Monday, September 26, 2016

The traumatic haircut event

Gabbi Girl has been begging for me to let her get her hair cut since before her dance recital in May.  And since May, I have been making excuses as to why this just can't happen!  First, it was because we needed to make a bun for the recital.  She bought it!
Then, it was "Mom, please let me get my hair cut.  I don't like brushing it when I get out of the pool"... like all summer long!  And consistently, I would talk her out of it.  And then have to face the music myself as I tortured the child, brushing the mats out of her hair while she whined!
So, on this particular August day, we are at the mall area, at Michael's, in fact, and decide to walk next door to Ulta.  Probably because Ellie has heard there's a new Naked palette she needs to have.  (Yes, really!).
ANd I find myself TRAPPED.  Gabbi says, "mom, can I get my hair cut here?"
"Um..Um.. UM.... I don't think we can.  WE don't have an appointment. "
Ellie and her bossy self goes straight to the back herself and asks if they can be worked in.  By now, Ellie thinks a haircut sounds like a good idea for her too.
Gabbi tells us she wants it "this short" and points to the nape of her neck.  The hair lady says she can donate it if we go ahead and just lop it off.  MAMA IS NOT READY FOR THAT!
As you can see in the preceding pictures, I had to go at a slow pace.  And every time we made a new cut, Gabbi posed, smiled, and said, "More, mom!".
By now, I am looking at that pile on the ground and asking for a trashcan to throw up in.
LOOK at the length of that back cut.  It was now down to 1"!
I am about to die.
Of course, I am being a little bit overdramatic.  I am well aware there are MUCH bigger things in the world than dang hair!  Sweet little Jake Raborn taught me that!!
With expressions like these, who in the world could argue with a dang haircut?!
It really does look pretty cute!
But Gabs has that GORGEOUS, thick, silky kind of hair!

Round two.  As much as Ellie idolizes all those big girls who hang out next door at Emma Lou's, I cannot believe she was ready to lop her hair off too.  I really think it is because Madi moved to Texas and sent back a pic where she cut hers off.  Ellie had been growing hers out forever!
Again... by now I am realizing; it's just hair.  It'll grow back!
and deep down, I have always liked Ellie's hair in a bob.  She specifically told the lady she wanted hers straight across, not tapered like Gabbi's.
How she knows these things is just beyond me!
So, my two little bobbed-headed girlies and I left the impromptu Ulta trip with many fewer inches of hair!
And matching Birkenstocks!
Happy Tuesday, y'all!



Zhohn said...

So cute! I love love long hair but nothing is cuter than a little girl with a bob before she grows up :)

kimybeee said...

Lol lol lol. The fb version was so dramatic that day lol

Holly said...

Wow! I did not realize their hair was that long! Their bob's are so cute! I would have struggled too! I love long hair on little girls, but it looks amazing. Gabs does have great hair! You always have to pick your battles, most things are just not worth going to the mat over, save it for the biggies😜 I always tried my best to say yes as often as possible even when my first knee jerk reaction was oh hell no! I would have to take a few deep breaths and ask myself in twenty years is this going to matter.

Mbeaty19 said...

I know how traumatic this must have felt for you. When I was 5 my hair got caught in a cockaburr bush that my brother cut me out of. Going from long flowing hair to VERY short was horrible. After it finally grew out again I'd cry whenever someone tried to cut my hair.
I understand where Gabi was coming from with wanting to avoid that endless hair brushing/hair pulling routine after swimming. When you are 'part fish's I'm sure the thick tangles aren't fun. Ill admit the girls look cute with their cuts but miss that long beautiful hair too.
Way to go mom for remember it's just hair and it will grow back.

Tracy Robinson said...

I feel your pain with two girls of my own. However, their hair looks great. Good job holding it all together.

Shannon said...

Um - Madi moved to Texas???

Susantwilhelm said...

So -- what was Todd's reaction when you got home?

NC Becky said...

I can just see Elle going back there to get them worked in! She is a leader all the way. I love the haircuts. Someday I hope you will tell us if Stacey lets you why they moved to Texas - I knew they had from the get on the road post or something but I just couldn't believe she could leave you and your mom

Beth E. said...

Cute hair and sweet feet! I know it was a little stressful for you at first, but everything turned out great!

Beth E. said...

Cute hair and sweet feet! I know it was a little stressful for you at first, but everything turned out great!