Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back to Orlando, shall we?

Well.  LOTs and LOTs has occurred since my last post in August.  It is interesting to see HOW much life passes in only two short months, via a photo roll in my phone!  I am so glad that I am a picture junkie, because when life hits a little road bump, I can still go back and have some sort of memory of the many things that have transpired over the course.  

My memory recall is very poor.  Like, very, very poor!  But I can honestly tell you that I don't really pay it much attention.  I know that I have mentioned "strengths" before, and that I am totally enthralled with what makes each of us so uniquely ourselves.  I am teaching this to businesses and individuals.  I will dedicate an entire post to better explain my strengths, but for now, know that I have "ideation" as one of my top five, another is "futuristic", so my brain stays pretty full all the time, and I am always thinking forward and rarely backward!  That's why I need so many photos to help me remember all those things that have happened in my life.
I've gone back and loaded lots of pics of the John Maxwell Live Event in August.  I feel I would be remiss if I didn't go back and share a few more.  I may even try to get them ALL in this weekend, so keep checking back to see if I had some multiple posts to scoot us on through the event via pics.  As you know, I have a couple of BIG, BIG stories to tell, involving my mama's miracle, birthdays, starting school, etc.
So, as you may recall, Jessi and I had a booth called the Creation Station.  It was  place that the participants of the event could come and try their hands at using the tools they'd seen me use in the lecture/ live painting experiences.
We pretty much STAYED busy!  Thankfully, the crowd was never out of control, but it was steady, and Jessi and I were able to give a good bit of one-on-one attention.

Like often happens in my art retreats, folks get their artwork complete, are happy with it, but just cannot bring themselves to do the lettering!  So, they hand it over to me, and that is where I add my special touch.  As the art retreaters call it, I "MOmerize" it!

This is Raul.  He was one of the brave males who came in to try his hand at the activity.  And he was really good at it!
These are a few of the 34 or so that I was able to complete during the presentations of John and Paul.

Since I don't believe I have yet shown any of the completed pieces of art up close.... here they are.  Be sure and tell me in the comments which one or two are your favorites.  Products will likely be made with some of these designs.  I would prefer to use some favorites of the masses, for sure.

The angle of the one above is poor, so you can't read the writing.  It was a design to support John's most recent book, Intentional Living.  It says, "Intentional Living is not a decision you make.  It's a practice that you do."

Alrighty then.... let me know your faves!!  And I will be posting a couple more posts about this very, very cool weekend in the next two days.



Zhohn said...

You're awesome! My favorite is the highroad one, although they are all great!

Mbeaty19 said...

I think my three favorites are the Growth one, Respect one, and the I expect more one. Love that you are going back and writing more about your experience. It sounds like it was so inspiring for you to be able to paint your experience. Giving others the same opportunity must have been very beneficial to your growth. Keep the blogs coming and cant wait to hear more.

The Mommy said...

Oh my goodness! So many good ones, I don't want to choose! What beautiful inspiration!