Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We are filling right on up! Wooooooo Hoooooo!!!

Alrighty... quick recap.

Here is who I have down for the retreat so far...

Tensie McGrew
Niki Graham
Nancy Schaefer
Amber Bridges
Dottie Phillips
Amy Mixen
Jamie GIsburne
Jennifer Perkins
Lisa Lewis

And I am still waiting for confirmation from Riley H, Pam M, Kim C, Kourtney S, Becky S, Penny B, Christy G, Lindsay Y.

I have a feeling this is going to be a good one!  I am having Emery work hard and long to get my planner ready, and we will be using that for the backbone of our projects!  So, aside from your art, you will also get to go home with a planner if all goes as planned!

I have 6 people staying in my house right now, with one from Kansas City, MO, and three from St. Louis!  (Gosh... isn't that right, Dottie?!)  Anyhoo.... I have 2 returning vets from whom I have already gotten requests on particular projects to include in the event ("Membership" has its privileges!) and 3 from right here in West Monroe.  That should be a fun break for them too!  I am counting on a few more from the "maybe" list above!  I am in a  cool place in my life right now (a little cray cray, but that seems to be where I thrive), so I am expecting really good things out of this retreat!!  If you are still wanting to join, just email me, and I'll get you hooked up!



Unknown said...

WAIT!!! There's a PLANNER involved?? AGH!

Jennifer Perkins said...

I was already excited about attending...then you mention 'the planner' and now I'm super excited!!!!!

Amy K said...

GIRL, now you're just making me sad that I can't be at this one!!!! All the best to the attendees....It will be amazing, I'm certain!
I'm still looking forward to ordering a copy of your planner.