Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative Lettering 1.0!

Well, the MoJoy Studio is up and crackalackin!  We've been hosting classes, having ongoing kids, teens and women's classes, and are getting the place ready for real live shopping come the fall shopping season... all handmade items!  

This blog is dedicated to all the women who took my Creative Lettering 1.0 class.  This is Emery.  She teaches at my studio, and has always had a bit of a mental block to using her own handwriting on her canvases and artwork.  
I'd say it is time she kick that phobia to the curb!!  She has done got "mo-merized!"
We had a fairly decent sized group of women who met every Tuesday night for four weeks.  I had to start by teaching them that their handwriting would not look like mine.  Period.
But then again, if given the choice, how many of their children or grandchildren would choose a canvas with my handwriting on it over the exact same canvas with their own writing?!  NONE!!!
The above is Crystal's mixed media canvas.  ANd to be honest, this is the point at which I am usually passed the canvas, and asked, "MO, PLEASE write this quote on it for me."  It's because most women just don't think they can do their own writing.  It was this reason that I felt this class was necessary.
This was our final project!  Each week, we had assignments, and this was our last night together.  We put it all together on a canvas. Suzy, above, was rocking it out with hers!!
And would you look at Pam's?!  She was the world's worst about NOT wanting to paint words.... wait til you see how hers turned out!!
She did a GREAT job!
How cute is this little canvas?!  One thing is for sure... we don't go home with the same canvas.  Not even really a similar canvas!!  Each person does her own thing!!
I think Most Improved might have to go to Jennifer!!  She really practiced her letters!!  Everyone had a notebook to work with at home.  There were assignments, and Jenn took them to heart.
I was so proud of her.

She and Lisa, below, drove TWO HOURS, one way mind you, to take this class!!  They are also coming this Saturday to Suzy's The Art of Doodling class.  If you're interested, this will be a fun one to take!! It'll be 10:00am -12:00 pm on Saturday.  Then, we are all doing lunch together somewhere!  BONUS!
Now did Emery's turn out fabulous or WHAT?!
And here is my protege', Jennifer!
And voila'... the whole group!!  Anna Lea, in the front,third from left, had a lot of experience with lettering with markers, but wanted to learn to use brushes and paint. She succeeded.
Who is that peeking out on the right?!  Well, I do believe it is JinJin!!
Let's do a play by play, shall we?!
Jennifer from Alexandria.
Anna Lea, the letterer.
Marion, the science teacher.
Jodi, WAY more talented than she gave herself credit for!
Lisa, who gets the most committed award!!  Four hours on the road after a full day of work!!  That is serious moxie!
Shanda, a newbie to the MoJoy experience.
Suzy, who made this for her sister in law.
Crystal who I think surprised even herself.
JinJin who used to paint all the time, and who needs to get back into the habit again!!
Pam... told you it was good!
And Emery.  Who can now add letters/ words to her canvases!
this was a pretty great class.  And I've had quite a few requests for Creative Lettering 2.0, so be watching for that in the fall.  I enjoyed teaching it.



Beverly said...

Mo, you had something about classes on line while back. Are you still going to do that? NC is a bit too far to travel for a 2 hour class. I'd love to take the doodling and lettering class. I'm retiring next year and if I could afford to come down there AFTER retiring I certainly would have the time. Love all the girls canvases!

Unknown said...

Awesome, they turned out great. I need a class like that,

Unknown said...

WOW!! They all turned out WONDERFUL!

Mbeaty19 said...

Very impressive work by all. I like many others feel like one of my weakest crafting abilities is my handwriting. Seeing these picture and sounds like a lot of the women are like me is encouraging. Hoping at some point you do an online class of this. I'm sure the 'exercises' you do are very helpful. Like always the creations are inspiring and your support of all involve makes your character shine threw. Awesome job!

Kathryn said...

So jealous! I would love to letter like that!

Joleen said...

They all look great! Are you still thinking about doing an on-line class? I know you already have a very full plate.

Amy K said...

These are gorgeous! I am definitely looking forward to the online version.