Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Early Morning Craftin

When I pack for the beach, I have one suitcase for clothes, and about three for art supplies!
And of course, they are for me, as I always such GRAND expectations for what all I will accomplish while at the beach.  But, the girls pretty much reap the rewards of my psychoness too.
I think on this particular morning, we had just crafted, and now we were learning to play a little Pictionary.
(with a pair of panties in the middle of the floor, it appears! ha)
This game lasted a very short time.  But UNO... now that is a totally different story!!  Gabbi L.O.V.E.D playing Uno!!  We played it, ohhh, maybe 100 times?!
But it is all good in the 'hood.  What makes my girls happy, makes me happy!


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Unknown said...

How can they already be old enough to play games!? Seems like the other day they were babies.