairs...
Did I mention we are a really classy bunch?!  haha

Sam is the first of our immediate crew to turn 50.  So, we had to really go all out.
Cindy had signs all over the place.
Sam was shocked.  He thought he was coming over for them to go out to eat with Cindy and her husband.  We'd all hid our cars down the street.
Needless to say, he was SHOCKED when we all walked out singing Happy Birthday to You, and then proceeded to stay in the whole night with a great meal prepared by our hostess.
My favorite decoration was this cute birthday hat garland with Sam's pic on it.
The party perked up when this king cake vodka made its appearance!

It was good to have all of our old friends back together again, celebrating one special one.

There were four cakes!!  Something for everyone.

It is pretty hard to believe that we have all been friends for more than 20 years.  And that we are all now celebrating the 50 year mark one by one.
Lucky for them, SOMEONE in the crowd has a Selfy phone case.  See that remote in my right hand?!  Yep!!  I am cutting edge!  haha
OH.  And here it is right up close.  This was my trial run!!
And here I am trying it out with some buds, Scott, Sam, JohnMark, and some hottie.

Sam, we appreciate having you as our friend.  We love you for your attitude and perseverance.  You are sometimes a comedic genius, especially when the topic is your brother-in-law, Johnnye.
(Good Lord my boobs are big.)
And we love having you as a friend, because Cindy bakes all of her special recipe cakes when you have a birthday!!
Until the next old fart turns 50....