Saturday, June 6, 2015

The days after the retreat... Miss Pat.

This pic was taken the morning after all the art retreaters left to go home.  The girls were up and dressed for school.  So, of course, it was time for the #grovesgirls pic!  I wonder how many I have by now!
So, although the ladies left, I had one gem who stayed behind.  Miss Pat is a beautiful lady who came down to the retreat from Columbus, Ohio.  She decided to stay a few extra days so we could mastermind a little, discuss ideas, and even consider collaborate on the writing of a book.
(Look at sweet Lizzie girl... she was ready to have her house back.  She's a patient dog, though.  She just hangs back when everybody is here and watches the show!)
Miss Pat got a firsthand look at the crazy lives of the Groves!  She was up with us to run the kids to school, and she got to see that we hardly ever really stop.
I took Miss Pat with me to the studio where she got to witness the hours of preparation that goes into all of these speaking and training engagements that I am currently honored to have/ do.  Oh yeah, this was Cinco de Mayo, so I did my most festive jewelry for the occasion.
I don't think she slid in on this though... this was Cade's last day at MMPT.  He has been one of our MMPT PT techs for four years.  This year, he was accepted to PT school in New Orleans.  We have a "Jesus nugget" on Tuesdays before work.  7:45 am.
Cade decided that on this particular day, he'd lead the meeting.
One must admit... there's not a better way to start the workday!
Flash forward to lunch... Miss Pat and I went to lunch, and if you'll notice every time you see a photo of her, she has a notepad in her hand!  So do I , actually.  She is a lifelong learner!!  In fact, she will be featured in my daily Motivation that will go out Monday morning.  The first one went out today.  If you want to receive these, email Suzy at, and just say, "please add me to email list".  I've been wanting to roll out something like this for a year, and TODAY I finally sent my first bulk email.  Hallelujah!!
ANyhoo... here we are after FLYING home from work, grabbing the girls, and heading to the ballpark!  Would you believe that she later shared with me that she thought I was a housewife who was just making a little extra money by having a little art weekend.  She was shocked how busy my life was!  That kind of cracked me up!!  We have perceptions of people that can be very, very wrong!!  Beware.
Todd the Bod came to the game.  His shadow had to sit and hang with him.
Miss Gabbi Lou LOVES tee ball!  She has really made improvements this year too!
I love watching her run the bases.  She has the most unique way of running, and so many people comment on it.
This one has enjoyed ball too.  She really doesn't have the technical parts of it down yet, but, well, let's just say she must have a heck of a positive self image, because it never seems to bother her much.
She RARELY gets a change to run, if you know what I mean.  She's usually heading right back to the dugout.  BUT... she comes back smiling!
She went right to coach pitch after NOT playing tee ball for two years, so I think it was a bit of a radical change for her.  I think watching her keep going back, smiling, and showing a great attitude is what makes me to the most proud of her though.

I don't like my girls to quit.  I will be really excited when they decide exactly what it is they really like the most and feel passionate about, so we can CHOOSE the sport/ activity they want to stick with and really pursue long term.

JinJin hardly misses any event of any kind!!  She is there EVERY TIME!
It was fun having Miss Pat there this time too!!  She and Gabbi had a really special bond!
And then came the best part... some really deep reflection time on on the back porch!
Even the girls got in on it.  They wrote in their "journals" and we all enjoyed the peacefulness of the back porch area on a Louisiana summer night.
One more morning on this post... Ellie is up and taking notes of some kind!  Who ever really knows!
Miss Pat got in on the morning pic, as it was her last day!
ANd I took a pic with an expanded view for her to take home with her to Ohio.
She even went to drop them off at school with me for one last hug and goodbye.  It was a good few days!!
If you don't have one, you should find an older mentor.  One who has been there, done that, and is still growing.  Also one who is "ahead of you" in growth so they can teach and share.  I am thankful for Miss Pat.



melanie, aka Mo said...

Sweet words from Miss Pat...
The AWESOME SPIRIT I felt with your family was truly captured in your blog (so sorry I can't comment on your blog, but it would not let me). Well done dear MO ! YOUR SPIRIT comes through in your writing. I got more than I gave. I learned more than I taught, but I did not love less than I was loved. Indeed, each of you are deeply respected and loved....actually you seem like family !! Many thanks ! ❤️

Can anyone tell me the secret to signing up to post a comment on this blog? I've had similar reports of not being able to in the past!!

Mama J said...

No wonder why you and Ms. Pat hit it off so well. Looks like you picked a winner to collaborate with Mo! It appears her visit with your family made a very deep and lasting impression. That is awesome!

Beverly said...

Love reading your words. I have a mentor and he is wonderful. Emil was in the Navy with my Dad so many years ago. We connected when he wrote a book, send my Dad a copy and came to see Daddy at my house. My Dad had Alzheimers and lived with me. Emil lives in Israel. He has guided me for the last ..... maybe 15 years. I'm getting ready to retire and he is still helping me make decisions. Emil is in his 90's and recently lost his wife to the same disease that took my Dad. I am so lucky to have Emil in my life. He has taught me so much. And he hasn't stopped yet! Miss Pat looks like a keeper too. I know you'll enjoy her mentoring for years to come.