Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moving right along. More cokes. More healing. More dancing on the table!

Little Rock, here we come.  Again.
And look how this more ulnar (pinky) side of the wound is improving.
But when I say that wound covering is tough, I mean, like inpenetrable!!
and bless her little heart... she still have three fractures which still cannot be addressed at all.
and there are hardly ever complaints.
Just sweet smiles.  She is a one-of-a-kind kid, for sure.
Look closely.  Look at that last one, where the pink is running up into more of a peak into the wound bed, meaning the margins are getting closer in the middle of the wound.  Also, far right, more slough (softer tissue), and more thickening of the edges as scarring is continuing to progress.
Three more names of my MMPT people.  Random, I know.  But these pics are naturally in my phone in order, so I share them for your enjoyment!

Whoa!  Look at that left side!  I see space for healing!  Do you?!
And FINALLY.  We are having some breakdown of the hard, tough, eggshell-like covering to the wound.  I knew we were well on our way now!

And apparently Gabbi Girl agreed.
If you think, Melanie, you are ASKING for it, sister.  Just flip on through to the end!  Cause we are gonna LIVE until we DIE at this house.
Gabbi Girl was FEELIN' the music.  And she was putting on a good show.
Complete with hair whips.

And finally, down to her knees in an emotionally charged finale!

Wound decreasing. (Note top to bottom size)

Swelling down!

And as the far right starts to heal and come together, it is becoming pretty apparent that we are going to have a pretty significant scar when this is all said and done.
One more blog post on wound... then all celebratory posts!



Zhohn said...

Oh my goodness, but she didn't fall off the table lol

kimybeee said...

I think your very casual approach to parenting (for lack of a better phrase) is natural for you because you became a mom later in life than some of us. I had my kids when I was 21 and 23. At that age you hover and worry and fret about everything the world says you should be doing and not doing. At age 43, I am far more relaxed and chill than I was in my 20s. But I didn't smother my kids or pass my insecurities onto them even though I was young. But I might be different if I had small kids now. Lol

Camping in the house and all the fun things you do is awesome. You have the best attitude of anyone I know. You are an inspiration with your faith and your personality!! I am so glad to call you my friend!! And I am very glad when you blog...