Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Randomness and Queen Elsa

So by now, you KNOW that I love my Pinterest and am forever adding "inspiring quotes" to my pin board called, "inspiring quotes"!  ha  I'm a comedian.
But ya know... look at that up there.  Ain't it the truth?!

As is this one... what do you do while you procrastinate?!  I can tell you that mine has to do with two things... art and personal growth.  I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and one thing I have realized is that just because my "down time" doesn't look like someone else's "down time" doesn't mean that I am not enjoying it or relaxing.  I've had a few people lately tell me to "slow down" or "just relax".  And honestly, I have no idea how they can just sit around and do nothing.  If I am at the ballpark, I have a John Maxwell book in my purse.  I may or may not get it out, but it is for sure my "leisure reading"!
I don't think I have read an actual fictional book since forced to do so in high school. It just ain't my bag.  But my library of books that I find inspiring visually (artsy books) and personal growth arsenal is immense!!  I'll pack a few when I go to the beach next week!  I am listening to a CD on growth right now in my car.  If I can eek out a few minutes, I am listening to audios from a growth class I am taking online.  It IS my fun!
And I seriously DREAD her teenage years.  She is a tad bit boy crazy.  AND SHE IS 6!  What am I going to do?!
Back to my leisure time.  I try to MAKE myself sit around and watch tv with folks from time to time, and I'm not saying I don't enjoy it, I am just saying I keep thinking of other things that I KNOW I'd love to be doing.  Is there anybody else out there who thinks like this?!
Ummm hmmm...One of the questions I was asked this week, as I was teaching a leadership class at MMPT and we were discussing what "zone" we live in... The challenge zone, where we challenge our self with growth opportunities daily.  The comfort zone, where we feel we have "arrived" and are happy with our pay, our timeoff, our status quo and want to just hang here.  Or The Coasting zone, where we feel we're just kinda coasting with no kind of direction at all.  As we were deliberating our particular places, I was asked, "Do you even HAVE a comfort zone?!"  I really thought about that.
There are times I think maybe I SHOULD try to relax more.  Maybe I should give my brain a break.  But I am never feeling encumbered by the lessons and videos and books that are making my mind stretch, so I don't really feel that it is "work".  I just think that is how I LIKE to spend my time.
And then I see things like this... printing on post its.  WHAAAAAT?!  oh yes ma'am!

But I digress.
Oh, and I HAVE to share this one!  hahahaha
And one more thing while I am pouring my thoughts onto this computer... my "growth" stuff does not keep me from fulfilling the single most important role I have on this earth!  I make sure to spend quality time with my precious girlies! This is Queen Elsa, in case you were wondering!
And this is Queen Elsa with black eyeliner and red lipstick compliments of her older sister.  Thank you, Miss Donna, who sold me this costume at a garage sale for 3 bucks.  I mean, seriously, this was a SCORE!!  Gabbi L.O.V.E.S it!!
Because I take my personal growth very seriously....




Mbeaty19 said...

Oh I so know what you are talking about. When I have 'downtime' I'm always creating, reading, or 'growing' myself. My husband always gives me such a hard time because I can't just watch tv. I'm either working on ancestry, making notes from a book, or searching Pinterest for ideas. Many may not understand and want us to just 'relax'. If they only knew how relaxing these things are to us. Perhaps we're not procrastinating but creating our own growth

Mary Beth said...

I understand. My relaxing time is going back to school for nursing. This is a complete opposite of my career and I love it. Those around me cannot understand my desire to grow.

Amy K said...

I definitely relate to what you're saying. I typically cannot just sit and watch TV, without writing something, reading, or surfing the web. My husband doesn't understand any of it, because after a long, hard day of farming, he just wants to sit and zone out.
By the way, I've printed on Post-its...AWESOME!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Your Queen Elsa is just adorable - what a little doll. Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Lisa said...

I definitely understand. It is rare for me to just sit and watch TV . . .I sit in the room while my husband watches TV and I create! (or read -- I do love a good mystery!!)

snekcip said...

I'm SO THAT PERSON. It drives my husband CRAZY!! I think my brain is still in "DO SOMETHING" mode even when I'm asleep!!