Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small changes make big results.

I have slacked a little this week.  Dangit!!  I meant to do a quote a day.  I'll make it up to you, I promise!  And as you can see, I just screen shot these suckers when I happen to be perusing Pinterest.

I like this one.  I like it a lot.  So many people think that change has to be totally radical.  (I know I sort of think that way about diet and health, admittedly!)  But, really, if you want to see a shift in your life, just start small.  I am doing some personal coaching now, and I have tried to show people that if you will spend more time looking at the good things and a little less time even giving energy toward the "other" things, your life will begin an upward climb.  I remember years ago, I decided to really look at who I was hanging out with.  John Maxwell's Law of Environment says I am the average of the five people with whom I spend most of my time.  Who was that and what was it saying about me?!  I needed to make sure that the quality of folks I was hanging with was in alignment with the quality of life I wanted to have.  I started adding some good people to my pile!

I also absolutely love in his book, Today Matters, that John teaches that THINKING is one of 12 things that he feels can be added daily to totally change your life.  I was not setting aside quality thinking time.  I dedicated a chair in my cottage to just that.  I also now have one in my MoJoy studio.  I am toting around a little notebook almost all the time now to capture my thoughts, as I have found that I don't give myself quite the credit I deserve when it comes to good ideas and thoughts.  I also keep a file on my phone for capturing ideas and not letting them just slip through my fingers.  I am also becoming a better thinker by using my time in the car more wisely.  I have some podcasts and CDs by some of my favorite thinkers that have become my go-to audio in my car.  So becoming a conscious and more consistent thinker is another thing that is good that I am adding to my pile.

What good things are you adding to your pile right now?!  Please share.  I'd love to know.  How is your pile of good things growing?!



Mbeaty19 said...

Try this again - had a long post and my phone froze and lost it.
I know exactly what you are talking about. While at college I fell into a rut. Tried to be everything got everyone and totally burned out. An incredible mentor came to talk to me one day when I was feeling at my lowest. He talked about how everyone has bad days. Yet when these bad days happen it's important to remember the good always outnumbers the bad. After that talk I started journaling my highs and lows each day. Guess what the highs always outnumbered the lows. When my husband and I faced multiple miscarriages and rough point I found that rut again. This time I remembered the advice and focused on the highs. I realized who the important people in my life was and made sure the knew I appreciated them. I focused on the small things that I know I could fix and left the big things to God's hands. When I needed to reflect I made time to sit down and think. Journaling, reading, and enjoying those around me made each day better. John Maxwell's book 'Make Today Count' sits by my bed filled with underlined parts, notes, and great knowledge. I don't let a day pass without finding ways to 'grow' and 'learn'. Most of all I don't go anywhere without a notebook to fill with ideas, ponderings, and insight. Best of all I know I can always come here when I need a little inspiration. All this makes me 'Heart Happy'

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thank you for your input and kind works re Mojoy! And thank you for your dedication Over the years to reading my ramblings!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing that, it's exactly what I needed to read! I have a habit of wanting to do everything big and asap then of course, failing or giving up. You're always an inspiration :)

Holly said...

Oh gosh! I need work! I seem to be in a period of drifting. I feel like the frogs in water that gradually gets hotter and it's so gradual they never notice! Thanks for helping me wake up!