Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shoppin day for All!

I think it is kind of fun that every year, over Memorial Day weekend, there are little cheerleaders from all over the place occupying the vacancies at The Beach Club.  And here, we have five of them who were sharing the elevator with me.  Knowing they WOULD, I suggested we all pose for a selfie together.  Not looking like they are strangers to the selfie, is it?! 
My girl and I packed up with Todd the Bod at the helm to take us to do a little shopping.
I took the above pic and posted on something?!  Instagram?  Facebook?  I have no idea, but I got a text from someone saying they loved my necklace.  So, I snapped this pic to send back to them showing them what the lariat had on the end of it.  I love this little necklace.  It was made right after the second little Groves girl was added to our brood.
Todd took MA and I to Cosmos.  This is a MUST GO TO when at the beach.  It is a restaurant for the "foodie".  All fresh ingredients and "fancy" food.   I just like the decorations...
Seriously, every inch of the walls of the place is covered in artwork.  I LOVE that.  And it is all one of a kind art.  Handpainted by locals.
After din din, we met the girlies down at The Wharf.  The Wharf is an outdoor shopping center where there are ferris wheels, a movie theater, an ampitheater for concerts, and some really cute shops.  I love this one...
And I needed this entire set up with sand that is really not sand.  It sticks to itself and would make a GREAT activity for therapy.
I also really liked these.  I think I might figure out how to make me some cute Louisiana ones.
Gabs and the sitters were a few doors down making a Build a Bear.  Or Build a unicorn, as it was.
Thank goodness, now that Ellie is a teen, she doesn't like these anymore.  YAY!  Cause I think this one ended up being somewhere around 60 bucks with all the clothes and accessories.

Although Ellie didn't buy one, I think she really DID like helping Gabbi pick out the clothes for hers.  And what a combo she ended up with!!
She ended up with one of the unicorns from the cartoon (where she also got the name, "Twilight Sparkles" for our cat), with an Ariel bikini top, flower in hair, and mermaid skirt.  Quite the match up!
 She named her KK!
I try my dangdest to keep her lookin gthe OPPOSITE direction when in the mall to distract her from seeing Build a Bear!!  This is a RACKET!!

But I DO love seeing my girl happy!
I'll leave you with this thought...

You never know who needs you.  Good energy is contagious!!


kimybeee said...

I have a feeling that "thought" was aimed at someone specifically.

Love the artwork. Very cool atmosphere.

Unknown said...

It is indeed contaigous and I always feel my energy/spirit lifted after I visit your blog! Love your energy and enthusiasm and just love for every minute of life.

I think I need a weekend in Gulf Shores. Never visit just pass on by going to Florida. I need to head to The Wharf.

Kathryn said...

There is something inherent in little girl's make-up that allows them to sniff out a Build-a-Bear from 20 miles down the road! Our Grandgirlies are now mostly finished with them at 13 and 11, but every once in a while it hits again!

snekcip said...

I call "BUILD A BEAR" ...BUILD THEIR POCKETS!! I don't know HOW MANY POCKETS I have fattened!! They even "entice you back in there" because you can get your "bear" or whatever RESTUFFED!! Restuffed as in "Restuff our pockets because once you come back in here, your kid is gonna want more accessories...or even better ANOTHER BEAR"!! It's the DEVIL I tell ya!! :)