Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kids gettin Crafty at MoJoy Studios!

We have really in truly had some of the funnest classes in the MoJoy Studio this summer!  These pics are from Camp Creative which was week long camp where the kids took home projects every day! This is JK on the day they were doing royal portraits of themselves.
We had several parents ask Emery how much she helped with this project, because the finished products were just so dadgum good!!
Actually, Emery didn't help at all.  She had a white board where she drew HER example, and showed some basic shapes.
For example, they started with a "U" for the general face shape.  They added shoulders, and hair, and were given a few options for style of crown.
Here we have Madi and Ellie, the inseparable duo!
Pretty impressive, dontcha think?!   And from a couple of 6-year-olds!
We had a helper this week to help the younger ones specifically, as they sometimes tended to lag behind.  (Check out the white board!  Had princesses AND princes!)

I would walk over every once in a while from MMPT to see how things were going.  In case you didn't realize, I have opened the MoJoy Studio, directly across the street from my two West Monroe therapy buildings.  So, all day long, I ramble between my three fave places.  It's a pretty inspiring week, if I do say so myself!
Here's the long view... It's a long narrow workspace.

On the same day, where kings and queens and such were the theme, they did watercolor dragons!  I loved the variety. Proud mama moment... Ellie's is the second one from the bottom on the left side.  :)
Oh wait.  Here you have a close up.  I LOVE that she spontaneously now adds little doodles, i.e. as the scales on the top of the dragon.  She has informed me that those are cherries on that tree.  In case you were wondering.
They also painted castles.  And the kids' artwork was so varied!!  This is Ellie's.  I think she likes to use black as much as I typically use in my paintings.
Pretty sure these are Madi Boo's.
Julia Kay's finished products.  LOVE em!
And look at this one.   It ended up so awesome.

I posted this inspiring quote on Instagram and FB one day last week.  I think it is pretty appropriate for this post.  I am teaching a lot of new classes in the studio this year, as well as bringing in guest artists to teach fun new techniques!  (Suzy taught Zentangle-inspired art/ The Art of Doodling this morning!)  So, if you are one of those who think , "I can't do that.  I don't have an artistic bone in my body", blah, blah, blah.... I have this to say....

Be fearless!!  Sign up for a class.  Do something new!
First Saturday of every month will be open studio.  10 bucks to be around other artists who are trying new things.  There are projects you can purchase in the studio to try or you can bring something you have been wanting to try and get help while in there.  For more info, call 318-884-8334, and ask Emery all about it.  OR.... you can find out more about upcoming classes on our website which will be up and running VERY soon!  We send out a newsletter twice a month, so if you want to receive that, please send a "sign me up" email to  or I think there is even a spot on the top righthand side of this blog where you can sign up to get the newsletter.  It'll keep you in the loop!

Have a great weekend.



Sarah said...

OK, seriously... how far of a drive is it for Sophie and I to drive down to see you? We need a week of camp too!! These projects are amazing!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I'll MAKE a camp for y'all! Google it. West Monroe. I'm not even sure where you are. Georgia? Tennessee? I think you moved recently. It's hard keeping up with hundreds of you bloggers. But I think I do pretty well. You just changed jobs, have a kid who's a new nurse and just got a fine new car, Sophie bug was adopted like my angels and son is a fireman. How'd I do? Oh... And plexus slim!

snekcip said...

Ok Mo, will you be FRANCHISING in Texas? :)

snekcip said...

BTW those dragons are AWESOME!!!

Becky said...

I am pretty amazed - those kids are awesome in their painting