Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ellie turns 7; Part. 1!

So Ellie Sue decided she wanted to have a water slide, a big screen movie, a sleepover, and S'mores.  We decided to call it a "glamp out".   Like a camp out, but much more glamorous!

Todd the Bod was the designated cook.  As usual.  He made mini hamburgers for the crew.
Breanna came over and saved the day by getting things set up and celebratory since I had to work all day long.  She brought her baby doll, Audrey, who is also my "God child".  Or so I have declared!
I loved the little Smore's snacks in the baby food jars.  And that cake... thank you for making it perfect, Kelly!

The kiddos loved having the lemonade free for the taking in their individual bottles.  I loved it too.  I am pretty much learning that the more that they can do for themselves, the better.  I'm adopting my OWN advice that I give all the time, "If someone can do it 80% as well as you, delegate it!".
In the case of this party, I KNEW that Bre could pull off a cute party, with a fun theme and do it just way over the top.
And as far as lemonade is concerned... the kids could DEFINITELY squirt their bottles full 80% as well as I could!

Ellie got her S'mores.

Ellie got her water slide.
I got my cute tents as Glamping decor.
JinJin and the other mamas stood around and watched the action.  That's MA on the left in the shorty shorts.  (She'd be mad if she read this and I called her a "mama".)
Bre and Audrey and Jessi and her sweet foster baby.  She has two in her home now.  I'm her Godmother too.  Just sayin'.
I have no idea how this happened, but very few of the girls invited to the party actually came.  I have since heard from a few of the mamas who explained they were out of town last weekend.  But, never fear, the neighborhood boys showed up in full force!!
But never fear, she can boss little boys even better!  ha.
It's been about 111 degrees this week.  SUPER HOT!!  But, the party had to go on!
Oh. My. Word.  This little thing is precious!!  And her Aunt Mo bought her that sweet outfit.  It is fun to have a baby to buy for again!  I am a SUCKER for tiny baby clothes. But there are going to be NO more Groves babies.  Until we have a grandbaby.  And we'll be 95 then.
This is one of Ellie's most favorite friends in her class.  Parker seems to be saying, "so... whattaya think?!"  haha
Wait.  Maybe he was!!  Would you look at all of this early testosterone showing up!?
The girls frolicked and played in the tent decor.
I liked how this party spread all over my backyard.  Behind the slide, there is a trampoline, swing set and big wood pile, for the S'mores, of course.
Isabella is one of Ellie's best buds from school.  She has been in school with Ellie, in dancing with Ellie and takes gym with Ellie since Ellie first started taking!

Ellie tried to tell me this slide was boring.  Well, too dang bad!!  She saw this one at a party and loved it.  So, I reserved it.  Then, about a week before her party, she saw one about twice as high.  Suddenly, this was a "baby" slide!  Ha.  Too bad, sister.  Mama tries to minimize injury!
As you will see more and more, Ellie is a tiny little thing.  Isabella is probably what you'd call average height.  Ellie is super short.
This is our friend, Bruin, from down the street.
And then came present opening time...

This was the first time big girl has wanted cash!  That, or "gift certificates"!  ha.  Can you even believe?!  She is SEVEN now!!  That's nuts!
Did you know that the ages 7-11 are called "the period of latency" or the period of waiting.  It is when little kids are waiting to become tweens.  It is when they lose all their baby teeth and get all gapped toothed.  It is an awkward phase!
It is so weird to think of my "baby" leaving her toddlerhood, then "little girl" phase, and going into "Latency"!  Oh my!!  I have a BIG GIRL!

JinJin hooked up Ellie up with all kinds of cool stuff.

So we had a pretty chill and successful party.
Ellie had some of her good buddies around her, and she thought the whole thing was a huge success.   And that is all that mattered to me!
As it turned out, we all headed inside and watched a big screen movie, and then the girlies bunked up til the next day.  More cute pics from this party will be revealed tomorrow.  Yep... back to back blogs.  Can you believe it?!


Mbeaty19 said...

Such a cool party idea. I know 'glamping' is becoming a big thing so no surprise Ellie would be all about it. Bre did great with the set up / decor. Can't wait to see more about it.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks! And thanks for checking my blog! I've been a pitiful blogger lately. Life has me slammed!

Mama J said...

I sometimes 'kinda' like it when you don't blog...makes me realize this superwoman named Mel has taken a step back to catch her breath. LOL I have missed them tho. Breanna did an awesome job for you and Ellie's face tells how much fun she was having. I am afraid that 'boys' will always be around this cute punkin! Thanks for sharing...looking forward to Part II.

Amy K said...

What an awesome party! Looking forward to more pictures on your next post.

Unknown said...

Cute! I can not believe it either, Ellie is 7! The years flew by for sure.

snekcip said...

Cute party! Isn't it weird having a 7yr old? Where did our babies go?!!

nss said...

funny how life has a way of getting in the way of blogging sometimes.. Love it when you get to it..Maybe I could do glamping cause Lord knows I am NO camper. My girls and I went "camping" to the hotel & shopping in another town when they were little.

Becky said...

pretty great party & I can hardly believe that Ellie is 7. I cringed when I read "no more" babies at the Groves house because you know what the old saying is............Have a blessed day Mo

melanie, aka Mo said...

No I don't! What is the old saying?!

kimybeee said...

No way she is 7. Just yesterday her and gg were sitting on the counter in your tiny house worrying me that they would fall off and get hurt! If Ellie is seven then gg is almost six and I am not having it! Shrink them back down.

Jessi looks so beautiful holding her little one. And you will always have babies around somewhere.

My kids BFF and like our extra child is 17 and pregnant. I went to her first doctor appt with her because her mom had to work. I also went to the ultrasound this week with her and baby daddy. He is 19, but I thought they needed a real grown up with them. It is weird to think of my babies having babies.

Bre made for a beautiful party!! I am all about being different and not following the same thing everyone else does. I am throwing teen mommas baby shower and we are using vintage. Antique toys, antique baby clothes, etc. me and my mom both collect the old stuff and I don't see any reason to waste money on decorations when we can create something beautiful and one of a kind.

Looking forward to part 2 and 3 and 7 lol

Holly said...

Oh my goodness!!! Where has the time gone??? Super cute birthday girl!!! Great party! Jessi looks great, I remember her wedding! Still looking forward to online lettering class!