Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Madi's Seventh Birthday Party

Would you look at these BIG GIRLS?  I mean, look at the length of those dad gum legs!! 
And then there is this precious little pixie.
Yep.  They are now SEVEN years old!  Madi had her seventh birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  And gone are the days of sweet little themed parties!  Sigh.  Now, we are officially skating rink age!
These two are like two peas in a POD!  They would absolutely spend every single day together if they could.
Cousins make the best bests, I assume.  I looked at a few pics the other day where they were about 12-18 months old, and they were on their elbows on the ground with Ellie's hand over her mouth like she was whispering a secret, and Madi was clearly  laughing "hysterically"!  It was the cutest thing!
And now..... THIS!
I always hate it that Gabbi Lou sort of gets the "third wheel" classification.  But, God knew what he was doing when he made her my baby!  She doesn't really seem to mind.  She plays well by herself.  If Ellie Susanne was the baby, and she was the one on the outskirts, there would be hell to pay.  She is a big time social butterfly!  So, the Madi/ Ellie pairing really works out in the end.

For any of you who are wondering what Skatetown West Monroe looks like, here ya go!
And with any good skating party, one needs a good skating party cake!!
Here I am with my friend, Courtney, who decided to get tattooed eyeliner the night before.  And her eyes were all swollen and red.  Ummm... not sure I'm gonna try that!
Girls, girls, everywhere, girls!
So many of you who follow my blog have been around since I brought these little angels home with me.  So, you have literally watched them grow up!  And for that I am really grateful!

I sorta LIVE in a spirit of gratitude lately!  I mean, we have SO, so much to be thankful for!  Oh there I go.... I'm about to get off on a tangent, so I'll just stop.  But know that I love you for loving us!
And I love this only niece of mine!
After all those boys... the Lord blessed Staci with a girl.  And a very sweet one at that.
She gets to raise three of them.  And I get to raise three of them.  Because they don't think they can be separated even one weekend.  They are truly best buds!
and now they are SEVEN!!  Wow!!
What a great day to celebrate!



kimybeee said...

Happy birthday to madi!!

Unknown said...

Wow, it does not seem like it's been seven years since your family was blessed with two little rays of sunshine. Thank you for continuing to share your family with us, can't wait for the teenage years! Lol

Cassie12 said...

Mo….It really doesn't seem possible that these little girls are seven….they are such cuties and it has been so much fun watching them grow up!!! Happy Birthday to all of them!!!
Redwood City, CA

Susantwilhelm said...

Happy birthday, Maddi! Hard to believe how grown up all three are!

The Mommy said...

I remember when they were born, and it seems impossible that it was seven years ago! Of course, my kids keep getting older and growing up too. I don't know how exactly, because I don't feel that much older! Ha!

It's so sweet to see them together and growing up as such good friends! I hope all is well for Stacy and her crew.

Holly said...

After being blessed to walk Jake's path with you, it was such fun to see these three beautiful little angels show up! (Still positive Jake hand-picked them and blessed them himself!). Thank you for sharing them! And for inspiring me on so many levels!

Holly & JakeDog

PS. It's not possible! They CAN'T possibly be seven already!!!!!!

Becky said...

my computer has been down so I'm catching up. I know that God had the perfect plan when he sent you your sweet girls and Madi to Staci so they could all grow up together.....I remember when you had Elle and it really doesn't seem like 7 years ago. Glad you still send up balloons - we have been sending them to my nephew who is forever eleven (11) for 17 years and we will continue to do so until we are back together again