Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nametags. Let's rock and roll!!

Whooop whoop!  Guess what time it is!?!  It is time for us to introduce all of our retreaters!  First off, my two special helpers, Jennifer and Lisa.  They came a night early to help me set up, take my girls to school (Ha!  Yep, I had to work a few hours before everyone showed up lunch-ish on Friday), and just set the stage in general. 
They can also attest to my last minute-ness!  I started painting the name tags Thursday night before the chickies were coming on Friday!
And talk about random!!  Jennifer walked around the art room, finding different little subject matter to use as our icons.
Only one smallllll problem... there was no Jamie!  It was Jessi!  So, I have a Jamie button if anybody out there is a Jamie and would like a fleur de lis, Louisiana-themed name tag!
Tensie later told me she thought this was a chicken.  Umm, no.  Just a bird.  And random, yes, I agree.
Finally, a few more...
And we had to make a sign for Nancy, cause my guests were also in charge of picking her up at the airport!  Or so we thought!  We had no idea her flight would be cancelled the next day.
Ellie painted all of this in for me after I drew it.  She was very concerned about that purple drop she made on the paper, but then said, "Oh, I actually love that.  It is like it dropped off the brush."  Very intuitive little young 'un.
So, get ready... a whole week of posts about the MoZart Retreat.  It was a great success.  Only ONE visit to the hospital!



nss said...

I can not wait!!!!

Jennifer Perkins said...

We had a blast on Thursday. I am in awe of your creativity in making the name tags :-)