Friday, January 30, 2015

Randomness, lovely randomness

For all my bloggie buds who like it when my totally random, there's a bird, shiny object syndrome starts rearing its ugly head.  This one's for you!!
Ok.  I LOL every time I see this!
These go waaaaay back!!  This is when Luke and Lola made their appearance at Christmas.  Would you look at Gabbi Girl's face!?  To say she was excited was a bit of an understatement!!
Ellie is just checking out the situation.  She is quite the inquisitive one!  She just couldn't believe the elves wrote on those cookies for them!
AND Luke got icing on his face in the process!
We are having a petty awesome Valentine's class for men on February 9th at the studio.  It is just for men!  They will be assisted in making their wives custom jewelry!  There will be cross bracelets, earrings, like the below, and necklaces.  The men will be taught to custom stamp the jewelry.  They can choose the stones they like best to compliment the earrings... pearls, turquoise, or a colored stone.  Also, they can choose between copper and silver.  WOMEN:  make them sign up.  This will be the bomb dignity!!  call to reserve his spot.  318-884-8334.  Call Monday through Friday next week.
Here's Miss Kelsey at therapy.  I LOVE the contraptions my smart therapists and staff come up with to make therapy fun for our kids.  That is a steering wheel in her hands in case you couldn't tell!
This is Robert.  He was one of our student interns, and he and Lucas made a connection early in the game.  He has moved on now, but we miss him!!  Lucas is still doing great!
Ok.  random screenshots.  One day, I'm doing my hair like this!!  I always cut the flowers in season and put them in my bun or ponytails.  But... not usually a whole bouquet.  LOVE this !
This is Gabbi Louanne Groves, queen of selfies on mom's phone when she doesn't know it!
Hmmm.... wonder who was on elf duty this night?
SO, when we were in Gulf Shores for Mary Allison's winter break getaway trip, we went into this cute little resale shop.  I think I might just have to go back for this stool if it is still there.  I LOVE all things black and white.  I loved that table thingy too.  Just couldn't figure out how to get it back home.
This either.  I really wanted to put this by my front door, or on one of our mantels and load it down with decorations.
Or this... Again.  It's the black and white thing!
Saw this in a magazine.  Gotta make it!  Oh... going to Tucson tomorrow, so who knows what kind of treasures will be coming home with me!!
MA's snapchat.  I caught it.
My hair when I suppose I thought I was Marilyn Monroe.  I am NOT intentionally trying to be a  blond bombshell.  It just happens!  ha
How we study at therapy. After 20 years of practice, I LOVE working with people who still get a charge out of learning new things and teaching each other.  If I do say so myself... my staff ROCKS!!!
And that's about all folks.
I am about to order a new batch of planners, as I have sold out.  Holly, to answer your question, the "career" portion of the planner is very, very small. If you think you want one, let me know, cause this will be our last order of 2015. And I WILL be doing a call over the phone to walk you through how to use it.  And won't it be fun to finally "connect" actual voice to voice?!  I feel like I know you!

Email me at or order at .  This is our final order.

Peace out, peeps.


Mbeaty19 said...

Love the random post. Looks like the elves had a lot of fun at your house. I really like your hair in the pictures. What blessings your girls are (including MA). I love resale shops but not allowed to go in them too often. I tend to go crazy in them wanting to buy so many different things. Your staff is incredible: I love seeing their unique ideas to help their patients and the bonds they form. Wish I lived closer and could attend your Mastermind group as you discuss 15 invaluable laws of growth. I'm so excited about reading it (ps didn't get the email from you about it) glad you continue to share all your great experiences with us and always keep me thinking, planning, and growing!

Becca said...

I have been debating order a planner, now I have to since this will be the last order!! Thanks for giving me the push I needed. And I never comment, but have twice in the last 10 minutes. Yay, for starting trends :)