Friday, October 17, 2014

Another totally random post!

My sweet little Kelsey at my office is having a birthday party this weekend at my studio.  She LOVES to play pretend!  We have washed and folded MANY a rag in PT!  And we are forever cooking and serving people around the clinic.  Oh, and I'm teaching her to be an entrepreneur by selling people their own paperclips!  ha!  clever, huh?!

Anyway, I was thinking this might be an awesome gift for her.  (Then talked to her MK and found out she basically has ALL of these things already!)
Want to know where this cute little thing was?  well... does THIS give you a clue?
O yeah.... Cracker Barrel! Does it get any better than that?

I have no idea why I took a picture of this book.  But when I was uploading pics to my blog, I found this and thought, what the heck, I'll share it too.  Look at the bottom paragraph.
I sort of love this.  I find it very difficult to price my services.  I mean, pricing is pretty personal.  We pay two people totally different amounts for basically the same service.
This sort of explains why!  Who has dedicated their life to perfecting the process?!
I'll give you a little sampling of what is on my bookshelves at MoJoy Studio.
"Suddenly" being attracted to leadership and personal growth information would be a bit of an understatement!  I've been learning and reading about personal growth since I graduated from college.  I remember one of my first books was by Brian Tracy.  I was about 23.  And I was trying to decide whether or not I would try to open my own clinic.  I read it on the way to a ski trip, on the airplane, with Todd's family.  I recall that book being pivotal to me.  However, I do not recall the name of it!  ha.  I'd recognize it if I really looked for it.
And then, I have LOTS of John Maxwell's books.  Can't say that I have read them all.  But, it is on my bucket list.  This is his new one.
It was the one that the L2 Simulcast was based on last weekend (which was a huge hit, by the way!).  I think this book is going to be GREAT!!  I am having the leaders at my clinic make more of their own decisions by asking them questions instead of telling them what to do.  It helps DEVELOP their leadership.
As many of you know, I LOVE strengths!  I LOVE the concept of using people in their strength zones.  I have every single person who works for me take the test!  In fact, you also have to take it to come to one of the MoJoy art retreats!  I sent this one to Suzy, who is using strength information in her classroom this year.  She has seen a change in her students!  That is pretty awesome!

I really like this one.  Gabbi made this is Sunday School at Kimie's church.  THAT is the GOOD NEWS!
Ellie Sue is the only kid I know who "bubble letters" the answers to her math homework.  I bet her teacher gets a kick out of that!!
Can I get an AMEN?!

And finally, this is my college kid and her college peeps at the condo in Fort Morgan.  They were there the first weekend of October.  I think her soul was healed a little bit more from being there with her girls.  LOVE this kid!


Mbeaty19 said...

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Loving these random post. Especially love when you including reading material ideas. My list is getting quite hefty from all the book ideas. Can't wait for your retreat post. (they rank right up their with you mini book post - always very inspiring) Keep all the randomness coming.

kimybeee said...

Random is good. Random sums you up pretty well lol.