Monday, November 23, 2015

Gabbi's injured hand.

I never told the story of Gabbi Girl's injured hand.  Sooooo... hang onto your hat!  Cause this one might be a doozy!
It is a shame to admit, but to this day, we really still don't know exactly what happened.  Gabs has a little 50 four wheeler.  She got it for Christmas last year.  She actually hasn't ridden it much, but we have noticed that she tends to have a no fear attitude when on that sucker.
This past summer, she was in the back yard, simply riding it in circles.  Todd said he was watching her.  She had on her helmet, and all seemed fine to him.  He said he walked inside for what had to have been less than a few minutes, and when he came back outside, she was walking up the hill, holding her hand across her chest.  She didn't want to show him what she was trying to hide.
He said the four wheeler was upright, and he couldn't really tell that it had been wrecked.  She had somehow removed her helmet on her own.
When he asked for a closer look, this is what he saw.  And so.... the Groves family goes BACK to the emergency room for the second time in a year... this time with the other kid.
Obviously, it was very swollen.  Not only on the top (dorm) but also on the palmar side!
They splinted it, did an X-ray, and my girl was just trying to keep her composure.
We were "patiently" awaiting our discharge papers.
We were told to go to the orthopedic clinic the next day.  We would see an orthopedist, who specializes in hands, and probably get a cast.
Here is the X-ray.
And here is the next day!!
Needless to say, it looked radically different.  Because of the open wounds and blistering forming, they couldn't cast.  (see the three fractures below)
We went home in our little splint and knew we had to wait until after the weekend for an appointment at the clinic again to see how things had progressed.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!
Stay home and paint with your "good hand".
LOTS more to come.  But for now, know that this girl is a T.R.O.O.P.E.R.!!!  In all senses of the word!

More on this soon.


Zhohn said...

Poor darling! Looks like she was indeed a trooper!!

Holly said...

Such s sweet baby girl!

Kathryn said...

That sweet little love. I am not that brave, and I am 63!

kimybeee said...

I have a pretty strong stomach and high pain tolerance, but that second day pic made my stomach flutter a little. I have a 19 year old son that got his gall bladder out this morning and I am hurting because he is hurting. Us mommas just want to take that pain away from our babies!

Amy K said...

I am so glad I'm reading this now, months later, knowing that sweet Gabbi is healed and back to doing all things she loves! Poor baby, she looks so brave.