Thursday, November 26, 2015

We're getting there, Gabs!

Would you just look at the way Miss Thang is now holding those tweezers?  This is one proud mama!
 She would get the edges loose for me, so I could do a little more serious debridement.  I would have to get the pointy scissors out and work on those edges so we could continue to see those margins come in, and the debridement cream working with more effectiveness.
 Are you learning more about wound care than you ever thought you'd wanna know?!
 But... look at that little hand looking better every day!
 I am still measuring it at this point, so I can attest that it was indeed shrinking, although slowly!
 Gabbi was so proud when she was finished with the process every night!

 I spy a little eye!

 and then she'd get close to it, whisper sweet things to it, and blow it a kiss.
 Because just because a bad thing happened TO her hand, doesn't mean it is a bad hand!  It is a GREAT hand, in fact! ( And now that the wound is totally healed, it is a super great hand!!)

 Here is a little photo I included in the scrapbook I sent with Todd the Bod to Little Rock when he was on kid duty when I went to the John Maxwell Program.
I tried to make it as clear as possible, so they really wouldn't have to ask him much of nothin!  And he liked it that way too!

Almost done.  I think.



Nadine said...

This is so interesting! You and Gabbi were a great team and took such good care of her hand. I know you said you don't really know what happened, but any guesses? Obviously a lot of force to break bones and cause so much tissue damage. Poor girl and mama:(

mom in iowa said...

I've gotta admit, I'm totally intrigued by this whole thing & am eagerly checking back often for the continuation to The Hand Saga (ok, it's probably the nurse in me, though I'm a NICU nurse, so this obviously isn't my usual "thing")
Gabbi is pretty lucky to have a Mama that is so on top of getting the BEST care for her little hand. And how awesome that she is so involved in the care! That is just amazing to me, for a child her age!!

Zhohn said...

Oh wow, it looks a lot better!