Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ellie's Bday Part 2!

Finally finishing up my baby's bday post.  SEVEN CANDLES?!!  Whoa!!
Later that same evening... even the boys were excited to be watching Frozen on the big screen.
Emma Lou and two of her big girl friends were there to help the littles with the "glamorous" part of our Glamp out.

This little show was pretty much cracking me up.  This is one of  Ellie's favorites, Parker.
And clearly, Ellie is one of Parker's favorites too!

She had all of his attention through the whole movie.  And speaking of movie...
Can I just say don't let ANYONE tell you that the little boys don't know EVERY word to "Let it Go" and "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman" and "Love is an Open Door"...

These three peas in a pod were in the same classroom this year.  They stuck pretty close all evening.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the mamas and friends were having cake and chitty chatting.
Neighborhood boys... these three REALLY knew the words to the movie!!  The one in back, Cole, has a sister.  But Grayson and Reed... umm... I'm not sure what their excuse is!!  They knew the words AND could act out the scenes!!
Let's face it, EVERYONE loves Frozen!!



Cherry said...

Even Sam walks around singing Let it Go...lol

snekcip said...

Yeah my 3grandsons KNOWS the words to LET IT GO as well! I think it's pretty UNIVERSAL that EVERY KID loves that song!! :)