Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween at's a perennial favorite!

Well, I guess better late than never.  Right?!  So... MMPT West Monroe clinic decided they'd be cops and robbers.  Todd, typically NOT one to get in on the fun of things, suddenly walks into the bathroom, where the girls and I are getting dressed, and he has THIS on!  
I was cracking up.  I actually think he looks a little like Pit Bull!  But... in his mind... I really don't know!  Some sort of robber, I suppose.  He even has a tear under his left eye!  Like the cons in the lock up have.
The girls were ready for their day at school, full of Halloween parties and such.
Their strange parents, on the other hand, were dressed and ready for the day!  MMPT Ruston was Tacky Tourists.
See?  Another robber!
Never one to go with the crowd, Tom was neither cop nor robber.  I think he secretly needed a reason to dress in tie dye, long hair and a headband!!
Ralph, part of our Ruston PT team, was a perfect Tacky Tourist!!
Now over in our Monroe clinic... oh man!!  They were classic!!  They told Kourtney, one of our therapists, they were going to be 90's rappers.  She came as Tupac.  What she didn't know is that they were secretly planning Kourtney's Krazy Land.  Kourtney sorta lives in lala land, and she talks about aliens and fairies, and things like they've spotted gnomes over in countries overseas.... and to hear them talk about it, she has convinced herself of these things.  SOoooo.... they all dressed up just like those things.  All the while, she was Tupac!
Another robber!  Where are the cops?!!
OH!  There he is!  That stache though!!
And looks like JW and Ashley have nabbed a real robber!!
Sweet Paige came in her pumpkin outfit too.  I couldn't resist adding her to this blog post!
Tyler is our newest PT.  He was a PT tech waaaaaay back several years ago, and he is now back as a PT.  He'll be heading up our PT team in Ruston.
And my oh my, would you look at Clark Kent?!  Is he not adorable? !
These tacky tourists were hilarious.
But this thug really made my day!!
I love working in a place where one of our core values is FUN!



Jerelyne Nemanich said...

Love it - especially the Titlest hat, baseball cap all thugs wear:)

Mama J said...

The tear did it for me. Oh and my husband too. ahem...teehee

Unknown said...

Haha! Y'all are awesome!

snekcip said...

Okay this is hilarious!!! The thug and gnome was side-splitting!! C'mon.... you didn't post Tupac?!!

snekcip said...

*were side splitting*

snekcip said...

*were side splitting*