Thursday, October 16, 2014

A little random loveliness

Have you noticed my #grovesgirls pics this year on FB and Instagram are much more orderly than in the past!  Gabbi is always on the left.  Ellie on the right.  That way at the end of the year, I can do a Flipagram and it should be nice and orderly to see my girls' transformation over the year.  I know, I know... a tad bit psychotic. 
Linda Lou sent me this pic of Ellie at dancing.  Lucy Lou, Linda Lou's "dog", (yes, I say "dog" in quotes, cause she is really more like her daughter!!), accompanies her to dancing class from "time to time".  (Again, by "time to time", I mean daily!)  The girls don't seem to mind a bit!
This is an ecard I screenshotted and sent to Jessi.  Cause you know, in our own minds, we are comedians!  Does anyone have "that" friend?!
And another totally random thing... I have only recently realized that I can only make myself focus to write a speech, get a presentation ready, or study, if I am in a busy environment with a booth!   I mean, I have known this forever!  I only studied for tests in college at the Waffle House, and usually started the night before around 9:00 pm or so.  What's up with that?
And now, at 45, I STILL do things last minute, and in a busy environment (I suppose I NEED the light distraction, but in an environment where I don't really know anyone).  One of the things I teach in my retreats is that we all need a thinking spot.  I have a couple at home.  I TRY to make it my cottage.  But I tend to WRITE best in one particular seat in my art room.  I THINK in a recliner in my cottage.  I STUDY and LEARN in a public restaurant.  I also THINK and CHILL on my back porch swing.  I have tried to make my offices at MMPT and MoJoy creative and inspiring, so I'd want to spend more time in them.  BUT... it just doesn't work!

How bout you?  Do you have a place you like to think?  I'd like to hear about it.
Sock bun action.  Doesn't get more "random" than that!!

Hang on, art retreaters!! I'm getting all our stories and pictures in order!!  Probably by end of week.



kimybeee said...

I would think you would need many things going on around you all the time. I imagine quiet makes you antsy lol

Mama J said...

You wouldn't be the Mel we love if you didn't have this little quirk. I would think your busy mind would shatter glass if you were totally closed off. Teehee It obviously works for you.

Amy K said...

When I'm reading something that I need to really comprehend, I need quiet. When I'm reading for enjoyment, I can be anywhere.
This will sound odd to most, but I do my best thinking/planning while milking cows and in the shower (ironically, two places where I don't have pen & paper to jot notes down).
By the way, you rock the sock bun!