Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gabbi's Turns 8

We're gonna have a little flashback night.... like ALLLLLL the way back to August 26th!  That was the day that this sweet little thing turned eight years old!

So many of you have been following my blog for years, and you are well aware that Miss Gabbi Girl just has the most precious spirit.  

I continue to marvel at how to kids raised in the very same circumstances with the same parenting styles can be so TEE-TOTALLY opposite!
My Gabbi is my sweet angel.  Her spirit is something to behold. 
And since the day she hit this house, she has been a MAMA's GIRL!  She loves her mama!  And her mama loves her!
This is a year ago, when she had a pretty serious injury to her hand and motored right on along with a splint and a smile.
This year I made the special effort to be at her school o her birthday to take cupcakes and snacks to the class.
Gabbi loved it.
She is the big EIGHT now.
And what she wanted was a big, fat skating party!
With an "Elena of Avalor" Princess cake.  And so... she got it!
She invited all of the little girls who go to school with her.
and some of her big sister's close friends too.
Gabbi LOVES to skate.  Interestingly, I think I'd only give her maybe a 4/10 in ability, but that doesn't stop her!  She tries really hard!  And definitely gets better as she continues to try. That is another thing I can say about that kid.  She tries hard!  And will just keep getting up and try again!
This is Gabs and her bestie, AnnaBeth.
And here she comes under the limbo pole!
a few pals from the 2nd grade.
THIS is what I deal with when we have friends over!!  My friends are taking their kids back to their dorms.  I'm doing this!  :)
We are so grateful for all the mamas who took the time to bring their kiddos to the skating rink on a Saturday afternoon.  Gabbi had a good turnout for her party.  She loves her friends, so thank you, moms, if you happen to be reading this blog.  Your effort really is appreciated.
Todd the Bod was there to do the essentials, like light the candles, cut Elena's dress, and pack up the gifts for transport back to the BAH.
Pops came too.  Since I last blogged regularly, my dad had a pretty significant stroke.  He called me and I went to his house to find him unable to walk. We got him to the ER, and he was released the next day.  He did months of rehab at MMPT, and now is walking with a brace on one foot, but independently.  That's a story for another day.  I was thankful he was able to come to the party!
Every kid who has a party at the rink gets a lap around the skating rink in this big rolling skate!  Gabbi was pretty pumped to take her turn.  Everybody waves and calls her name as she goes by.
I am a blessed mama to have this sweet girl in my life!!
Thank you, God, for giving me my babies.  They were chosen specifically for me, and I am grateful to be their mama. I ask for favor on my girl, Gabbi, as she grows and walks in your light.



kimybeee said...

Glad Pops has perked up!!

Looks like GG had a great eight. I still can't believe the girls are that old!

Renee said...

Happy belated birthday GG.

Holly said...

Happy birthday to sweet Gabi girl! Sorry to hear about your dad. Happy to hear he's up and around, I'm glad he was at the fair this week. You've recently had two events where you're there calling an ambulance for a parent. I've done a lot of those and it's scary and stressful. Sounds like they have both had good outcomes, praise God. All of your patients are lucky to have their local MMPT, but so happy you have that for Jin and Pops. I know everyone gets loved on there but how special for them to be able to go where they already know everyone! It's like Cheers - the bar where everyone knows your name! I'm always amazed at what PT can do! You guys are miracle workers! Again happy birthday to Gabs, I don't know how she can possibly be that old, but I love watching her grow!❤️ Love Holly & JakeDog

Jennifer Smith said...

I have been reading your blog since Jake was sick. You made me a special necklace after my friend's husband committed suicide over five years ago. So very happy to have you back. You were missed here!

Shannon said...

Amen and Amen.

Susantwilhelm said...

She certainly is a blessing!

NC Becky said...

was with you since long before your sweet girls came along. I am so glad to see you back blogging as I was worried about what you were going to be able to print and bind for your girls to look at in the years to come. Gabbi has changed so much. I think she is going to be a VET. didn't realize how dark her hair had gotten. and has Elle dyed her hair different colors and I missed it?

Hallie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sweet Gabbi!