Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just around the house pics and inspiration to boot.

For me, sometimes when I upload pics from my phone to the blog, I am surprised as anyone as to what I get.  These are the pics that most often get turned into "random" blog posts. 
Like this one.  I think I'll be posting an entire story, as in an all day long saga, of Gabbi's injury tomorrow.  SO, if you aren't strong in the gut, don't come back by here and look!  It'll be a tad bit graphic.
My phone currently has 12,832 pics on it.  HOW is that possible?  I don't know.  But it just keeps on letting me screenshot, take new pics, and so, the list keeps growing.

Anybody else out there sort of obsessed with Instagram?  I absolutely LOVE it.  And when I find a new person to follow, it has that little feature where it shows you three more people/ accounts who are very similar to that one you just followed!  And then, I am all sucked into the process!
I have so many inspiring accounts I follow that I tend to just scroll through taking pics to save to my photo log on my phone.  Sometimes it is the words.  Sometimes I love the photo itself.  Sometimes it is just a good idea that I want to follow up on.
I started reading this book and loved it! Iwish I had the follow through to actually FINISH one at some point after I start it, but I can at least tell you that I like the way this one started.  It is sort of along the lines of the Law of Attraction that I definitely pay attention to in my life.
Jessi?  Paula?  I mean, seriously!
These are so cute.  If I ever get my sewing machine out again, I might try to make a batch of these.  Why do I LOVE little houses so much?  I like that motif in all media.
Any of your blog followers also follow Heidi Swapp  I have been a fan of hers since early in my scrapbooking career!  And that was at least 10 years ago.  For that reason, I feel like I know her family.  And any of you who are also fans from afar know that she recently lost her 15 year old son to suicide.  I cannot imagine what it has been like for her close knit family. Man, suicide is a tough one. And it clearly has no boundaries to who it can affect.  No regard for income level, etc.  I am so sorry for Heidi and her husband and their kids.
Tomorrow I'll be telling Gabbi's story.  You ready?  It'll be a bit graphic, so skip tomorrow if you need to.



Zhohn said...

I do follow Heidi Swapp, so heartbroken for her family. Can't wait to read about Gabbi's injury and recovery. I have not noticed any scares in pics, which is amazing.

kimybeee said...

Bring it on lol

Amy K said...

WOW! Almost 13,000 pictures on your phone? I am also a screenshotaholic. For a long time, I've screenshot words, silly selfies, and sweet notes that my kids text me, so I can scrapbook them.

Heidi Swapp is so authentic in her posts, they usually have me in a puddle of tears. However, I love her PSA's about capturing and documenting your stories, and how thankful she is to have every one of hers.

I'll be back to read all about sweet Gabbi's injury.