Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last night at the beach

So, I knew I'd be going to the John Maxwell event, and I had told my kiddos that I'd take them with me to Orlando.  As the time got closer, I realized that the undertaking of kids on this trip, where I was supposed to really be networking, thinking and expanding my mind, would be pretty arduous!  And so...
The second to last weekend of the summer, we packed up and hit the road.  I made it up to them by taking them to the beach for a last hurrah!
And of course, I let them take their bestie, Madi, for 24 hour entertainment!
I also asked my friend, Suzy, to go with me, as well as a fairly new friend, Stephanie.
We hit all the fave hangouts, like here, at Tacky Jacks.  It' a dive.  And it is awesome!
I picked out shirts for my nephews, of course, having to take pics and send them to them for their approval.

And for whatever reason, these also reminded me of a college dude.  Did y'all know that Hunter is in college?  Yep!  He is getting some sort of degree in chemical something or another.  It's an associates degree, but he can get a really good job at a local plant, and this still allows him time to hunt and fish, which is what he really, really loves to do!
For the record, both he and Hayden are working at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy these days.
The above, if you can play it, is some sort of story telling situation, with Gabbi holding a stick.
And the above?!  Well... that is me with some seriously cray cray hair!!  And Stephanie had never seen my party trick.  I had to show her.
Suzy had two boys, so I am not sure she knew how to act with all these girlies all over the place.
Especially, when they are all hyped up on smoothies!!
This is quite a different scene than earlier in the summer.  I LOVE when the season starts to slow down and the pools are sparse, and things are just sort of chill.
Somehow or another I am going to have to get Todd the Bod to take me back there in the fall.  When we can just sip coffee on the balcony, swing on the boardwalk swing in the evening, and go out for a little walk on the beach in the evening.  (Am I 85?!)  My how things change as we get older!!



Holly said...

That's my favorite time to go to the beach! I don't really care to go in the water, but walking on the beach, sitting and looking at the water and breathing the air restores my soul! Your girls always look so cute, and more importantly so HAPPY!

Bless you girl!
Holly & JakeDog

Becky said...

good decision to go early and leave your little ones behind on your work trip. All the girls look like they are having a blast. I am beyond impressed at those splits you did.

kimybeee said...

That isn't being old, it is savoring the little things!! And ROMANTIC!

Unknown said...

That fall trip sounds amazing! Just some relaxation. Looks like the girls had a blast, as always.