Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saints Game and our favorite Saintsation.

We just can't leave New Orleans until we finish out the weekend!  Sunday afternoon... the SAINTS home opener!
Our friend, Tashia's, daughter made Saintsatoins this year.  That is the Saints cheer squad. That means I have a feeling we might be making a few more Saints games than usual.  Our friends pretty much stick together, particularly when it comes to our kids.

Wouldn't you know it, they were having a big pre-game shindig bringing awareness to pediatric cancer?  I mean, could it have been more perfect?!
We were playing the Raiders.  Now, that is a wild bunch!
Taylor had some time pre-game to hang out with her mom and dad and all their old friends as they were selling Saintsations calendars.
Here are Tashia and Dakin.  Do you remember them?
You know, along with the Fords, we pretty much do everything with the Hines!  And then, we found other West Monroe people while waiting to get in the Dome as well.
We have watched this little one grow up!  I have the cutest pic of her and my Hunter Bunter at a 2 year old birthday party.  Hard to believe they are both now college age!
This is a cool tradition the Saints have of partying and gathering pre-game right in front of the Dome.
This guy's hat was just classic.  I had to stop him for a pic!
And then there was this interesting crew walking around in odd black and gold costumes.  I would later find out why.
Did I mention it was H.O.T.  Louisiana has not gotten the message that it is fall!
The crowd is beginning to gather!
So... THIS is why they were all dressed up.  There was  crew there bringing awareness to Pediatric Cancer month, so you KNOW they got to hear all about a little hero I knew named Jake!

They had gold ribbons that I snagged for me and all my crew.
and then I asked them if we could take a pic with them.  I encouraged the little boy right over my right shoulder (I speak anatomically correct, since I am a therapist) to flex his bicep like me. He said no, but apparently decided yes.

Again, sorry for no ability to play video on here. Maybe someone can contact Blogger then contact me and tell me what I need to do.  NOT my area of strength!
I don't really think it is even possible anymore to present a flag without some big time chill bumps and a few tears.  DOn't tell him I told you, but Todd the Bod cannot hear the national anthem without tearing up.  Every. single. time!  I think it is sweet!
There's our Taylor on the Jumbotron!  Just to the right of the dog.
Good times were had by all.  I know I am on Selfie overload.  Sorry.  Now that i am back to blogging, I am more conscientious of capturing moments.  And often those moments include me!
I think I am officially done with this trip, so tomorrow, hang on to read about the trauma of cutting my girls' hair off a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading.



Zhohn said...

Love it! Ya'll have so much fun. Finally went to a Saint's game last year for the first time, it was great!

kimybeee said...

Now that is a story that was hilarious on fb. I can't wait for the bog version lol lol

jrey said...

Looks like a great time!

Holly said...

You live what you teach! That's why you are such an amazing teacher!

Love Holly & Little old JakeDog