Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thoughts vs Contemplation. (Mo is shifting into a higher gear tonight!)

So, one of my favorite "thinkers" is Paul Marinelli.  I just love the way he thinks!  And I find that the more I listen to him, his teachings, his live calls, the more I start to think like him.  It's amazing how growth occurs when we just attune our minds and hearts to let it occur.  

I just loaded some of the gazillion quotes that were on my phone for this blog.  This one, well, this one reminds me of something Paul has taught me.  We all have ideas.  And they come to us from God.  Where else would an idea come from?!  He is the ultimate creator, after all. 
So we get this inspired idea.  In the above quote that idea is a person.  Someone you feel an inclination to be particularly compassionate toward.  Hasn't it happened to you?  I've even picked someone up to give them a ride.  That's not common, but when I have the "idea" it is ok, I do it. The word Inspired comes from the words, "In spirit".  And so when the spirit of God moves through us,  we can ignore the idea and let it move right on past us and onto someone else, who will also have the option of acting on it or letting it continue on to the next person, and so on.  OR... we can act on it.  We can make it physical by manifesting it into writing on paper, expressing it aloud in our speech or actually beginning the process of making it a reality.

If you get the inkling tomorrow or this week that someone has been placed on your heart or in your mind and you should do something to make a difference in that person's life, you should act on it!  And just feel how your energy increases.  You are living the life you are called to lead.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another quote.  I think we'll just make it a quote week.  Whatcha think?  And please tell me how you interpret the quotes.  We are all inspired differently.

During one of Paul's recent teachings, he talked about the difference between a thought and contemplation.  A thought is finite.  It has a beginning and an end. You let it whip through your mind, and it is gone, and you are onto the next thought.  For instance, you read the quote below and say, "ooh, I like that."  and you're done with it.

Contemplation means you dissect it.  You take each line and let it resonate in your mind.  And you let one thought lead to the next.  You stay with it for awhile. For instance, when I reread the quote, I realized I had totally missed the last line.  "Somebody needs what you have."  There's quite a bit of depth in just THAT!  What is it that makes you unique?  What can you give that noone else is uniquely gifted to provide?  And who comes to mind who needs you in their life?  Love is the most powerful emotion there is.  Let it flow through you this week.

Give me some of your examples as they present themselves!!



Amy K said...

Very thought provoking post, Melanie! Thank you for sharing this. This time of year, farming is very busy, not allowing my husband & I much time together. This made me stop and think...he still needs me (and I, him), despite not seeing each other much. We need to MAKE TIME for one another; the days just slip away.
If something is important to you, you will make time for it (or in this case, him/her)!!!
Thanks for nudging me to put things back in perspective.

Unknown said...

LOVE this. It's the Holy Spirit that nudges us to do the things we are called to. I've been guilty of talking myself out of things that I KNOW I should do - because of that still small voice that can not be mistaken or ignored. Thanks for the charge this morning!
I will be intentional on LISTENING for that still small voice!

Shannon said...

THAT was what stuck with me on my initial read - that last line!

Unknown said...

Oh how I love this! I will be listening more carefully and not ignoring what I hear/feel.