Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gabbi Girl is feeling a little too grown.

Even though I took a little hiatus from blogging, anyone who is active on Facebook or Instagram knows that I did NOT take a break from the daily #grovesgirls pics!  
 And now that Facebook is doing Facebook memories and showing what we posted years ago on this day, I am LOVING that I do this, and have done it fairly religiously since they were about 2 and 3 years old.  On any day, I can compare my girls' growth and changes in a  single swoop of my finger, for example 11/12 of 2011, 2012, 2013, etc.  Very cool...
 I'll admit, sometimes it is a little sad, because they really are growing so fast.
 And for the first time, I am seeing signs from Gabbi that she WANTS to be growing up.  Ellie has been wanting to be grown since around 4.  Anyone remember?
 Now, my sweet little Gabbi is saying things in the morning like, "I want to dress cool." and "I want to wear the kind of clothes Ellie wears."
 Yep. You heard me right.  She is feeling a little tween-isn.
 She's only 7, so she is going to have to stay my baby for a long, long time.  You know... that one who loves to kiss my face over and over, and that one who loves animals.  The one who still wants to sleep with me, right up against me... yeah.  That one.

 And yet.  I am seeing more of this.
 Yesterday, she even reported she was wearing a sports bra to town.  Now, understand, it is a fabric, pull over dinky little thing that we got for when their shirts are a little too thin.
 Nevertheless, Gabbi was PROUD to be wearing it!  AND... she announced she'd bought a phone.  She refused to let me see the front of it, but it was actually a make up compact from Claire's boutique in the mall, but the back looked just like a phone case.  She toted that thing everywhere.... AND...
 wore one of Ellie's over the shoulder purses.  She was feeling PRIME yesterday.  They were out of school, and she hung out with her high school sitter, Emily, and I let them go to the mall a while.  Bonus tweenism!
 I think I prefer to remember her like this at this age.  Cute little freckles.
 Sweet eyes.
 Kinda janky teeth.
My sweet Gabbi Girl!  



Kathryn said...

That baby just can NOT start that tween junk. Argh!

Zhohn said...

Awww!!! How is Gabbi 7 already!! My gosh, years are flying by!!!

Hallie said...

So glad you are back blogging, especially when it is about those sweet Groves girls.

snekcip said...

Oh my I feel you on this one!! I just did a "remember when" on fb and there was "My babygirl with her babyteeth" smiling for the camera with a little hat on. Now she is into cool clothes, purses, doing her hair, cool shoes, boots with a little "click clack" as she calls it. She does have older sisters (26 and 34) who are fashion divas FOR REAL, so it's understandable for her want to emulate them.....I think! In the words of the famous Chili's commercial jingle, I'm singing daily....."I want my BABY BACK! BABY BACK! BABY BACK!!!"

Glad I logged on the day and saw a post from you. I'm on a BLOG HIATUS as well, but I do see your post on IG !! The girls are growing and I definitely see the "baby faces" starting to mature more!! *HAND ME A KLEENEX.... I'm gonna cry!!!"