Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gratitude Journal.... Nov. 30... COMPLETE!

Here it is... the finished product!  For all of you who ordered a Gratitude Journal from MoJoy, thank you!  And I really hope that you are working hard to complete yours too!!  It's really not hard.  I PROMISE!!  
 Did you check out the videos on my Mojoy Facebook page?!  I tried to do a little step-by-step tutorial of several of the pages.
 For the rest, I am just going to let you take a look here... 2 page spreads... every one of them.
 So, the only thing here is the prompt provided in the kit, a couple of pictures, one I cut around, and one I just slapped in there 4x6.  I cut out two hearts by hand and used pop dots to stack them with a little dimension.  I used the stamps provided in the kit to add t+m on the heart.  and voila... DONE!
 On some of the pages, I loved the picture, but didn't have a prompt that seemed to fit.  Therefore, I just wrote my own!

 On this page, with the bright fall trees, I just put the whole photo on the page and added some sticker letters atop some patterned paper and stuck them to the edges.  OH... and look in the top left corner.  I wrote right on the photo with a skinny Sharpie.

 The words below right are all done with the stamps I provided in the kit.  If you are stamping on a slick surface, like a photo, be sure to use Staz On ink so it won't smear.  Otherwise, if stamping on paper, just use any old stamp pad.

 I try to peruse Michael's and Hobby Lobby for deals.  And when they have things 50% off, I try specifically to think of how I can use those things in my current project.  I saw these state shapes on sale, and I bought them to represent the places I've had the privilege of visiting this year.  The year that I decided to use "explore" as my word of the year.
 And to be perfectly honest, in my gratitude journal, I just look through my photos in my phone and choose pics that make me think "I'm thankful"!  For instance, Ellie's concussion in May.  Well, it certainly didn't happen in November.   But I wasn't doing a "November journal", now was I!?  Sooo.... it made the cut.
 I used the kit prompts for "My favorite fall smell" and "my favorite fall taste".  And I made sure I had pics taken to support those.  (The scalloped frame below was also on 50% off.  48 of them for, like, 2 bucks!  SCORE!!
 I dug through my old stickers and found these leaf stickers.  I haven't used them in about 10 years, so the chances are, I wasn't going to!  haha.  YEP.  I am a bit of a product hoarder!!  I am really trying to MAKE myself let all these things go now!  Look at me go!!
 Oh... and back to the spread above.  The journals had fun little pockets tucked here and there!  I have about 10 or so #grovesgirls pics tucked into that pocket on the right!  Great place to keep the fall ones together.

 Please notice that I use the prompts, some ink on the edges, a Sharpie for documentation, and some washi tape.  OH... and some letter stickers.  When sales are on, I buy black or white ones only.  Usually only black.  They tend to go with any layout!
 and I am now realizing I am only at the midway point of my journal. So, I'll stop with the editorials and let you just look and enjoy!

 (can't stand it... pack of cardboard letters!  2 bucks for all of them!  And I painted them white, then inked the edges, then wrote on them.)
 (white pen on red gaffer tape below)

 Pictures from a single night all tucked into one pocket.

 Some pages, I knew what I wanted to do, so I wrote the words, and prepared it for the photo.  Then, I uploaded the pics from Thanksgiving Day to Instagram, sent those puppies to Walgreen's, and put them in their predesignated spot.

 And that brings us to the end of our journal!
 I got some rust-colored yarn and wrapped her up.  DONE!
It is thrilling to add a new mini book to my little red cart in my art room.  I am slowly but surely keeping all my memories tucked right into fun little books!  I look forward to the days when my girls want to look back at all the memories of their childhood.  OK.... so get after it!  Finish yours!!

And today, I started on the Christmas one!!  No way will I be able to do it daily.  So, I will just sit and see how many pages I can do in one sitting.  I am snapping pics and sending them off to print at Walgreen's.  It's just the easiest process for me!  Do what works for you.  Order your Christmas journal at



Unknown said...

I LOVE! Your book is awesome.

What's the status of the camper?? I forgot about it until I saw the pic.

kimybeee said...

Looks great! I will try to get inspired! Lol

Mbeaty19 said...

Love this post. Your books are always so inspiring. I like how simple your pages seem but they hold so many thoughts and memories. Love looking through to get ideas and techniques. Thank you. For always sharing your books with. Us.

I'm branching out and making a December Daily book. With so many great ideas from you and your many books hoping it will be something my boys and I can look back on and remember this special month. Lots of great things planned.

Bltmom said...

What is your Facebook page? I love your blog and would love to follow on Facebook.

melanie, aka Mo said...

On FB, I'm Melanie Massey and also have a page called Mojoy.