Thursday, September 29, 2016

Random memes.

I apologize in advance to whomever I screens hotted from Instagram without removing their names.  I don't even know how to save an image off Insta without just screenshotting it. So, with that apology, here comes a whole bunch of random.  (Man!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Instagram?!!  It's so pretty!!)
 Some of these area  bit more "deep" than others.  I just snatched pics off my picture roll this evening. I am super tired and have to be up at the buttcrack of dawn in the morning to ride to Shreveport to listen to a famous economist give a forecast of north Louisiana called the "Louisiana Economic Outlook" by Dr. Loren Scott.  Should be interesting! I think if I am given the opportunity to hear this information, and I am a business owner, I had sure nuff better be grateful for the opportunity and seize it!  The crowd size is limited, so I am thankful for the invitation.  I am on a CEO Peer Group Roundtable which meets monthly.  It is a very cool group of mostly men, and a couple women who meet to discuss business in general.  It is sponsored by the Entrepeneurial Division of Louisiana Tech University, and I am happy to be a part of it.  Dave Norris is in charge of the process.  He was the president of our student council when I was in high school.  I was president of our senior class.  So we worked well together 30 years ago, so I figure he thought we could again today.
 This is one of the paintings I did for a guy at the John Maxwell event.  I LOVE that quote!!
 And I am kind of loving what Wayne Dyer is saying here too!  I will be teaching this principle at the 11/11 retreat!!  Who's coming?!  I love the concept of every one of us being creative.  You have created the life you have up til now, and you will create your future!!  Right now, it may only be in your imagination.  As was everything that currently exists.  That is all really deep thought for me!
 YES!  I AM an open channel for creative ideas!
 This is sort of a therapist nerd meme!  And if you are a therapist, you are welcome!!
 I sure do try, anyway.
 Whaaaaatttt?  Preach!
Do you feel a pull toward something in particular?  It is not just a coincidence.  You'd better honor that calling!
 And in line with what I wrote on Todd's post yesterday, this is what I believe.  We can't look back and say, I want a do-over!!  You'd better be living it now!

(Come to my retreat!!  I promise you'll love it.  Getting the art projects all made up this weekend! Sign up at


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Zhohn said...

Love them all, especially the last one. My phone is full of screenshots as well, I get caught up at night going back through them.