Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guacamole and Glitter Tats!

I heard them tinkering around in the kitchen and when I came in there, this little girl was SO proud of herself for learning to make homemade guacamole.  Todd the Bod can pretty much whip up any ol' thing you wanna learn to make!   (Problem is... I don't want to learn to make ANYTHING.  In the kitchen, anyway.)
Meanwhile, out on the golfcart.  Believe me.  I didn't have to watch this girl on the cart.  She'd climb in and just about every time, make her way to the CENTER seat!!  She ain't digging that head to the pavement thing like back in May.  That time we are erasing from our memory!
After cruising up to the front for ice cream, it was about time for poolside activities.  The girls were first in line usually, because they knew how to watch the schedule every day, and they knew exactly what was on the agenda.  This day, glitter tats were all the rage.
And is that mascara under my kid's eyes again?!  WHat the what?!
Tadaaaahhh... an anchor on Ellie Sue (cause that is what her teen friends are getting these days), and Gabs got a Minnie Mouse. (cause she couldn't care LESS what the big girls are getting these days!)
Hello there, again.
And did I tell you?!  UNO.  Like, lots and lots and lots of Uno!!
And for a little bit of inspiration.... these were screenshots taken from Pinterest and added to my phone.  I love to have lots of at the ready inspiration on my phone.
Ooooooohhhhh.... I LOVE this one!!! Move on!  Do better.

And that's all folks!!  Hope you enjoyed today's blog.  Check ya tomorrow.  Go forth and do good!



kimybeee said...

Very inspiring inspirations. Lol. So cool that your kids are learning about schedules and time management. Maybe they can help get you cloned so you can do all you want to get done in a day lol

Unknown said...

Oh I'm stealing some of those inspiring quotes!

Minnie Mouse and an anchor, fits each of them perfectly.

snekcip said...

I love that FIRST QUOTE!! May have to repost that!!

Becky said...

I love Gabs dress and little shoes

& I would expect no less than an anchor for Elle