Thursday, July 31, 2014

Redneck Raft Club!

Good ol daddy comes through when we need some new fun and entertainment.  Have any of you seen this big a** float at Sam's Club?!  Wellll.....
The Groves family now owns one!  Yep.  And we had to get it from the garage to the pond.  That is Ellie and Gabbi under and around it helping daddy-O.
There he is.  Tucked right in there underneaath.

He decided this would be the particular day we'd try it out in our pond.  The pond not one of us has EVER stepped foot in.

Ponds are sorta "snakey".  And fishy.  And in Louisiana, we always think "alligatory".  And so, we prefer to just sort of LOOK at it!
Or maybe fish in it from time to time.  But this day was different!  We were going to actually get in it!  If at all possible, none of us would touch water!  But, our intention was to float on it, nonetheless.
Would you look at this cadillac of all floats?!
Long story short.... we all got in it safely.  About the time we were ready for push off, a friend of Ellie's showed up.  Well, she is a neighborhood kid and is actually in the 9th grade.  Anyway, we invited her too.  Todd had to lean way out over the back supports and use a paddle to get us over to the far side of the pond to a spot where it was shady.  Just about the time we arrived, he got back in his spot on the float, we all smiled and settled in, and Ellie said, "So... This is it?!"
She was shocked that the purpose of floating was to FLOAT!!  She said, "How bout you take us back to the shore?!"  Last time for that!!  At least for Ellie!!

Did I mention there are six cup holders in the float too?!  Maybe TG and I should go on a little one on one date out there one day?!  With an adult beverage maybe?!  And leave Miss Busybody on the shore!  My how things change with age!!

Happy Friday.


Mama J said...

Love the float but Ellie's comment more...teehee Same thing happened with one of my grandsons. His first time to go up to the tree stand and after about 5 minutes..said 'ok, I'm done'. Gotta love'em..

Unknown said...

Haha, Ellie! Looks cool.

nss said...

Happy Friday! Made me laugh.. Yep "this is it!"
and wouldn't I love to down time and float

snekcip said...

HA!!! You know that was just TOO SLOW MOVING for Ellie!! Too Funny!!

Becky said...

Did you bring any crafting projects with in the floaty?? Ha!