Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Back to Ark Children's Hospital we goooooo.....

As nuts as things are seeming for the Groves fam at this particular time in life, we remained right on track for summertime and being kids.  Check out what passed right in front of our house!!  THE SNOW CONE TRUUUCCCKK!
 INside, Ellie was helping Gabs with basic things.  I am proud of Ellie when she takes on this helper/ responsibility role!  It is a beautiful thing to watch.  Unfortunately, it is not necessarily the norm.  But I catch glimpses, and am trying to really encourage that behavior!

 And guess what... we are headed BACK to Little Rock.  Nothing like 8 hours in a car once a week.  See? I'm smiling!!
 And so is she!

 See more pink?  I do!  Gabs has done a good job of getting off some of that funky dead tissue on the borders.  IN fact, all that light pink is actually healthy baby skin!
 Gabbi is looking through a scrapbook I made with the progression of the wound, so the doc could see the weekly (Aww who am I kidding?  DAILY!!) changes.

 So, here we are... I sort of appreciated when we got those little openings in the wound bed so we could have some expression of the fluid that was underneath keeping the whole thing swollen.
 In fact, if I am just telling the truth, I "made" that hole!  I wanted to cause a little damage around that hard yellow eschar so we could get some changes going.  That stuff needed to get GONE!
 Found another one!
 Afterwards, we played a little in the hospital parking lot.
 Guess who we bribed to come along with us on this particular trip?!

 Todd was just not feeling that LOOONG road trip, so week one, I convinced Pops to go with us.  And this week... well.....
 Someone else made the journey with us.  And this person had more presence to take pics of me and the Gabster.
 Oh.  And guess what.  We met someone who has been in contact with me for years, I think maybe first via the blog, but like so many others, now we are mainly FB contacts.  It's just so much easier that way.  The blog is fun for telling stories, but they make it hard for folks to reply/ comment unless they have a particular account with a particular email host.  And I can't even tell you what that is.  Re-dunc-ulous!

Anyway, this is Shannon.  She gave us recommendations for lunch and even walked down to meet us and cheer up Gagster.

Ta daaaaaahhh... Staci was our travel guest on this average-for-us-now Wednesday!
 We took a little trolley ride to celebrate Gabbi's being a big, brave girl.
 And I got in a selfie.
 And we went to a bookstore.
 ANd a bakery.
 And an ice cream parlor.
 Now THAT is what I am calling a trip to the hospital!
 And then.. I found Brian.
 Keith, which I later had photoshopped into Keif!  Cause that is his preferred spelling.
 And almost got a Katie.
 And Michelle.
 And Kelly.
 Yep... all employees at MMPT.

And then we said goodbye to Arkansas.  As Jake said, "Well Done, Mom and Mo!"
We are getting one step closer every day!


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Shannon said...

Wait, what?! OBVIOUSLY I'm behind on reading! (which hardly ever happens!!)

Glad we're friends, friend.

Yours Truly,
The Stalker