Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I AM journal and MA comes to town.

Because I am not blogging regularly, when I go back into my archives of posts I have uploaded photos to (some are from Memorial Day, the Miss LA Pageant, all kinds of summer activities/ trips, and the beginning of school!), I am not sure if I have ever written about them before.  You'll have to just bear with me as I play catch up.  Many of you know that this serves as my online journal, that I just happen to make public, so I have to post those things that are important to me  whether they are "fresh" or not.  If you see pics you've seen before, you can let me know.  But expect some oldies but goodies in the forthcoming days!

You've been warned.  
I may or may not have written before about the I AM journal project that I began in June or so of this year.  I cannot even begin to tell you the power that was held in that project!!  I wrote an I AM statement every day, and as I look back through the book, I see that they got bolder and bolder as I built steam.  The next time I have a retreat, we ARE going to make this one of our projects!! 

I just picked a few out of my 90 or so (did it for almost three months), and shared them here.
Above:  I find that there are those people that I follow on instagram or whatnot, and suddenly I am in Michael's or shopping, and I see something, simple, like only handwriting, and am like, "Hey, I know that lettering!".  And sure enough, it is someone I've been following a while.  That's when I feel pretty lazy and useless for not doing something with my art.  So... I decided to put that as one of my I AM journal pages.  Do any of you who read my blog think you could pick out my art or my lettering if seen in a store?  I'm just curious if I've made any headway with this!

I can tell you that something VERY BIG has transpired for me and my art, and I am currently acting on a project that will come to fruition in March of 2016.  Whoop!

Next:  I am deliberate with the words I use when speaking to my daughters.  If you look closely, you can see a few of the words I chose.  I try to guard my talk when I am around my girls to make sure they are uplifted and feel worthy and capable.
This has always been important to me, so it was important enough to make my I AM journal.  I want my house to be the one that my girls choose to hang out in when they are teenagers.  I'd prefer they be right here close to me, rather than all scattered about at friends' houses.  Of course, Gabbi may never leave home.  Ever.  Just sayin!
I have like, 80 something more, but for now, we'll move on lest I bore you.
Mary Allison stayed in Baton Rouge working this past summer.  But, she came in town, and as we were at lunch with Miss Ellie Sue, she came in, snuck around the corner, and surprised her.
With this huge bouquet of balloons, might I add.  To say Ellie was surprised would be a massive understatement.  (Whoa.  I just noticed how gorgeous Ellie looks in that picture below.  )
I mean, for realz... look at these two beauties!  I am so glad that all of my girls seem happy and confident.  Mary Allison is rocking a job at a law firm, cause she is planning to apply to Law School at LSU soon.  She is a brainiac!
THat's all for now.  I'll be sharing more I AM statements in the coming posts.  Thanks for reading.



Zhohn said...

I would definitely spot your art it lettering. I've spotted some on Pinterest!
Way to go MA!

Shannon said...

I could certainly pick your lettering out. LOVE that you are deliberate and intentional in how you speak TO and IN FRONT OF your girls. I've come to realize that I should have been that way around my older 2 boys - but I also was young (and dumb) and still kind of growing up. It's never too late to change, though - and I finally realized that.

Susantwilhelm said...

So excited about the March 2016 news! That will be awesome!!!!!

kimybeee said...

I see art things all the time that remind me of you. I think I could easily spot a mo original. I wish I had the talent and motivation you have. I have talent, not like yours, but not the desire to drag out projects and work on them regularly. I don't have a dedicated work space and my many zoo animals like to be right in the middle of whatever I am working on at the moment. And I wouldn't trade the love and companionship of my critters for anything!

I love zinnias too! They are like snowflakes, no two alike!

Way to go ma! I am sure you and toddly have been great motivators in her life!

Love the bag from kimie! That is my style!

Keep up the bloggin.

Nadine said...

Did you mean that literally that Gabbi may never leave? I know she's had different therapies (not just for her hand) -does she have a harder time learning and such? I wish you'd share about each of your girls-what they're like, etc. And I love your handwriting-would def recognize it anywhere:)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ha. Absolutely not, Nadibe. Making straight A's so far this year! She's just very connected to her mama, emotionally.