Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mother Daughter Daughter Trip. Let's be SPONTANEOUS!!

This year, on the first weekend of October, I was smack dab in the middle of an art retreat!  For that reason, I didn't go on my annual jaunt with my cousins, Cherry and Sissy.  I loved having the retreat, and if I had it to do over again, I'd choose it every time.  Buuuutttt.... I really missed going to Canton too!  So....
I called mom and Staci and we made a very impromptu decision to hit to interstate and go take us an adventure.  After all... my word this year IS "Explore"!!
After swinging by Posado's in Shreveport on the way out, we made it finally to our hotel in LIndale, TX.  I'm talking we didn't even leave West Funroe until around 6:30, and it is a 4 hour trip.

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, we went down to have breakfast in the hotel lobby.   Mom runs into her college roommate!  How bout that for coincidence?!
Would you LOOK at what their waffle iron made?!  Very cool!
So, then, we were off to the market.  I snapped a few pics of things that I knew I could go home and make or that inspired me.
Todd sent me a  few pics via text too.  It was 50's day, and I'd left the girls' outfits all laid out and ready to go.  The scarf was supposed to be tied in Ellie's hair, but hey.. they got close.  She was NOT happy that she didn't have a poodle skirt.  I mean, like N.O.T. happy!!
"I'll be the ONLY girl at school not in a poodle skirt".  Like I believe that. AND like I can just drum up a kids' size six poodle skirt!
If you follow me on FB or Instagram, you know that every time I am out of town, Todd decides to do something funny with their daily #grovesgirls pic!  Today, it was this.
Meanwhile, back at Canton Trade Days...
We stopped by #queenofthetrailerpark to say hi.  She was always so willing to donate things to the Shake 4 Jake event.  All i had to do was call her and ask!
Oh YESS!  I am MAKING this!!
It was fun having only the three amigos on this really fast, last-minute trip!
JinJin on her scooter kept us howling.
I have this kid at MMPT who is 18 or so and has cerebral palsy.  THIS IS HIS JAM!  Everybody know the next line of this song?!
If I'm just being honest, I don't think there was anything we didn't EAT!
Corn on a stick!
Chicken salad!  Peanut brittle.  Corndogs... this place is a hot spot for quickie food.  And we were all hurting from head to toe by mid afternoon, such that we just wanted to sit.  And when you sit at the food court, well,.... you know!
I bought this sweet shirt for KK's baby boy.
And us girls laughed til I'm pretty sure these two peed on themselves.
(But if they get a doctor's prescription and bring me an insurance card, I can help them with that!  haha)
TOLD ya!
My cousin, Cherry, has a difficult time telling her birds apart.  She bought a whole pumpkin kit one year for my Aunt Bonnie that turned out to look exactly like a PEACOCK instead of a turkey.  And so, I sent her this one so she could identify the species for me.
Todd tells me I should start wearing my car key FOB around my neck.  I just got a new vehicle, and I've locked the fob in the car no fewer than 4 times already!  The dang car is too fancy schmancy!  If you leave the fob in the car, it'd automatically lock on you.  We have since remedied it by taking it back to the dealership and having them dismantle that feature!  I just don't like taking my keys in at work or the house.  Then I find that all I do is LOSE them!  I sent him this pic of all these crystally key holders and asked him if he really wanted to see me in this all day long.
Seriously, we laughed our heads off.  That is pretty much the norm when we are all together.
And I guess that is what it is all about!
Don't negate the importance of taking these spontaneous trips with those you love.  We went on a Wednesday night, took the day off Thursday, shopped all day, and hightailed it back to Monroe in time for work on Friday!  Lots of memories made!!



Unknown said...

What fun!

Mama J said...

Thelma and Louise plus one! It shows on your faces how much fun you had! Wish my sister was closer and physically able to do something like this. You are blessed and it was fun to read of your escapade! Girls do have fun!

Shannon said...

Look at her butt!

Becky said...

sounds like fun!