Wednesday, July 23, 2014

and thats a wrap! Ellie's Bday Pt. 3

To complete our birthday bash, Mary Allison got up the next day and went to get the overnighters donuts and kolaches.
And as soon as everyone was picked up, I decided it would be a good bonding day for a special little seven year old.
We went to Ulta (Nana gave her a gift certificate there) and Miss Thang got a new haircut.  Actually, just a little trim.
ANd we hooked back up with her good friend, Isabella, and we did the mall.  I do the mall about twice a year!!  So, I hope she appreciated it!
I thought this was downright hilarious.  Especially, the way Ellie is posing like a mannequin!
And of course, we had to rent one of those gigantic buggies and take turns letting each girl ride in it.
Finally, we rode the carousel, ate pretzels, and went home with lots of school clothes.  It was a good, good day!!



Lisa said...

Looks like a fabulous celebration for a great kid by a super mom/dad!
Belated Bday wishes to Ellie!
Love, Sami & Lisa

Unknown said...

I noticed immediately that I don't see Ellies favorite cousin in any of the party pics? I'm guessing Miss Maddi was not able to make it?

melanie, aka Mo said...

Good observation, Heidi. Madi had a ball game that night and Staci said she was whipped afterwards. Oh well... There's always next year!