Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ellie's Award's Day

While I'm on the brag on my kids theme... it is time for Ellie's awards day.  Can you believe my big girl is going to the third grade?  I am not sure why, but third sounds SO much older than second!
As you know, if there is something exciting happening at the Groves house, then we are a family of FIVE!!  Madi joined us on this nasty, rainy morning!
My baby girl is the squirt of her class.  She wants so bad to be bigger.  I keep telling her that there will come a day that she will be very glad that she is small.
Miss Suzie got the award for Honor Roll, all A's and B's for the year.
That was pretty good, and I am proud of this little turkey.  She is self-motivated, and I have to admit, she made every one of those grades by herself.  She hardly ever asked for help for homework and had it done by the time I got home most nights.  She is a highly independent child.

Once again, we have DeeDee and JinJin there to celebrate.  Pops and Nana made it too, but had to cut out early.  And Granddad too.  Then skirted on to work.
Gabbi's mood had gone south by now, so this is the best we could get.  Hey.  It happens.
And when it does, we get TOTAL and COMPLETE shut down mode!
To celebrate, we went out for crawfish for dinner.
Would you believe that tray of heads in front of her are all the shells she peeled all by herself.  I mean, if you are not from Louisiana, you might not get that this is a rite of passage!  It usually doesn't come quite so young, but Ellie is Ellie.  She impresses me!
One, two, three, four, this is how you thumb war.
And finally... bed time!!  These babies had a very, very full few days.  Tomorrow, I'll highlight the dance recitals... yep. those were over the weekend between one's graduation and the other's awards day.  And then, we hit the road.  One can only be expected to take on so much activity and excitement before they need a little respite.  And come to think of it, we might need a little MORE respite.  Stay tuned.


kimybeee said...

Ellie sue has a huge presence and spirit, she doesn't need to have a larger stature to stand out and be noticed!! That girl is gonna be famous some day and I can say I knew her when!

Mama J said...

I am not surprised at the achievements from either of your their different personalities and individual gifts. They have very good role models in both you and Todd. As for Gabbi's meltdown..won't they have a good time laughing about this when they are older and looking back at your pictorials. This is one blessed family. Thanks for sharing!