Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My I AM journal...manifestation.

I have heard it said that "I AM" are the two most powerful words in the universe.  That is because whatever you choose to put behind those two words are speaking life or death into your spirit.  
Think about it.... I am brilliant!  I am dumb.  I am soo tired.  I am full of energy. I am broke.  I am abundant and have all I need or want.  I am scared I'll fail if I try.  I am fully resourced and capable of doing great things.  

How bout that?  Pretty big deal, huh?  Well... I entered into an experiment back in June.  I started an I AM art journal.  I have tried to make a simple I AM journal in the past, listing 90 straight days of I AM's, but I couldn't stay focused.  (Did I mention that on my own strengths, Discipline is my number 29 and Consistency is #33 of 34?  Focus is way down there too! )  
It didn't take me long to find out that if I would PAINT while I went through my I AM routine in the morning, I could stay focused to do it.  And I really looked forward to it.  The painting also anchored in my my mind the words I was proclaiming on paper.
For example, I have a deep need to travel.  I just LOVE going to new places and meeting new people.  (MY number one strength is WOO and VERY people-centric!!  Woo's like to meet and know as many people as they can!)  Anyway, I made this I AM statement.  Soon, I was going all over the place!!  Seriously!  Back in August, remember?  Orlando, Houston, New Orleans,... and all to "work", so I was producing income while I did it!
This is something that is very important to me, at MMPT.  As I explore different avenues, I want my MMPT team to know that I care for them and will take care of them, even if I am less present.  Funny that not long after, in a leadership meeting, we were discussing animals that represented each one of us.  (I come up with some pretty interesting topics, I'll admit!).  It was determined that I was a giraffe.  Giraffes have long necks, so they can see far ahead.  They decided, and I agree, that I am the VISION CASTER for MMPT.  I don't necessarily always execute on these ideas and plans.  I leave that to the executers of my group.  But this I AM statement definitely came to fruition.
I think you might have heard me say a time or two, "I live in high favor"!  That's because I DO!  And I am aware of that, I claim that, and I receive it!
As I move forward with speaking, coaching and training, I am more and more realizing those things that most energize me to speak about.  I LOVE strengths training.... teaching that EVERYONE has gifts.  They just look different in each person.  I also love to talk to my art retreat ladies about having wonder and imagination and being open to the 'inspiration" that is coming to you "in spirit" from GOd.  Then choosing to either design our lives by design or default.  I challenge you to follow that nudge today!  It's called intuition, and it is one of our intellectual faculties that is a gift and guides us toward our highest selves/ calling.
I would certainly think that the following pertains to many in my tribe!  I know that so many of you are now and always have rooted for me.  And I for you!
It was interesting that not long after I posted this....
and this...
I received a call from Paul Martinelli, the president of the John Maxwell team, to paint on stage as John was speaking.  I definitely think that one satisfied this I AM statement!  DOn't you?!
This is being done daily!  Brian, whose strengths are learner and input, reads articles daily, emails them to the appropriate recipients from our MMPT leadership team, and then, Nicki files them for me in actual hard files so I can put my hands on them when I need to find material on "culture" or "strengths" or "attitude" or whatever.  WE got it going on!  Teamwork makes the dream work.
For some reason, I don't even believe myself on this one.  See?  It's not ALL peaches and roses over here.  I AM Working on it!  Let's just say that.  And by working on it, I mean my mindset and the way I see my body.  This one runs deep!
Interesting that "Curiosity" has been a central theme in many of the podcasts and talks I've listened to recently. I LOVE that it's ok to "just" be curious.  To KNOW your Passion is great and all, but for some folks like me, it can be stressful.  As if there is only ONE thing.  I like options!  Therefore, I like to have many things I am passionate about, and I like the concept of being CURIOUS and exploring a thing for a while. I imagine a path with light on it, just guiding my way.  When I'm done with exploration, and it no longer interests me, i diverge onto another path. If you've been reading my blog for any time, I suspect you already knew this about me.
Oooh.  I am so excited to read these, because i posted them a week or so ago, and painted them months ago.  So, some are almost like new to me too!  And as I read them, I realize how many are still or just coming to fruition!  Lately, I have had numerous opportunities to encourage people who have specifically contacted me, usually via text, to ask me to speak positivity into a situation.  It has been uncanny how often this is happening.  And so... I suppose... I am a light to many!
THIS!  THIS!  THIS!  Big phone call today happening that can make this a reality!  And to think, I just pasted these letters on a page in a book!  And voila!
In the beginning of the book, my thoughts and "dreams" were a little less big.  They were more self0-affirming... for instance this one...
and this one... but hey, I had to start somewhere.  As I evolved in the process, so did my affirmations!
I can share more at a later time.  For now, I would like to encourage you to just start writing down some I AM's that you'd like to see come to pass.  And BELIEVE them!  Let me know when you start bearing the fruit!!



Susantwilhelm said...

Praying with you and for you on your phone call! I know that this is the beginning of an exciting adventure!!!

Kathryn said...

I just love that you are blogging again. I have missed reading very much.

Mama J said...

I AM positive that you AM da most positive person I know. I just feel the energy even thru your blog. Thank you for not keeping it to yourself! God is truly using you in so many ways.

Beverly said...

This is one of my favorite posts. I wish I could come to one of your art classes. You just ooze positivity. I'm so lacking in that aspect. I'm trying to overcome it and since I just got your journal this is the time to push myself into it. You've always inspired me but I don't do the follow thru well. I've got some hard work ahead of me. I'm getting ready to retire - not entirely by choice. The circumstances are weighing me down and you, my dear Mo, are going to push me out of the hole I've dug. You are just what I need. You and the Man upstairs! Thanks so much!

snekcip said...

Ok this is the POST OF THE YEAR!! !Loved everything about it and it inspired me to KEEP BELIEVING IN MYSELF!!! Love your take on life!!