Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Graduation of The 15 Laws of Growth MMG

To say I've been a little bloggy remiss would be a gross understatement!!  I have been balls to the walls lately.  (doesn't everyone know that expression?!)  I am trying to hustle three businesses, do community service work, raise those two young uns of mine, and have also started working with a personal trainer.  WHAAAAT??? you say!  Yep!  You read it right!! 
I have been leading mastermind groups with business women, and over and over, while reading and teaching the material, I am having to admit, that despite the fact I feel I am overachieving in so many areas of my life, I continue to fail miserably in one... my health!!  And what do we really have if we don't have health, right?  Sooooo... 4 mornings a week, I am kicking it as hard as I can.  AND... I am prepping meals, learning to read labels, and watching my sugar intake.

I teach about having intentional growth in seven areas.... personal growth, career, financial, fun/recreation, family/friends, health, romance/ significant other and physical environment.  I ask my retreat participants to rate themselves in these areas.  If you bought a planner from me, you KNOW that this is the main premise of my planner... to remain focused on the most important thing, month to month this year, by continually reevaluating those 8 domains.  And if one is lacking, that is the one that needs the most attention that particular month.
Sooooo... for January, for melanie, it has been health and romance.  I have worked out, going on three weeks now, changed my diet considerably, and Todd and I booked a vacation for February for just us two.  We had a movie night and spent last weekend without kids.  That is a big deal!  Oh... and I got my toenails painted.  Just sayin'!  (Couldn't hurt!)

I'm thinking about doing a little planner "how to" over the phone for anyone who'd like to call in.  Is anyone interested?  If you bought a planner or would like to buy one, please comment.  If you'd like me to invest in a "free conferencing" number and have my bloggers be my trial run on audio conferences via phone, please comment on the blog or email me you interest.

I'll be back soon.  Heck, maybe even tomorrow!!
and oh yeah... the next Mastermind group where we'll be talking about and studying John Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth will be Feb 10th in the PM after work, and on the 11th at lunch.  Each group will run 8 weeks.  Trust me... this can be life changing!!  If interested email me at the aforementioned address.



Patchez said...

I'm super excited you are back blogging!!! This is my morning read!!! You totally admire me with how many "hats" you wear!!! You are super-woman.....AKA "Super Mel!!!!😉

kimybeee said...

I really miss you blogging your adventures. You need paparazzi to follow you and run the blog lol

I am glad you are working on your health. I have no idea how you keep up with such an exhausting schedule. Maybe the health part will make the time you do rest more quality since you don't get much quantity!

I enjoy looking at Pinterest and seeing things I know will have your name on them. I have to say the bathroom vanity you pinned under condo redo surprises me. It doesn't look like you or the beach! Lol. I do love all the things you pin under house. We have a lot of common themes between us there. And all your other topics have some cool stuff too. I love your quotes.

Shannon said...

Melanie! YOU - prepping meals? Come on, now. JK! Glad you're taking your health to the forefront!

Unknown said...

I am SO interested in a phone confrence about using my planner! I bought it when you first made them available but am kind of overwhelmed when I open it up. Good for you for taking your health seriously!

Holly said...

Well this may sound like a silly question, I am JinJin's age, my husband is retired, I still work part-time from home (bookkeeper), career growth for me is past, is the planner mostly career oriented, or could someone at my stage of life benefit?