Monday, November 9, 2015


Not blogging regularly means I miss out on telling the stories of important milestones... like my 46th birthday!
We went with our besties to a local Italian restaurant in town.  Todd is sort of a wine connoisseur, did you know that?  He really is.  I, on the other hand, can tell you the ins and outs of Diet Coke, like very well!  Tonight, I decided to try his recommendations.
46 is one of the first times I have been hit with the reality that I am almost 50.  Like... that's crazy!  I swear, I can still remember being in high school, pledging a sorority in college, Todd and I moving into our first house, getting Coach and Earl, planting a massive garden, all those awesomely fun things I did in my even early twenties.  HOW did this happen?!
I'll tell ya... life moves on!  It doesn't wait.  And as we all know there is only one alternative to life continuing to motor on, and I for one, do not want that.  Sooooo.... we just keep plugging forward.  I have started imagining my life as a path.  One with cobblestones and it is dark outside, except for an illumination just a few feet ahead of my steps.  I have to make decisions from time to time when I come to a crossroads.  It is then that I need to really search my heart and make sure that I am going the direction that I really want.  That I really LOVE.  Because life is oh so short.  We must make the most of it, and enjoy the journey.  Are you stepping forward into the lighted path?  The right one?
Dad and Rita took all the girlies out to lunch for my birthday too. Look at that dapper hat!
And I painted a little.  I was thinking I might make this into a pendant on a necklace.  Then I remembered I really don't sew.  (But I will.  Cause I love it.)

Todd kept the girls and let me do a little Books a Million shopping which may just be the best birthday present ever.
Look at all those John Maxwell books.  I think I have them all.  I have been asked by several people which one they should start with.  It depends on what they are wanting to learn!  I think I'll do a blog post on some of John's books that I have read and what I gleaned from each one.  Sound good?
Then, I took pics in magazines of things I want to make.  Don't tell.

I also took pics of books that I was debating buying.  I ended up buying this one.  But, this is how I give mom and dad ideas of what I want for Christmas.
And of course, projects I want to make.

But rarely ever do.
And ideas for decorating and design for my house.  It is already time to shift into "desk" mode in Ellie's room!
Yep.  Wish list.
And things that just inspire me.  I've mentioned that I have IDEATION as one of my top five strengths.  Well, for ideation that dang iPhone is a source of CONSTANT inspiration in the form of photo gallery and notes section..  I think I have over 10,000 pics on my phone.  Wait.  I know I do.
I've been on this kick lately where I take pics of the cokes with names of my employees.  Then, I post them on our private FB page.  Today, I found Meghan, even spelled correctly.
ANd I sent this one to Al, mom's beau.
This quote sort of sums up what I was mentioning earlier about the illuminated path!  Life is too short to not be pursuing those things that really make us happy, enthusiastic, and fulfilled!!
I hope your week is great!



Me The Q said...

I can't wait for your post on the John Maxwell books!

Unknown said...

what a perfect way to celebrate your birthday -- family, friends, food and books!!! Sounds like my kind of day😀😀. Would love to read your post about John Maxwell books... I do have a question for you -- have you always owned your own business or did you start your career working someplace else? What made you decide to start your own business? I'm so impressed with the way you run your business and how invested all your employees seem to be in the success of your company. Seems like you were always destined to run your business...

Emily G said...

Yes, please, please do a post on John's books! I have been wanting to dive into his books for a long time and just aren't sure where to start.

Zhohn said...

Life is indeed short but you're making the best of it! I love your jam packed, full of life days you share with us :)

The Mommy said...

Thank you for sharing! Love the inspirational posts!