Wednesday, November 18, 2015

With Ellie, it is always an adventure.

So, I have been loading pics of the entire episode we went through this summer with Gabbi Girl's hand injury.  And I warn you... they are graphic.  SO I intend to post those all day long, probably this coming weekend, so you can just block out the whole experience, or you can check in and out to see the transformation to healing if you so choose.  Or.. you can just miss me on Sunday and swing back by on Monday!  

These, though... well, THESE pics are just priceless!  It was our first trip to the doctor at Children's Hospital of Little Rock.  Todd couldn't go, so my daddy went with us.  We started unpacking in the hotel, and I, as I always do, unpacked my entire suitcase and moved in for the night.  I put my hair stuff in the bathroom on the counter, my shampoo in the shower, and my make up bag on the bathroom counter, ready for the next morning.  

Within no time, my mini me was also unpacking! 
What you are seeing here is ELLIE's toiletry bag!
Complete with two deodorants (she doesn't really wear deo yet!), a full make up regimine, THREE hair adornments, three perfumes, some fingernail polish and a mini bottle of Listerine.
Oh... and like anyone who values her oral hygiene, she also had her floss, soft picks and the usual toothbrush and toothpaste (Honestly the ONLY thing she needed out of the whole lot!).  Would you look at all the options for eye shadows?
She has foundation, powder, multiple lip glosses and lipsticks.  And when I questioned her about the eye shadow, she said, "Mom, seriously!  It's only the Naked 2 palette!  They're neutrals".  LORD HELP ME!
To which I responded,...
Wish me luck in her teen years!



Zhohn said...

Ha! Can't wait to read about the teen years :)

nss said...

Oh what a ride you are going to have!! Life is good!

Susantwilhelm said...

She is a mess!

kimybeee said...

So funny lol

Hallie said...

Ill be sure to scroll thru these pics on my iPhone instead of my iPad. Lol.

Shannon said...

Neutrals, mom, neutrals. Could be black. Or blue!