Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Orleans, Continued... you know that be how I do.

Let us continue this balcony journey, shall we?! 
I really can't recall who we were sending this pic to, but I know it was in a text.  I am in Columbus, Ohio, this evening, and I am with my dear friend, Miss Pat.  She has been sort of taken by the way that Todd and I text each other when I am out of town.  (Actually I text many people this way). We send pictures instead of words.  It started when he sent me a pic of the girls before school.  I sent him a pic of me with a towel on my head out of the shower, smiling.  He sent me a pic of the three of them outside at the bus stop making faces... you get my drift.  So.  To whomever we sent the texted pic below, I hope you enjoyed our moment of fun on the balcony in the rain in New Orleans. (Squirrel)
At this point we may have been holed up on a balcony for too long, and it was about time to hit the streets again.
People in New Orleans will find very unique ways to earn their money.  Get a bucket, strike a pose, don' t move, ... cha ching!
Ok, ok, I think we are on selfie overload by now.  Or perhaps Bloody Mary overload?!
As the rain stopped, the people started creeping on out again.
We had beads to throw to the people below.  WOW!  The things people will do to get a string of beads!!
New Orleans is just nuts.  One minute you are looking down on a rainy street and the next an entire marching band just shows up from nowhere for no apparent reason and entertains you.  WHERE else on the earth does THAT happen?

Followed by all these fine folks.
There's Elmo on the corner peddling for cash, and a policeman stopped to talk to our "friend" who had stood below us in the rain the entire time it rained with only a pair of shorts on.  I mean, why don't they just let the guy have his fun?!
These guys for sho had THEIR fun!  This is our new friend who was actually the occupant of the room we were in.  He graciously invited us to join his friends and family.  This was in a historic hotel (the Royal Sonesta) so it was really cool.
My view after a long day in the streets.  Did y'all know I am a H.U.G.E. Birkenstock fan.  Like... ALL.I.WEAR!
OH!  There he is.  Our friend. I hope the evening ended up ok for him!
Nighty night.  Please hold the image of our retreat going super smooth tomorrow with lots of women finding out what has been blocking them and holding them back from their highest good and ultimate desires, and ridding themselves of limiting beliefs.  We are right at 100 participants.   Anybody here in Columbus reading the blog tonight?!

Alrighty then, I will be back tomorrow with another story to tell.
Thank you all for supporting my blogging.



Susantwilhelm said...

Ahhh -- Bourbon Street. So fun and strange all at the same time!

kimybeee said...

You are only three hours away from me now!

NC Becky said...

I am loving your trip! I always feel like I am right with you
have fun and enjoy life - as you always do

urzulawachsman said...

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