Sunday, November 8, 2015

Random pic on the el phone-o.

You are in luck.  It is random picture day!  Just a whole hodgepodge of photos that I found in my phone sometime between mid to late August  First, there is Emma Lou, who despite make snap stories on SnapChat all day every day, no longer likes to have me or her mom take pics of her.  Ruuuuuude!
And then a little angel from Heaven decided to let his presence be known through big ol rays of sunshine.
I just love it when that happens!
I had this on my phone, and I think it is just so impactful every time I read it.  
And I LOVE this one!  I mean... really.  You get to make the choices about what you'll think, feel, and who you'll act.  That's a pretty deep thought in itself.  If you don't like what your life is looking like right now, change something!  You'll keep on getting what you're getting until you change what you are choosing!
I like this!  "If you don't value your people, they won't value your business."  Clear enough!
And here I am on stage with Mfon to my right in the yellow dress.  She is from Africa.  Next to her is a guy who I believe is from South America.  To my left is a young boy from China, who is the youngest to ever attend training, and then, in the white far right is Inge, who is from Hungary, I believe.  I just happened to post this pic from my phone the other day when I was loading pics, and didn't even realize the diversity of the people in the photo.  That's pretty cool to have made friends with people from all over the world!
Here is Twilight Sparkles trying to get my Gabbi Girl's birthday breakfast.  Pig-shaped pancakes, and a drink with a bday message written by her big sister.  ANd... cheese grits.  Her daddy loves her and knows the way to her heart!
Speaking of the bday girl... this is just before Miss Thang turned 7.  She is digging make up lately.
And look at all those baby teeth!!  This would be one of the last pics of my girl with baby teeth instead of her big girl teeth.  Kinda sad!
That's all for random post tonight!!  I'll be back tomorrow with a whole new story.