Saturday, October 31, 2015

Artists among us.

Enough is never enough.  I must share.  It is in my make up! 
So... let me show you some of the artwork that the participants made at out booth.
For some, they wanted to paint their own quotes.  For others, they chose to use some  prepainted quotes I'd copied and packed for the trip.
Look at all of this mixed media goodness.  I thought it'd be a great idea to have a 50' double stranded display area to house everyone's work for the enjoyment of all.
As it turned out, NOT a good idea at all.  I encouraged the artists to leave their work on the lines to pick up the next day after they were fully dry.  I LOVED the idea of having all the other coaches swing by the next day and see the variety of work.
Wellllllll, it seems the work was VERY desirable.  So much so that every single piece was TAKEN!
All I could really do is offer support and encourage those who lost their art to come by and make a second piece that evening.  And I tried to tell them to take it as a compliment!  someone liked their art so much that they took it to display them in their own offices!  True artists indeed!
They learned to use decoupage, sprays, gel sticks, acrylics, inks, distress paints....

Truly... it was  smorgasbord (How in the WORLD do you spell that?!) of art supplies!

I also had photocopies made of some of my favorite pages from John Maxwell's books.  This made good material for mixed media artwork!
Hey look, Jackie!  This is one of your originals!  I recognize it by the daisy!

A couple more JMT posts and we will be rounding out the details of the week!  I cannot wait to do it again in March of 2016!  Who'll be there?!


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Zhohn said...

Great thinking, their work was so amazing they were taken home by someone else! I definitely need to remember "you are more than you imagine". Thanks for sharing :)