Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Madi birthday

OH no you Din't.  
You didn't think we'd have a party without a balloon launch, did you?!
THere's PawPaw Raborn, above, who hasn't been in my blog in quite a while!
And here are the remaining squirt, ready to let the balloons go to heaven!
I love Ellie's face in the photo below!  They always look forward to sending these to Jake.
And it is a tradition to watch them til we can't see them anymore.

Look in the picture below... the tiny specks to the right bottom of the central bright spot.  We felt like that was Heaven opening up to accept them!  And look at the rays shooting down to the bottom.  That is another way I always feel Jake is telling me hello!  So, I think this was his thank you to the girls.

We even recruited a friend we'd never met before so we could share the story.  We always look for a reason to tell someone about Jake.  That way his story lives on.  And in our hearts and minds, so does he!
I can still see them.  Can you?!

Oh.  And I share this cute picture of a gift to Madi.  It was in a Johnny's Pizza box!  Very clever.
And finally, the queen got her individual ride around the skating rink, waving at her submissive peeps!  ha.  Every kid who had a birthday party that day got a ride all by themselves.
And with that.... it'll be a full year tip we get to do it again!
(That doesn't keep Ellie Sue from telling me weekly what kind of party she wants "next"!  Can you feel me, moms?!)



The Mommy said...

So very sweet!

Amy K said...

Gorgeous photos - the heavens were definitely opening up for Jake to receive his balloons.
I love your clever pizza box gift!