Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Weekly trips to Arkansas for Gabbi's hand.

I had Gabbi spend a lot of time looking at her hand, singing to it, telling it that she loved it.  I know some of you are now rolling your eyes, and that is fine with me!  I have a kid who went through the potentially massive destruction of an extremity, and came out about 85% functional and with no regard for a past injury. 
This is how it was progressing.  Note the borders starting to declare themselves.  That means, we are starting to be more aware of the actual "limits" or edges of the injury.  The edges are more defined and demarcated.
But nothing has come off yet.  We had definitely not seen the worst of this beast.  But we were ready!
And poor baby girl still has three broken bones in there.  Look at the swelling of her hand from the side.
She would rub it with lotion and talk to it.  I wanted her to love her hand.  I wanted those nerve endings to still get sensitized!
and Gabbi Girl enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of it.
I'll be back in a few hours with a little bit more.


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