Monday, September 1, 2014

Take a chance. IT'S RETREAT TIME!

With that said, I am diligently working on my program for my upcoming retreat in October.  It'll be the first weekend of October, so I'll be skipping the family Canton trip this year,.  (Sorry, Cherry!).
Because I have spent the past few months organizing the material I have learned from John Maxwell, as well as really put my mind on how to better understand and use my personal strengths, I think there will be a focus of these things at this retreat.

 I have a staff of about 50 at MMPT.  I love to hear people there explaining why they are going to need to delegate something to someone else, because it is not in their strength zone.  And believe me, it is not "excusey".  It is seriously because when one is working in their are a of giftedness, they are energized.  Brian, at my office, is a "learner"/ "Input".  He LOVES to find information and categorize it, then disseminate it to the appropriate people.  I am "Communication/ "maximizer".  So, I like to take all those mounds of information, make them even better, with pictures or art projects, or put it all in a cute binder with a custom sticker on the front, then teach it to people.  So, he and I pair up for our leadership meetings on Thursday mornings.  Because we have learned to use our gifts, neither of us feels fatigued by our input to the process.  I would be DRAINED if I had to look all the information up.  And he would present it just as he found it on the internet, vs "cutifying" it or adding a ton of real-life examples to the material.  I am also the one who can very naturally stand in front of the group and present the material.

I have the opportunity to work with two businesses in September who I'll be presenting this strengths information to!  I have also worked with one of my blog readers, who was in the midst of a  career change, to find and work her strengths to put her in a position for a totally new venture and a potentially big, big payoff.

So, two things...
One:  I am having my next art retreat October 3-5.  I am going to do it a little differently this year.  I can house about 10 people.  I am opening up my home to the first 10 who are interested.  The cost to stay with me and likely have breakfast made for us be Todd the Bod will be $250.  This is the cost for room and board.  I have some great friends who will make sure we are heavy in the snack department, and I'm sure the art room in my home will be booming every night after the event at my studio.  I'll have a few surprises set up for those who choose to stay at my hacienda. Little projects for those who do choose to stay with me.  I tried to be fair, since, clearly if someone is coming from out of town, they have to have a place to stay anyway!  This way, there's a little perk!  (Plus you get to meet Lizzie and Twilight Sparkles!  ha)  I will have projects planned which we will do primarily at the MoJoy Studio, but we might come back to the homestead for a project or two over the weekend.  We WILL be infusing the weekend with some personal growth activities, as self-awareness is a beautiful thing.  DOn't think you will be put on the spot to share!  I do most of the talking/ teaching/ sharing, but if you are a "Communication/ woo", feel free to dive on in!  (JENNIFER P!)   We'll be going out to eat together at a local restaurant for both Friday and Saturday nights, ( unless we choose to order in!) and we'll order lunch as a group for lunch on Saturday.  Check in will be later afternoon Friday and we'll dismiss the crew on Sunday noonish.

The cost of the actual retreat is $200.  This will be to cover the cost of the materials.  If you are LOCAL and want to join in on the fun but prefer to stay at your own house, the cost of the retreat will be $200 total.  If needing a place to stay, add the $250 to the total.  We'll be painting, journaling, making jewelry, inspiring each other, and laughing our heads off!  So, contact your bestie, and plan to join us for the weekend retreat.  I KNOW it will be something you won't forget for a long, long time.

So, if you've ever thought you'd really like to do a MoJoy Art Retreat and haven't pulled the trigger... this is it!  I really want to have a big group.  It's funner that way.  We might even partner up and have some team projects!  Contact me at to get on the list.

As for Number Two:  Well... that is a project I am working on to do some life coaching over the phone.  I want to give people the opportunity to experience growth, and having a "facilitator" can really amplify that process.  I would like for you to also take your strengths test prior to the call, as I think that is very telling and very helpful when coaching a client.  If you are interested, contact me at  for more details.  If you are finding yourself stuck in relationships, financially, in health, not reaching out to friends and family, spiritually, whatever.... I think I can help you.  Dottie, if you are reading this, I'd love for you to reply with a testimonial.

So that's it.  I have two things brewing.  And I am fired up about both of them!!

I want to have a full retreat roster this year!  COME ON!!  I know you want to!!  What are you waiting for?!  This is the year you do something for yourself!  And you have four weeks to get it planned and in action!

I'm fired up.  Hope you are too.  Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.



Dottie Phillips said...

She is the real deal! We have had several phone calls and lots of text messages for personal coaching purposes. I am in the middle of a change of career at 40.... wanting to take the big step and run my own business. Mel is helping me see that it IS possible! We started with the strength finder test, it was quite interesting. If you do this though, make sure you print out the information and read it. You have several reports that come along with it. I didn't do that in the beginning (I did it in June) and just printed everything out and read it thoroughly. Very helpful!

Through Melanie's coaching, I have learned so much about myself, including taking a look at the "big" moments in my life and really analyzing those and how they have helped define my life.

Last week, through a phone conversation - Melanie helped me see that I am the "thinker" and "dreamer" I need "doer's" around me to be really successful. THAT is the step I am on in this process and man it has been fun.

If you are thinking about doing this - don't wait any longer! Make the commitment to yourself and go for it!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks, Dottie! We already have nine signed up, so things are clipping along nicely! About 4 locals, so there is still room. Gonna be FUN!!

kimybeee said...

Is the strengths test just through john maxwell or can you take it online?

I was telling my husband this evening over dinner about your passion for this and he found it very interesting. He said he would like to take a test like this. I didn't know if it is specific to what you do or accessible to anyone.

melanie, aka Mo said...

The strengths test is through and has nothing to do with JM. However, when I asked John if he had taken the test back in August at training, he immediately recited his top 5 to me. I have video to prove it! So, apparently, he thinks they are important enough to know as well.

kimybeee said...

Cool thanks