Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yep... more healing for Gabbi Girl.

Just so ya know, the coke finding mission has not ended!  I found Meghan's, spelled appropriately!
And Ron!  Both of these folks work at MMPT.
We have a private FB page for employees, and I would post every one of these pics on that page!
Ok.  Back to miss priss.  She got her fancy earrings on, and we went in for our treatment.  She needed to look nice, I suppose.
She learned to get out a semi-sterile environment and lay all her tools out.

Note less bruising on that lateral border of her hand.  I know there is going to be some deep damage, especially along that dark black line, which is called eschar, but I am not sure the degree yet.  I knew we were about to have to get serious with getting some of that dead skin off.

For now, Gabbi was learning to use sterile q-tips to apply her meds.

We were using a cream which is used to break down tissue wo we can get to the root of the problem.  And I suspected it would be any day til we'd see a break in the covering.  I was right.
I still had a happy baby girl though!  And that was what was important to me.


Zhohn said...

I was thinking vet, but maybe surgeon for Gabbi! She did awesome.

Shannon said...

My. Word.
Pretty impressed that you had HER help. Kudos to you, mama. Making her a strong girl.